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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 10 2014
Michael & MatthewBy Michael & Matthew
First created
Michael & MatthewBy Michael & Matthew
First created
pledged of $45,900 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 10 2014

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    1. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      Sorrry, I was in china for the last 3 weeks visiting production factories. Now I'm back.. ;-)

      Website updated.

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      James Wilson on

      Um.... Please update your website, it STILL says that the project is LIVE.

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      Ian Hunt on

      Great update...

      Hi there,

      TraqCloud - GPS Tracker, App & Cloud Service starting at $xxx has been canceled by the project creator. As a result, your $xxx.xx USD pledge has been automatically canceled and your card will not be charged."

    4. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      So sorry everyone. I was out of the country for the last week with no internet access and just got back today. I will cancel the project tomorrow with the latest update.

    5. Jeremy Milam on

      I'm with everyone else... are you guys going to cancel the project or just let the clock run out on it?

    6. Missing avatar

      martin soanes on

      So is it being cancelled? I see the pledges moving up??

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      sgllama on

      The way this project's "cancellatiion" is being handled is starting to smack of the creators not really caring any more.

      Aside from the fact that they haven't logged in for a week, they haven't even bothered to cancel this project. Presumably they think that it can just be ignored and will simply fail to fund in three weeks time, no skin off anyone's nose.

      But if they do start up another KS project they'll have this one showing in their history - it'll have failed pretty badly, nowhere near the goal, and just send out the message to new backers that this project just wasn't interesting to enough people (so why bother backing a new version of the same thing?). If these new backers look over the previous project's pages (which I'd hope everyone would), as things stand they'll see that even the creator's couldn't be bothered at the end. Maybe the new backer's will make it all the way to the end of update 6 and realise that the creators *meant* to cancel and that explains everything - but maybe they won't read that far and that carefully.

      On the other hand, actually cancelling this project, at the same time as a short and upbeat update about a better-planned relaunch, will be a deliberate and thoughtful act on the creator's part and make a positive impact in the new backers' minds.

      When they do re-launch, just posting another update to here will send out the message to all remaining backers, without requiring them to sign up to another email list.

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      James Wilson on

      Thanks for the update. But now you seem to have a bit of (how to put it) false advertising going, you put out the update 6 days ago, but still have the campaign up and your website still shows everything as it is a go still. Thanks Guys, I will be looking forward to your next campaign.

    9. Paolo on

      I have signed up. I'll be pledging again once the new campaign is up. Godspeed Dads.

    10. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      Thank you Carlton for sharing your note. While we are bummed to have to cancel this campaign, we are really encouraged by all the great feedback so far. Once we nail down our hardware, we plan on kicking our new campaign with a broader based marketing and partnering program into high gear. So far we've had 3 other very successful campaigns (and companies) reach out to us about partnering. We're pumped to show you guys our new design, product, and all the updates.

    11. Missing avatar

      Carlton Dodd on

      Sorry to hear about your supplier issues. I, for one, would have been willing to wait through delays. I'm used to KickStarter and new business ventures.
      I have signed up for your email list, and I will certainly back your project when you try again.
      You might benefit from contacting Ian from DangerousPrototypes.com. He moved to China, and has a good handle on fab houses in his area. Also, be sure to give Seed Studio a chance; they have a very good reputation.

    12. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      yes, we will.

    13. Michael Bowers on

      Does this mean that you will be canceling this Kickstarter?

    14. Missing avatar

      Bruce Sutherland on

      Chin up, thanks for being honest. I'll sign up.

    15. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      Please sign up on our email list located on our website: TraqCloud.com

      We promise no spam. Just updates on our china trip and future progress. As a reward, those on the email list will have 1st chance at getting the early bird specials.

    16. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      Thanks. I feel it’s better to be honest than take your money and then delay the shipping like so many others have done.

    17. Jeremy Milam on

      Just read Update #6 and I'm very sorry to hear about what happened. That really sucks. I am still very much interested in the product and look forward to pledging again after you re-launch the campaign. I've signed up on the website too for email notifications!

