Funded! This project was successfully funded on February 10, 2012.

    1. Bcm_logo.small

      Creator Bruce Murray on March 22

      Status of Refund?

    2. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on March 4 will never come

    3. Bcm_logo.small

      Creator Bruce Murray on February 5

      What is status of refund?

    4. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on January 16

      At least now it is possible to tag whether you received your pledge or not. Please remember to file the complaint at ic3.

    5. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on November 26

      Please file your complaint at - it is the least you can do!

    6. Dwarven%20avatar17.small

      Creator razamataz on November 2

      Kickstarter needs to have a way for users to designate some projects as failures, rather than including all funded projects in the same category. Projects such as the Cam Crate should be put onto a wall of shame, to serve as lessons in how not to manage a project, and to help ensure that those considering funding projects can see examples of how it is possible to lose your money entirely, with no good faith effort on the part of the project creator. Being put on a wall of shame might also embarrass some project creators enough to motivate them to do something about it, whether refunding money, or finishing the project, or even explaining to backers why it failed and where the money went.

    7. Iphone.small

      Creator Benni Klomfass on October 29

      freshsprout - there are so many "frauded" kickstarter projects that no one cares anymore

    8. Missing_small

      Creator David Hardy on October 25

      Maybe report him to the IRS. If he did not report this 'income", maybe they could do something.

    9. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on October 11, 2013

      I have asked Amazon and my CC company. Both of them said that it is too late for a refund. So nothing here...

    10. Me.small

      Creator Ryan W. Maple on October 10, 2013

      @Jedediah you got your refund? Boo... anybody else? Maybe this guy is just at troll?

    11. Clownnose1.small

      Creator Breno on October 8, 2013

      where's my bread? at least..…

    12. Missing_small

      Creator Jedediah Frey on October 2, 2013

      I got my money back from my credit card company as soon as he went MIA. I saw a scam and got my money back.

    13. Christopher-2829.small

      Creator Christopher R. Souser on October 1, 2013

      Yeah.. it is a complete fraud. No word.. I also never received the so called promised refund that went out in an email at one point that he was supposedly going to do.

    14. 177770.small

      Creator Rich Spencer on September 30, 2013

      I most certainly still care, I still can't believe he's not been forced to pay our money back. X(

    15. Clownnose1.small

      Creator Breno on September 12, 2013

      Instead of "Funded!", Kickstarter need to switch to Frauded!
      Both Matthew and kickstarter robbed us. Kickstarter got a share of the money and did nothing. Gonna be 2 years soon. ¬¬

    16. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on August 21, 2013

      I am quite surprised that apparently no one really cares about what is happening here. This project has > 300 backers and just a handful seems to care. Can someone please explain this to me?

    17. Clownnose1.small

      Creator Breno on August 13, 2013

      @freshprout agreed, so i can punch his freaking face. He needs jail!

    18. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on August 9, 2013

      ...a least he should have sent an invention

    19. Iphone.small

      Creator Benni Klomfass on August 8, 2013

      (mgeyster facebook) - so he used our money for his wedding ... hmmm

    20. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on August 1, 2013

      "Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)."

      Let's see what happens next...

    21. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on July 30, 2013

      @Breno thanks for the link. I am filing a complaint. I checked his domains to get the address but both of them are registered using a proxy.

      Company: BaseOneLabs LLC
      Address: ???
      Phone: ???

    22. Clownnose1.small

      Creator Breno on July 18, 2013


    23. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on July 6, 2013 least he bought a nice suite from the 24k

      that's okay with me :)

    24. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator cathy daly on July 3, 2013

      Disappointing that he had so much good press and failed to even update the people that supported him.

    25. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on June 25, 2013

      Don't let him run away with 24k

    26. Dwarven%20avatar17.small

      Creator razamataz on May 26, 2013

      Kickstarter should indeed consider adding more information to projects than simply successfully funded or unsuccessfully funded. Perhaps this could be done by adding information like "abandoned" or "failed to deliver promised results" or "delivered results but x months later than promised". There is potentially a lot of useful information in failed projects. How the project creator has handled things for example, with a failed project which was successfully funded, would be of interest particularly if that person were to launch another project. Similarly, if I were interested in launching a project of my own, reading the updates and comments from projects which were funded, but which didn't deliver all of what was promised, would be a very useful tool for planning, so as to try to avoid repeating mistakes that someone else made on a similar project.

    27. Missing_small

      Creator Scott Medsker on May 14, 2013

      lIfe lesson: Kickstarter is a simple Venture capital portal. In VC as in life you win some you loose some. In this case we lost, so let's get over it and move on. I am sure that all of you are flawless in everything you do in life, and have never had anything go terribly wrong. For those people I pity your future because you are not prepared for what is ahead. For those of us who have taken a chance on an idea and have lost this is just one of those things. I can tell you that I sleep better knowing that life happens and I have the tools to deal with it. Learn these tools or face a very uncomfortable life. Kickstarter should take this page down and put it in the cyber trash, so there is no reminder of it. "LIfe is Pain" You know the rest.

    28. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on May 3, 2013

      Every legit business states its contact information on the website. I am not sure how it is in the US but in many countries it is mandatory (by law) to provide full contact details. Furthermore, this is probably the only way to either reach or sue him (which I hope someone will).

