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A lavish print quarterly featuring comedy all-stars from SNL, The Simpsons, Monty Python & National Lampoon!
A lavish print quarterly featuring comedy all-stars from SNL, The Simpsons, Monty Python & National Lampoon!
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    1. Michael Gerber 8-time creator on

      Robin, I will be sure to roll around in copies of the book before going out on any important meetings. Smell is powerful.

      Thank you for the kind words. Subscriptions TOTALLY depend on how many people order this one. If we can build an audience of 3000 or so, the numbers will work -- otherwise each one just costs so much to print and mail. So tell everybody you know! They can PayPal me $25/per at ""; soon, we'll be in Amazon, Powell's, etc. I'll post when it happens.

    2. Michael Gerber 8-time creator on

      DJ, I will prepare a Special Supplement. King-Size, of course.

    3. D.j. Paris on

      Congrats on issue #1 - looks great. More dick jokes next time, please.

    4. Robin Diane Goldstein on

      just received Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2015 of The American Bystander and it is more than I could have hoped for... it is beautiful and beautifully laid out, printed with the quality of the best graphic novels, and chock-full of pages i want to just take in... plus it smells good!... Michael, in my opinion you've hit a home run! I want to sign up for a lifetime subscription now!

    5. Michael Gerber 8-time creator on

      Thanks, @Bur! I want more comics in #2, as well. And I forwarded your comment onto MK, who is such a treasure (as are all the contributors).

    6. Bur Davis on

      Just received my issue in the mail. Arrived in perfect condition (which is Very Important, as I am certain a mint condition copy will be worth at least the paper it's printed on some day). Being the comic-loving child of the 70s that I am (or am I a child of the 60s? I'm never sure when to start counting), I really want more COMICS next time. All these words just take so darn long to read. Beautiful print job, esp the covers (MK Brown's back cover just sings). Love it love it love it.

    7. Michael Gerber 8-time creator on

      Well, @Mike Slosberg, as the designer, I very much appreciate the compliment. All the old pro's on the staff have been hard but fair with me -- the idea was to create an environment that recalled the late 70s and early 80s, the last time the newsstand magazine was really confident in itself. I think I did OK. It's a start.

    8. Michael Gerber 8-time creator on

      @Marty, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to get that to people. The book is 150pp and the PDF is very big. But now that the paper one's out the door and being mailed, I can turn to the PDF. It's looking like I'll send everybody a download link.

    9. Marty Hale-Evans on

      So excited - but among all the news about the paper version, has there been a link for the PDF pledgers that I missed somewhere? Or has that not gone out yet?

    10. Mike Slosberg on

      Man, the LOOK of the book is fantastic. It just cries out to be read. Kudos to the designer. Looking forward to getting my hands on the first copy.

    11. Joanna Perry-Folino on

      Looking forward to this adventure...congratulations!

    12. Michael Gerber 8-time creator on

      You're gonna love it, Carl!

    13. eMJay on

      OMG! (Oh Michael Gerber!) I was so embarrassed when I got the notice my pledge didn't go through. It was a FTW (faultily timed withdrawal) between my BFF (beneficial financial foundation) and the mysterious disappearance of my debit card.

      Since the credit union is now being cautious about issuing me a replacement- I mean, one lost card in 18 years of doing business with them without an overdraft or other banking-related infraction upon my record, I can certainly understand why I should wait 2 weeks without access to my own money- I'm sure I looked like a deadbeat parent.

      But as luck would have it, a deadbeat parent came to the rescue and my ex made a child support payment! I was able to electronically access that plastic casino cup of coins to correct the situation. (Don't worry, the kids are fine. The baby had a very happy 33rd birthday last week.)

      ROTFLMAO (roll out the flask, light my Absinthe Ordinaire)

    14. Missing avatar

      Carl lieberman/Lynn Rosenfield on

      I'm grumpy and need your magazine to lighten life's burdens. Ready to LMFAO. Bring it on.

    15. Michael Gerber 8-time creator on

      I'm haggard and staggered, Rodger. When the time comes, I'll tell you everything I've learned.

    16. Rodger Roundy on

      Superbly run Kickstarter Campaign, Mike! Congrats!

    17. Michael Gerber 8-time creator on

      @Michael, thank you. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to be sharing it with all of you. A much warmer, great experience than just shipping books to a store and getting a royalty check. So thank you.

      @Vern, you're not the only one. While the Lampoon was a one-in-a-lifetime collection of talent, the book I'm looking at is a worthy successor.

    18. Vern Morrison on

      I've long wished we could bring Doug Kenney and Michael O'Donoghue back to life, I'm beginning to suspect that will never happen, but the birth of The American Bystander might just be almost as good. Best wishes!

    19. Michael Albert Dennehy on

      Michael. I'm so happy for you and your creative team and glad that I could play a small part in what I know will be a great success.

    20. John Sheppard on

      Before I decide how much to pledge, I'd like to know, as a person whose age and experience has limited their exposure to American humor magazines to, primarily, every issue of Mad from the early 70s up to the point that they started to accept advertising (sorry to disturb your rest Mr. Gaines), a few issues of Cracked, and at least one issue of this magazine for me? I know what the Mad letters page was like. How did the National Lampoon letters page compare? On a scale of shampoo bottle to The New Yorker, where does this magazine fall? Let me know and I'll see what I can do about the pledge level. Thanks!

    21. Michael Gerber 8-time creator on

      Casanova, you should be able to mail me through the Kickstarter backer dashboard.

    22. Casanova Nobody Fankenstein on

      Hello. I have a project that I'd like to have you post, As per received email). How do I text you the information?

    23. Michael Gerber 8-time creator on

      @Hasteur, we're still figuring that out. We don't even know what proportion of orders will be paper, and what will be PDF. If there are a LOT of paper pledgers, then we can project much lower printing/fulfillment costs for Issue #2 and so forth, which will be the big factor for paper subscriptions.

      Readers are our revenue. This is essentially a softcover book with a couple of pages of free ads for our contributors' work, and comedy things we think our readers would enjoy. Not a source of revenue, but reader service -- "If you like us, you'll like this neat thing, too." Since they aren't paying our bills, advertisers can't exert any control over editorial, which is what kills humor magazines.

      We're testing out a whole new publishing model, so bear with us for a bit. Just know that our pledgers will be first in line, and get as low a rate as we can manage while still paying our contributors.

    24. Hasteur on

      What's the cost for picking up an annual subscription?

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Leffler on

      This is probably the most important funding campaign ever done on Kickstarter. Happy to see so many people are on board. Let's launch this baby!