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HANDS FREEDOM™ starts here. Connect with phone apps to see calls, SMS, workouts, email, FB, Twitter, calendar events, weather & more.
HANDS FREEDOM™ starts here. Connect with phone apps to see calls, SMS, workouts, email, FB, Twitter, calendar events, weather & more.
1,767 backers pledged $309,436 to help bring this project to life.


Quick update. The first 200 units are being processed in our distribution center and should ship out in a day or two. The remainder of all units except for Stealth and Susan Kare are enroute.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ian Kesler on December 4, 2012

      Got mine. Looking forward to updates now!

    2. Missing avatar

      Nick Hind on November 28, 2012

      Got shipping notification that mine left San Bernardino 6 days ago but no updates since. Any idea how long it should take to get to Australia? Amazon usually takes 3-5days, but looks like my watch hasn't moved in a week.

    3. kimoxxx116 on November 26, 2012

      just got my metawatch today...still learning how to use it...y no instructions on the box?.... =(

    4. Jake Trachtenberg on November 26, 2012

      mine just arrived and it is possibly the coolest thing ever. For anyone still waiting, be patient, its worth it. Btw, Bill you guys have done a great job. Bravo bravo

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris B on November 26, 2012

      Last I heard on the Kare/Stealth watches they were supposed to be shipping in December. That said, given that the other Strata's were delayed until November I think it's safe to say it'll be mid to late December for the Kare/Stealth models.

      I would NOT expect them before Christmas. Hopefully I'm proven wrong on this. I'm certainly not trying to bad mouth Metawatch, just trying to look at it realistically. It appears that they are still trying to get the other models of Strata out the door and in the mail. Even if they get the Kare and Stealths in soon, I suspect they'll focus on the others first, as they should. As a Stealth buyer, this doesn't make me happy, but it's the right thing for them to do. The other models were promised first, they should be sent out before they start shipping out the next batch.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jramseyoo5 on November 26, 2012

      Any word on when the Susan Kare watches be shipped? I am trying to be patient.

    7. Grant on November 26, 2012

      Mine left on the17th, am in the 200 lucky ones. Tangerine. Hope to get this week in aus

    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher Burnett on November 25, 2012

      +1,000,000 on the golf app, I'd take that over a cycling app, I got a mount for my iPhone for my bike already. I actually asked Freecaddie if their app would support metawatch since they are supporting pebble-…. I also asked golflogix but they said no, more like hell no(were not polite).

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Reisner on November 25, 2012

      Really hope there's a golf/GPS app function for range finding

    10. Missing avatar

      Jenell on November 24, 2012

      Oh, sorry Faye, forgot to say I'm using iOS6

    11. Missing avatar

      Jenell on November 24, 2012

      Faye, I don't get any messages. No mail notifications either, although I understand that will come sometime in the future.

    12. Will Hall on November 24, 2012

      I have ordered a stealth in the uk... Am I likely to receive it by early December ? Thanks

    13. Andrzej Haskiel on November 23, 2012

      out of 1676 backers my watch has shipped with number 2131 and it's on its way. yupi!

    14. Jason A LaForge on November 23, 2012

      Is their a ship date for a Olympian Blue with Digital Camo if it won't be here before Christmas it would be nice to know...

    15. Gautam Kaul on November 23, 2012

      ordered STEALTH Olympian Blue with "QR" Digital. Any update on the shipment date.....

    16. mctouch on November 23, 2012

      Has mine shipped, I ordered the FIRMWARE HACKER version Olympian Blue, keen to port some code to the msp430...

    17. Missing avatar

      Tony Swan on November 23, 2012

      Got mine today here in Australia and it is absolutely brilliant! I didn't get a shipping notification, so keep your eyes peeled, people. Bill and the team have done a fantastic job. Thanks!

    18. Garry on November 23, 2012

      And another thing, the watch was shipped via USPS as First Class Mail. What can I say, Bill and the Metawatch group really handled the shipping spot on and even the whole project. Congratulation guys for JOB WELL DONE.

    19. Garry on November 23, 2012

      @Michael and Nicholas I'm from Sydney as well mate.

    20. Faye Salwin on November 22, 2012

      Hehe, also awaiting a stealth, mostly patiently. Question for someone who's got theirs and has an iPhone with ios6: Do you get all iMessages to the watch or just sms?

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on November 22, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    22. Nicholas Holden on November 22, 2012

      Its awesome to hear that someone from Australia got one (im in Sydney), seems like the shipping doesnt take too long.

    23. Garry on November 22, 2012

      Got mine today. I'm from Australia. I might be one of the 200 lucky people to have their watch shipped. I didn't receive any tracking number. Hopefully everyone will get theirs before the holiday. I backed 2 watches, separate backer, just go one other other I hope by next week.

    24. Bluelee on November 21, 2012

      where is mine? ㅠㅠ;

    25. Missing avatar

      Rod on November 21, 2012

      @ Jason Stone. What colour did you buy?

    26. Andrzej Haskiel on November 21, 2012

      gee, another delay... it shouldn't be that hard to get them all on the same freight from china... i know, i know, it's all about avoiding taxes, but we should know it upfront.

