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Cam Crate is a portable, life proof DSLR camera case. It's lightweight, compact, 100% element proof & it floats!

BONUS: Since I've started this project I've been taking great advice from all my backers. There will be some newly added features like multi point attachments for strapping Cam Crate down or using a carabiner to hook it to a pack. I'm always up for suggestions so if you have an idea you think would be great send me a message and we will go over all possible additions.

Press: Click here to download full photos

Here’s what the press has been saying: 

Wired: "It’s such a smart case..."

Uncrate: "giving you the freedom to tote your shooter places you'd never dare before"

Techcrunch: "It even floats, so it can get away from vampires"

Ubergizmo:  "you won’t have any issue bringing it across the rapids"

PetaPixel: "it even comes with a lifetime warranty!"

Gear Patrol: "it’s dedicated to protecting something near and dear to our gear-loving hearts."

Cnet: "If Indiana Jones was a photographer and he needed a camera case, then the Cam Crate would be it."

The Phoblographer: "a truly transportable rugged case"

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What is Cam Crate?

Cam Crate is a low profile, element proof carrying case for DSLR cameras. The case is design specifically for photographers that want to bring their DSLR with them where ever they go without the fear of breaking their expensive camera. Cam Crate also works great as a secondary emergency shelter for when you know conditions might get bad.

Features of Cam Crate:

Lifeproof design: The Cam Crate is water proof, mud proof, crush proof,  drop proof & it floats!

One size fits most: The Cam Crate is designed to fit all DSRL cameras without a battery grip installed. A bigger version for cameras with a battery grip will be available at a later date. Cam Crate will fit a full body camera with a telephoto lens.

Lifetime warranty: Cam Crate will come with a no questions asked lifetime warranty against anything. I designed it to last so why not?!

Virtually indestructible: The outer shell is made out of a composite material that is made to take a beating. Cam Crate is built tough.

Quick action door: The door on the Cam Crate is designed for quick opening and closing so you never miss the perfect shot.

Who would benefit from the Cam Crate?

Cam Crate is perfect for any photographer that takes their camera into nature or anywhere that your camera could be jeopardized. You no longer have to worry about your camera swinging into rocks, or accidentally dropping while hiking. With Cam Crates virtually indestructible, lifeproof design you can confidently photograph in extreme environments without worrying about breaking or damaging your camera.

Why do I need funding?

You can have the greatest idea in the world but without financial backing it's impossible to get a product off the ground. When I designed Cam Crate, I didn't hold back on any design constraints. This is great for the product but manufacturing a great product takes a lot of funding. With my funding goal, Cam Crate will be able to go into first round production and I will be able to fulfill all pre orders. I have great relationships with a few manufacturers that I've worked with in the past to make sure Cam Crate is made timely and precisely to what we need in the final product.

Who designed the Cam Crate?

Cam Crate was thought of and designed by Matthew Geyster. My first need for this product was when I was on a small boat on a reservoir in Mass and missed the perfect opportunity to photograph two Bald Eagles. I didn't have my DSLR with me because I didn't want to risk dropping it in water. After that day I worked on Cam Crate and now have a product I am very proud of.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to send me a message. 

Thanks for the support! -Matt


  • Cam Crates final design will fit a 5D or D700 with not issues. It will also fit a regular size telephoto lens like a 70-300mm.

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  • Yes, Cam Crate will float better than most boats.

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  • Depending on what pledge level you choose, Cam Crate will be available in black, blue, or green interior colors.

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  • The final color of Cam Crate will be a dark grey. The case in the video and photos is a prototype and doesn't show the true color.

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