    29. Me.small

      Creator Ryan W. Maple on April 30, 2013

      People. Matthew is a dick, but so is posting peoples private addresses and telephone numbers on the Internet. Don't stoop to his leve....

    30. Photo19cr.small

      Creator david tonnesen on April 30, 2013

      has anyone tried contacting him directly?
      Matthew Geyster
      163 Brooks Road
      Templeton, MA 01468-1415

      (978) 939-5537

    31. Missing_small

      Creator Byrne Hollander on April 28, 2013

      How does this not have more attention? He literally stole over $20,000.

    32. Aurora5.small

      Creator Charles Conner on April 27, 2013

      KickStarter needs to mark this Failure, because to backers it is not has not and will not become successful. KickStarter needs to rethink how these are Labeled.

    33. Missing_small

      Creator David Kelly on April 26, 2013

      go to his Facebook page…
      and report it as spam/scam
      shut the cockholster up for a while

    34. Speed%20selector%20jpeg.small

      Creator William Jennings on April 26, 2013

      Oh, Matt. Enjoy what's coming your way.

      The power of the interwebs is really amazing; the breadth and fine-niche of its reach.

      You screwed with people who not only have chops, but know people with even better chops.
      And all have a very sardonic sense of whimsy.

      Spill and bump-proof? Oh, hardly. Life? Yeah, that;s a long time.

    35. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on April 24, 2013

      Why should he refund the money? Nothing is happening if he simply keeps the money for himself. He will probably realize that that this is a great way of making money. Let's start 4-5 fancy fake projects a year and you have your 100k+.

      I guess he learned his lesson. So next time he will use a fake name, fake photo and a fake facebook account. Then he can start a campaign for his fake product from his fake company. Takes one week to setup - and leaves you with a nice amount of $$$.

      As you see has already disappeared. When you read the comments you see that only 1-2% of the 370 backers are complaining. Especially when you live outside the US you can exactly do nothing. Kickstarter is not responding, Amazon and the CC company won’t refund the money and there is no way to sue him…

    36. Dwarven%20avatar17.small

      Creator razamataz on April 23, 2013


      The example of the POP project that you posted is an excellent one. It demonstrates exactly how project creators should handle this sort of thing. Now if only Matthew Geyster will follow suit...

    37. Me.small

      Creator Ryan W. Maple on April 22, 2013

      A tale of two Kickstarters. Another project I backed ( recently discovered that they wouldn't be able to deliver in a reasonable amount of time, or within budget, so they sent a very well articulated, and thoughtful, backer-only message out, with a refund literally minutes later.

      I'm hesitant to share any information from that backer-only message, but suffice it to say we all got 100% refunds. I would have settled for a partial refund, subtracting the amount @kickstarter takes, but they did The Right Thing and refunded _all_ of our money.

      Matthew, you could learn a thing or two from better people. You truly are scum.

    38. Sprout%2011.small

      Creator freshsprout on April 15, 2013

      Honestly, I am glad not to be in the position of Matt. With every new product launch he can be sure that it will be nuked with negative feedback. Then again - it's his own fault.

    39. Iphone.small

      Creator Benni Klomfass on April 6, 2013

      the scammer updated his profile picture -…

      make sure to constantly comment/review on his (future) projects/company/products anywhere to make sure he won't sell even one more product

    40. Images.small

      Creator David Gaipa on March 24, 2013

      He hasn't even logged in since Oct 19th 2012.

      I hope that enough reports go in to block him from starting any more projects. I also believe he should be blocked from backing any. Exile from the community and whatnot.

    41. Dwarven%20avatar17.small

      Creator razamataz on March 22, 2013

      I would really like to be able to put a little tombstone icon on projects such as this, in my list of backed projects. Just to be able to visually see which projects I've written off.

    42. Thedarkknight_03.small

      Creator Mark Shanahan on March 22, 2013

      Have you happened to notice his up-to-date commentary over on his other project, "Rustic Case for iPad and Kindle 3"?? AOL & MIA on one and Mr. Wonderful [ad nauseum] on the other. This guy's a terminal asswipe. How do you go ahead with anything else until you get this right? Instead, it's like it never happened, maaaan. *What a *douche*...

    43. Me.small

      Creator Ryan W. Maple on March 19, 2013

      @Chris don't take this as a representative of all Kickstarter projects. This is the only one with a true asshole who has screwed everybody out of money -- all the other project I backed have been wonderful experiences, with truly engaged people who actually care about the people who invested in their idea.

      @razamataz ditto -- it's a good reminder on how NOT to treat people.

    44. Dwarven%20avatar17.small

      Creator razamataz on March 15, 2013

      I feel strangely compelled to read the comments on here every so often. For every comment I read that makes me laugh, I'm getting a bit of value for my "investment".

    45. Papercut.small

      Creator Chris on March 14, 2013

      Ah, my first and last Kickstarter project.

    46. Clownnose1.small

      Creator Breno on March 14, 2013

      Freaking Thief!
      My money, not yours!

    47. Wnzl9640.small

      Creator Tyler Wenzel on March 14, 2013

      I just reported BaseOne Labs FB page to Facebook as "This page is spam or a scam". If enough of you do that it will get his page taken down. Maybe that will get his attention.

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