    27. Shari Malin on November 21, 2012

      I'd like to know if my watch has shipped? Thank you.

    28. Andre on November 21, 2012

      Could I also check if my Strata has already been shipped? Thank you.

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris B on November 21, 2012


      Bill made a mistake on the first shipment and didn't turn on the process to send out automatic emails to people that their item was shipping so the first batch of 200 or so that went out didn't get an email sent to the end user. I'm sure MetaWatch has the tracking info... they weren't just sent out as normal run of the mill mail.

    30. kimoxxx116 on November 21, 2012

      how would you know if your strata is shipped?...did you guys get any tracking number?..if not, this should have a tracking number...this is a 160$ watch not 10$ ..even those 10$ kickstarter products has tracking number...It's thanksgiving tomorrow and i dont have my strata yet...this sucks!

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris B on November 21, 2012

      @Dave Chiang
      At least the Strata's are shipping... yeah, it's two months late, which stinks, but it is shipping. Some customers already have 'em in hand. It's just a matter of the orders working through the system and getting sent out.

      For those outside of the US, remember to that this week is a holiday week for us. Nearly everyone will be off Thursday, with many office types also off Friday. Which unfortunately means a lag in getting shipments out. :(

    32. Dave Chiang on November 21, 2012

      and yes i am one of those people who also ordered a Pebble so am frustrated x2 because of months later and stil no product in hand...

    33. Dave Chiang on November 21, 2012


      it's great to hear that Meta is now taking additional orders and shipping for the holidays, but it would be great if backers could get their watches 'soon.'

      bill, the last time you check in with me i was trying to get this for an upcoming run. that was back in August and "they were going to ship soon" and now it's nearing the end of November. nuf said.

      i'm absolutely 100% behind croudsourced funding and innovative products/companies like this, but just a little frustrated in what's originally sold vs. delivered. what ever happend to the fist on the iPhone 5 and iOS 6?

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris B on November 21, 2012

      @Jason... dude, that totally stinks. Along with the normal outlets you might explore (eBay, Craigslist, etc.) make sure you also check out You might find a buyer there.

    35. Missing avatar

      abandilla on November 21, 2012

      Can you please check if mine is shipped? Thank you very much from oversea!

    36. Jason Stone on November 20, 2012

      I am bummed. I did not realize I actually had to have a 4s or a 5 to use my Metawatch so looks like I will be trying to find it a new home as spending another 100-200 to be able to use it isnt worth it to me right now

    37. Missing avatar

      Mark Wold on November 20, 2012

      I received my watch yesterday. Super cool!!! But I do want to be absolutely clear on one thing before I spend another night searching high and low...

      In its current form, we can not receive notifications of emails, right? And that functionality might take another month, right?

      I'm not complaining as I think this is the cat's meow for a phone accessory. Just trying to find out for sure...

    38. DropForged on November 20, 2012

      Caleb, Not yet. I am hoping mine by Friday if I'm being very positive.

    39. Missing avatar

      marcio paulucci on November 20, 2012

      Hey guys! I am really exited to get my Strata, I see on your website,nth at if you pre-order a watch with ship first week of December. What about us backers? I am dying to get my hands on my strata!!!

    40. SIVAKUMAR SURYA BALU on November 20, 2012

      I received my 16 gig Nexus 4 yesterday...waiting for the metawatch to arrive. Can't wait to pair both of them...

    41. Caleb Wong on November 20, 2012

      Anyone in UK received it, paying VAT or not?
      @DropForged please let me know if you have :p

    42. Uriel Medina on November 20, 2012

      How can add widgets, and add app notification...?
      But must importantly is there other clock faces, cuz I got the
      One with the fishes.? And it's too girly! For me!
      I got blue camouflage! For iOS 6
      Thank. It's cool!!! Watch!!!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Christopher Burnett on November 20, 2012

      Put your link up on the pebble comments page, just stirring the pot...

    44. Isaac Wiegman on November 20, 2012

      I got my watch yesterday, and it's basic functions (SMS, call and calendar notifications and clock widgets) are up and running with android 4.0.4. When I got it yesterday, I couldn't get widgets running with Metawatch Community Edition (though most notifications worked fine), so I contacted Metawatch (at 10PM) and before I woke up they had already responded with the Metawatch Manager APK. At this point it's functionality is limited (to the basic functions above), but the functionality will soon be significantly expanded with calendar, weather, stock, and phone battery widgets added by the end of November and facebook, email and twitter notifications, and music controls by December 20th, according to the schedule they sent me. I love the watch. Looks great on my wrist and feels great to be able to get notifications without whipping out my phone.

    45. Nicole MacKinnon on November 20, 2012

      Hello, I am wondering if mine was shipped yet?

    46. Daniel M Cohen on November 20, 2012

      LOVE to know if mine is on the way. Understand if things are too busy... Excited to get it either way.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jörg Plathner on November 20, 2012

      Can you please check if mine is shipped? Thank you very much from oversea!

    48. Missing avatar

      Chris B on November 20, 2012

      Given that there are so many Android phones out there running different versions of the Android OS and BT stacks and such... I'm curious what Android users have received their watches and if they've been able to get them running without any issues. If so, what phone and what version of the OS are you running?