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Orchestral covers of System of a Down, The Mars Volta, Weezer, Muse, Florence + the Machine, and others
Orchestral covers of System of a Down, The Mars Volta, Weezer, Muse, Florence + the Machine, and others
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    1. Meg Huntress on September 23, 2017

      Andrew, that's a good question, been wondering that myself. As for the links, they should've been sent to you on here. Check your Kickstarter messages. Otherwise, I would try sending Nick a message. Hope that helps!

    2. Andrew Malkin on September 17, 2017

      I'm going to have to move in around December. Any chance that this will come out before then?

    3. Meg Huntress on August 25, 2017

      Love this & can't wait to hear what you'll cover next! Just curious if you have an ETA on when I can start flaunting my Metamorphestra pride by wearing your shirt?

    4. Missing avatar

      David Whitney on June 17, 2017

      Hi there! Do you have any updates on when this will be completed?

    5. Nick Proch 2-time creator on April 8, 2017

      It's looking to be around the beginning of June that they'll be sent out. If you know what your new address will be, you can put that one... You can also either your edit address after completing the survey or hold off on filling out the survey for now if you want to wait to know what your new address will be.

    6. Andrew Malkin on April 8, 2017

      When should shirts and albums be getting shipped out? I am going to be moving soon.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jer-el Martinez on April 2, 2017

      Any updates? It's been awhile.

    8. Nick Proch 2-time creator on January 20, 2017

      Update coming soon!

    9. Missing avatar

      on January 17, 2017

      Any updates? :)

    10. Will J L Howells on December 9, 2016

      Delighted. It was definitely Schism that convinced me.

    11. Missing avatar

      Quagga on December 9, 2016

      Congrats! When I see we are safely over the fund goal, I changed my pledge to download only since this is what I needed but I waited till last moments ready to repledge higher in case it dropped below 25k. Glad this is funded but pledge graph is unbelievably steep after 47 days of dead silence, something should have been awfully wrong until the last two weeks and the last two days' increase is jawdropping. Glad it's done.

    12. Missing avatar

      Theresa Christenson on December 8, 2016

      Squeeee!!! Can't wait to hear the orchestra live!

    13. Missing avatar

      Kenidashi on December 8, 2016

      Yeeeeeeeah! It's happening! Congrats Metamorphestra, can't wait for the album!

    14. Nick Proch 2-time creator on December 8, 2016

      Concerts in Europe would be amazing, but it will be a fair while before we can make our way over there. :)

    15. Tomek Pluskiewicz on December 8, 2016

      Any chance for concerts in Europe?

    16. Missing avatar

      Paul Boquet on December 7, 2016

      Sharing with my friends! Found your Schism cover from Reddit and fell in love! < $5k to go, I know you guys can make it!

    17. Missing avatar

      Christina Chapman on December 6, 2016

      Sharing on Facebook and Twitter, I love your covers!

    18. Missing avatar

      Theresa Christenson on December 4, 2016

      Sooo close! I'm sharing this on FB & Twitter.

    19. Missing avatar

      Theresa Christenson on November 12, 2016

      There's info in @Metamorphestra's Twitter feed.

    20. WNJ85 on November 9, 2016

      It's a bit quiet around here...?!

    21. Ervin on November 8, 2016

      Schism is a masterpiece. Godspeed!

    22. Zakwas on October 16, 2016

      Please add >>only CD<< pledge and good luck with the project!

    23. Missing avatar

      Emily Jobson on October 14, 2016

      Your Schism cover brought me here! Keep it up, looking forward to the album!

    24. MDicere on October 14, 2016

      Just discovered this group and wow I'm blown away. I hope this funds because I need this in my life.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tee Rey on October 13, 2016

      Absolutely love the Tool "Schism" cover. Good luck, I hope this project takes off!

    26. WNJ85 on October 13, 2016

      Love the Tool - Schism cover!
      Looking forward to hearing which Deftones track(tracks?) will be included!

    27. Nick Proch 2-time creator on October 10, 2016

      Thanks so much Theresa!

    28. Missing avatar

      Theresa Christenson on October 10, 2016

      I was hoping you'd make a new album. I can't wait, Nick.