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$4,676 pledged of $15,000 goal
$4,676 pledged of $15,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      John on May 23, 2012

      I 2nd the Shapeways idea. You can even get paid for every model that is made.

    2. Brian Jackson on March 30, 2012

      Would you consider posting the model on I'd purchase a 3D printed version of what you already have rather than recreate the model.

    3. Jeffrey B George
      on September 12, 2011

      Any plans to try another method of raising money for this project? The 139 backers are disappointed like you, would love to hear your thoughts. PG of course. ;-)

    4. Tom Bradley on September 4, 2011

      Such a shame this didn't get funded!!! I hope there are alternative plans to get this started as I really want one!!!

    5. Andy Baird on September 3, 2011

      Well, damn! It was a great idea, and I still want one. Can't believe this wasn't funded. :-(

    6. MOKU on August 11, 2011

      I'm not sure who this work but can someone try to start a tread on for the Astroclip.

    7. MOKU on August 11, 2011

      Time for an update Matt.... Let's see more pictures...

    8. Ken Davis on August 10, 2011

      The way I see it things don't look good for this project.
      Come one fellow backers we must know others who would benefit from an Astroclip.

    9. Todd Newberg on July 30, 2011

      Please help Matthew fund this project so I can stop hovering my iPhone over the eyepiece for hours. Here's a small set of what I've been able to capture

    10. Tom Bradley on July 29, 2011


      That's a great idea, I would definitely submit my photos :)

      People always seem so amazed at what you can do with such affordable tech, a relatively inexpensive telescope, a phone that you already own and an astroclip will allow you to take some brilliant shots very easily.

      Plus by hooking up your iphone, you could also be able to show a group of people the view, hell link it with something like Qik or UStream and you can broadcast live footage of the Moon, planets, whatever you want! All without needing to hook up a laptop, webcam etc <--- Moon shot taken with my iPhone 4. Would have been a lot easier with an astroclip though! Always so difficult to get it lined up just right when holding the iphone!

    11. Matthew Geyster 5-time creator on July 28, 2011


      That's awesome! I'm planning to put a website together after, to accept submissions from AstroClip owners and I'll post all the best pictures on it. What do you think?


    12. Tom Bradley on July 28, 2011

      I love this idea!!! I already take photos through my scope with my iPhone 4 but have to hold it up against the lense which is a bloody pain in the arse!!!

      It is amazing what photos you can get with such simple equipment. This photo of Saturn was taken with my scope and iPhone:

      I can't wait to get my Astroclip!!!!

    13. Matthew Geyster 5-time creator on July 27, 2011

      Hi Thad-

      Thanks for the support. AstroClip is meant for exactly that. The occasional Astrophotographer that doesn't want to spend a fortune on a camera set up. Thanks everyone for spreading the word!

    14. Missing avatar

      Thad Szabo on July 27, 2011

      I teach astronomy labs and advise the astronomy club at a community college. So often when we get the departments scopes out, students are trying to take pictures through the eyepiece with their phones. I hope this gets funded, because getting to take a record of your observation with you like this is a great way to spread interest in amateur astronomy. Kudos for the idea/design!

    15. Matthew Geyster 5-time creator on July 25, 2011

      Hi Mark-

      I agree that AstroClip could be used for other purposes. Would you happen to know any good forums or blogs that deal with this?



    16. Matthew Geyster 5-time creator on July 25, 2011

      Hi Mark-

      I agree that AstroClip could be used for other purposes. Would you happen to know any good forums or blogs that deal with this?



    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Barton on July 25, 2011

      Matthew theres potentially another target audience - Digiscoping - specifically Birds. Its a big area and these guys normally love there technology and have money to burn on there hobby.

      Good luck and I hope you get funded.

    18. Mark Nowotarski on July 25, 2011

      Matthew, I think what Vince means by stitching is a way to join several overlapping pictures together.

    19. Matthew Geyster 5-time creator on July 25, 2011

      Hi Vince-

      Thanks for being a backer! What do you mean as a stitching app?


    20. Missing avatar

      Vince kemp on July 25, 2011

      Hey Matthew, great to be a backer. Have you thought about a stitching iphone 4 app to go with the Astroclip. seems like such a cool idea given the interest in iphoneography. Opens up a whole new world, literally. Good luck, hope you get funded.


    21. Matthew Geyster 5-time creator on July 22, 2011

      Hi Fred,

      Thats a great idea. This is why kickstarter is great because you can collaborate on an idea. I will look into the sizing of a microscope eye piece. Because i designed the astroclip to has the threaded adjustment screws as long as the eye piece is the same size or smaller than a telescope you could tighten the astroclip down perfectly. Great point. Thanks. I'll keep you posted.- Matt

    22. Fred Heald on July 22, 2011

      I wonder if this would work with a microscope as well; I would think the eyepiece is about the same size, and the focus should be similar. If so, would double (?) your market - microscope eyepiece cameras are expensive and not very good quality.

    23. Matthew Geyster 5-time creator on July 20, 2011

      Thanks for being the first backer Chris. Also the website will be up soon. I'm waiting for go daddy to set up the DNS.

    24. MOKU on July 20, 2011

      Now this I like Matt...