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HANDS FREEDOM™ starts here. Connect with phone apps to see calls, SMS, workouts, email, FB, Twitter, calendar events, weather & more.
HANDS FREEDOM™ starts here. Connect with phone apps to see calls, SMS, workouts, email, FB, Twitter, calendar events, weather & more.
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Greetings MetaWatch Backers!

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months since we wrapped up Kickstarter and began shipping to you, our seriously awesome backers. We also started shipping orders taken from our new shop, We thought it was about time you heard about all the cool stuff we’ve been working on for you and the even better stuff that’s just getting started.

New Firmware

We’ve heard a ton of feedback and incorporated it into the latest and greatest firmware for your MetaWatch smartwatch, version 1.3 (build 459.406). Updating is suggested for all FRAME and STRATA smartwatches; it will provide increased stability, compatibility as well as other fixes and enhancements.

This release focuses on platform stability and compatibility, but future firmware releases will include enhanced support for full screen clock widgets (aka, watch faces).

Please visit our support website for instructions on updating your smartwatch’s firmware:

Updated MetaWatch Manager Apps (iOS and Android)

Updated iOS and Android apps have been in beta testing and are now either released for store approval, or will be released shortly. Aside from bug fixes, some new functionality will be available.

MetaWatch Manager (MWM) for iOS now supports improved calendar alerts and periodic (every 15 minutes to minimize phone battery drain) Gmail email notifications. MWM for Android adds the weather widget, music controls, and enhanced support for Android OS 2.3 and up.

Look for the app updates in Google Play and the Apple App Store on your smartphone as soon as they are approved. We will continue to update our MetaWatch Manager apps to add new notifications and widgets as fast as we can.

New Shipments

Waiting patiently for your MetaWatch smartwatch? Wait no longer! The Susan Kare limited editions have been shipped and you should have them shortly. We think we shipped to all of our backers who completed the survey. If you still need some assistance please send us an email to and let us know.

A new round of Stealth models are in the warehouse and ready to order so now all styles (STRATA and FRAME) are in stock:

Developers: Open Source Projects for iOS and Android Apps

Open. Simple. Connected. From day one, we’ve built our products on an open source philosophy. Find all of our open source projects at

Soon, updated open source projects for all our recent work on iOS, Android, and the watch firmware will be made available. Please play, explore, modify and make it your own. Create wearable solutions to the problems you know best and then use the MetaWatch platform as a hardware component for your business. Yes, you can do that!

Developers: Widget SDK for iOS

We know how excited y’all are to get your great app ideas going, and so are we. Our Widget SDK for iOS is in private beta and will soon become a public beta. Use MetaWatch smartwatches as an extension of your own app or web service to display relevant yet unobtrusive information to your users. It’s like your own piece of glance-able, wrist, real estate you can use 24 hours a day. Keep an eye out for it on


Just a reminder: If you need help, please send an email to with your questions and support requests. We’re proud of our outstanding customer service, so let us know how we can help!

Want to join MetaWatch?

If you live in the Espoo or Helsinki area of Finland, we have open positions for experienced Android developers and also for experienced embedded firmware developers (MSP430 and ARM). Join a hot company in one of the fastest growing segments of mobile devices. Please email your resume to

Everything Else

Have a question? Want to tell us about all the cool things you’re doing with your MetaWatch smartwatch? Here’s how to reach us:

Business Development:

To keep up with any future updates, please Subscribe to our newsletter and Follow us on Twitter

MetaWatch Manager for Android - on Google Play!

The Android app (MetaWatch Manager for Android) is up on Google Play!

Before I give you the link, I have an urgent message for anyone who installed the pre-release version manually (either from the dropbox link or by email). **You must UNINSTALL the previous version of the app before you install this one**

To uninstall, you can go to "Settings->Apps" find one called "MWM" in the list under the "Downloaded" or "All" tab of Apps. Tap on it, and then tap "Uninstall" and then "OK".

Once that's done, you can now install the version on Google Play here:

Also if you installed the pre-release version, don't forget to switch your phone back to not accept apps from unknown sources. This is in "Settings->Security" and then Uncheck "Unknown Sources" (You might need to check where your phone put that setting, it could be in a different menu location on different phones).

Here are some of the important notes:

➤ Beta version, supports caller ID, SMS, and calendar notifications. Supports time and calendar widgets. More features coming over the next days and weeks.

➤ Android OS 4.2 contains a Bluetooth transmit bug, Android OS 4.2 is not currently supported. We are working on a fix with Google.

➤ Tested devices include: Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Nexus 7 with the latest OS

➤ A minimum resolution of 800 x 480 (WVGA) may be required for operation at this time. We're working to make broader compatibility.

➤ We are currently working on adding features, watch for frequent updates this December.

➤ Email: with any questions.

Now we will start updating the app on Play when new versions come out.

--MetaWatch Team

Android APK Preview - download link


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Quick update. The first 200 units are being processed in our distribution center and should ship out in a day or two. The remainder of all units except for Stealth and Susan Kare are enroute.