    18. Missing avatar

      Ryan Stevens on

      Have you guys advertised this much at all? I think product would be very appealing for car enthusiast that aren't equip with this technology, especially ones that have custom built vehicles. I feel with just a little bit of word spreading, this pledge goal could easily be met within no time at all! Everyone, don't forget to add Traqcloud on Facebook to help spread the word! :) Remember, not everyone knows about Kickstarter as it is...

    19. Alec DeSantis on

      Thanks for keeping up with all the questions! IT makes makes feel good about backing your project!

    20. Missing avatar

      RH on

      In for two premium packages, here's hoping your project pulls through. As a university student that has reported over 80 bike thefts in a single year, I'm eager to get a little more secure about having my Trek on or around campus.

      And maybe play a little "Bait Bike" and catch a few crooks.

      Anyway, best wishes to you two!

    21. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      No T-Shirt is included

    22. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      11MB / month

    23. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      @Kicker- Hopefully It Will Start
      I don't think it will go lower than the prices you listed. In fact the retail is going up to $10/month.

    24. Jeremy Milam on

      I just pledged enough for two units with 12 months of service. Does a t-shirt come with that or is that a separate cost?

    25. Missing avatar

      Ryan Stevens on

      Just a quick questions, as I know some people have already asked...can you give an estimated data usage per month for these? Of course I know there are variables to account for such as refresh rates and such but I'm just curious for figuring out usage if I use my own SIM card.

      Btw, I posted about this on my car forum and Mike was nice enough to actually find the thread, register, and answer and questions we had, thanks again! I'm pretty excited for this!

    26. Missing avatar

      Kicker- Hopefully It Will Start on

      I'm trying to decide on # of units.. .based on different usages, as to me this is a true tracking solution say for luggages, checkins, carryons, packages etc. But need to get a better/accurate idea on running costs/month... as once accumulated they start to get co$tly over longer timelines (months & years).

      You had mentioned that for kickstarter users it will be:
      - $5/mo for cloud-web + sim-data services.. where I assume:
      - $3/mo is for cloud-web services (from your non-sim pledge)
      - hence, $2/mo is sim-data services

      You also mentioned that "The price for the web service only will depend on the number of users that we get... but we are unsure of the exact amount until we know how many people want it. We will split the cost over all the users to make it as cheap as possible for everyone." ... do you know realistically, how low this could come down too? compared to $3/mo in the above assumption.

    27. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      It is a type A usb male. Standard one you see on computers.

    28. Jeremy Milam on

      Maybe I missed this, but that type of USB connector (for charging) will the unit have?

    29. Jeremy Milam on

      Excellent! Thanks for the quick response guys!

    30. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      Yes it includes both and all kickstarter backers will get this $5/month rate forever. The retail rate will be $10/month for everyone else.

    31. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      1. The device can handle just about any update rate in seconds, but to make it simple for the user, we were thinking that you can select the update rate from a drop down list of choices like 10 sec, 30 sec, 1min, 5min, 10min etc...
      2. Access the device via the site. Most cases you will not be holding the device in your hand.
      3. The device will tell the server when the battery is getting low and you can be notified by an alert if you want.

    32. Arthur Guy on

      Hi, does the $5 monthly charge include the GSM data service as well as the TraqCloud service?

    33. Jeremy Milam on

      Ok, now I feel dumb... I just saw the answer to my second question below "To change the acquisition time, you log into your account and select a different update rate." Apparently, I can't read tonight...

      So my first question remains... What will the options for changing the update intervals be? Will there be a set list or will this be kind of like a free text field where I can set it to update every 30 seconds or 20 minutes.

      Oh, thought of a new question also... will the device have the ability to tell the server when the battery is low (or what percentage of the battery is left)? And if so, will the site display a message telling me that the battery is dead or will it just stop transmitting?

    34. Jeremy Milam on

      I just backed the project at the $49 level and am super excited about this project. I have looked through the comments and haven't seen an answer to my questions yet, so here goes...

      1) What will the options for changing the update intervals be? Will I be able to tell the device to update every 1,5,10,etc... minutes?

      2) If I want to change the update interval, do I have to plug the TraqCloud into my computer and access it that way, or will I be able to change the settings via the site?

    35. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      Hey this is Matt - my Co-Founder Michael has been answering all of your questions. What a rock star he is! With that said, we are collecting all of your questions and working diligently to put them and the answers into an FAQ both here and on our website.

      Currently white is the only color, but as we continue to secure funding against our pledges and our funding hits it's goal, we plan on looking at a myriad of colors, device types, apps (iOS, Android, Windows)...

      Also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/traqcloud and "Like" our page. Further, with 419 backers and counting, we need your assistance. For us rapid response and customer satisfaction is paramount to our success. If you could share our Facebook Fan Page and Project page with your network, we'd greatly appreciate it.

      You guys are all rock stars - keep the questions coming - and let us know what we can do better!

    36. Missing avatar

      Kicker- Hopefully It Will Start on

      For the physical device box, are you planning any other colors... other than white?

    37. Missing avatar

      Carlton Dodd on

      Wow! Lifetime discount on service? I'm even happier I backed this!

    38. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      We really appreciate all our backers. As a special thank you, all Kickstarter backers will get the $5 per month rate for all future renewals.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jayant Yadav on

      What happens when the service that I paid for via Kickstarter runs out? Do I renew it at the retail rate of $10 per month at that time?

    40. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      It is cloud server based. To change the acquisisiton time, you log into your account and select a different update rate.

    41. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      "The battery will last 1 day with continuous use at the fastest 10 second acquisition rate.
      Slowing the acquisition down to once per day the battery can last up to 2 weeks The default rate is once per minute."

      How is the adjustment of the acquisition rate being managed ? Is it software based or hardware based (eg pot meter or jumpers) ?

    42. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      One of the backers asked for the privacy policy so we made it a high priority to finish it and publish it. We do not have any plans to sell the usage data. The usage data is for us to make our service better. You can opt out of the data usage stats if you want.

      We have already had several companies interested in partnering with us. Even if something would happen to our company, someone else will definately step in and take over the cloud service. By charging a small amount of money for this service, it guarantees that the service will maintained and operated.

    43. Birla on

      Please ignore my comment as I failed to read @sgllama's comments below. Unfortunately, I cannot support the project any more. Best of luck Michael & Matthew, I hope you could realign your views on this issue!

    44. Birla on

      It would be great to be able to host the tracking software on our own! I'm not saying that you should stop your SaaS altogether since not everyone has a server, but those of us that do would prefer just a simple application to receive data from TraqCloud. This would make this very cost effective without any reoccurring costs. See another project with similar fundamentals: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/385904042/shyspy-gps-gsm-tracker-for-bicycles…

    45. Missing avatar

      Medatom on

      So based on the privacy policy email, you do intend to sell the dats usage information to third parties. Am I right?
      Also what happens tomorrow if you no longer provide the cloud service, will these devices be just paper weights?

    46. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      The kickstarter project is offering everything at a discount. The retail price will be $69 for the TraqCloud and $10/month for the full service plan.

    47. Alec DeSantis on

      Most GPS trackers charge $10+ per month for the service plan. Do you plan on keeping the service plan between $3 and $5?

    48. Michael & Matthew Creator on


      First of all thanks for all your feedback this morning. Let me address each of your concerns:

      1. Our goal is to offer a device to the masses at the most cost effective price possible. There are no contracts. You can activate the device for only 1 month if you choose or multiple months spread out through the year its your choice.
      2. All the kickstarter units are programmed with the same firmware and that tells them to send the data to the TraqCloud servers first. After that the developer api is designed for people to have the ability to securely access their data as needed.
      3. The $10 pledge levels have been removed. :-)

    49. Michael & Matthew Creator on

      Data is protected during transit to the server using private / public key encryption. Data coming out of the server is protected by https encryption and or OAuth (still working on the details of this).

      Thanks for your feedback. We will publish the privacy policy in the near future so everyone can see.

    50. Missing avatar

      sgllama on


      Serious suggestion about your pledge levels: you have $10 levels, one for a charger and one for a plastic bag. But actually selecting one of these as a pledge is pretty pointless. You may want to do a web search for how other projects provide "add-ons": there is still plenty of time to update the front page and, as they don't have any backers yet, you should be able to edit - and possibly just remove - the oddball pledge levels.

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