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Non-Player Cards: An Artful & Inspirational Generation Tool's video poster

Much more than just cards, these tools are meant to aid you in creating unique and intersting characters every time. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 30, 2014.

Much more than just cards, these tools are meant to aid you in creating unique and intersting characters every time.

About this project

Backer Inspired Quirk
Backer Inspired Quirk

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In many cases, NPCs are one of the trickiest aspects of GMing. Questions about: What should I name him/her? What should their role be? Their occupation? How will they act differently from the last 50 NPCs I've already used for my players? All surface as a GM. Non-Player Cards is a deck of 300 cards that can be used with any tabletop setting, allowing you to create and build NPCs and characters for any game you choose to play.

Harp Man
Harp Man

The NPC Deck 

The Non-Player Cards is an easy-to-use 300-card deck that contains a series of "categories" that help in the generation a unique NPC. You can even use this deck to enhance existing NPCs or even add some direction and inspiration on how players can role play their characters. (see below for what are on the Cards)

PDF Delivery - AUGUST 2015
PRINT Delivery -NOVEMBER 2015

The Reference Booklet

In addition to the Deck, we are packing all of the text that is in the cards into the Reference Booklet! Every backer who receives a PDF reward will also receive the PDF of the Reference Booklet. 

If you want the Booklet in print, there’s a backer level for the PDFs and Print Booklet! OR if you want the Deck and the Booklet, it’s just a $10 add-on ($12 international). The book will be ~50 pages, 6x9, in full-color and printed through DriveThruRPG's (DTRPG) Premium Print format.
Reward Delivery: Reference Booklet
PDF delivery - DECEMBER 2014 
PRINT delivery -FEBURARY 2015

Reference Booklet-Concept Cover
Reference Booklet-Concept Cover

The Art Book--Kickstarter Exclusive

The art is a major part of this project and to feature all 300+ of Eren's beautiful illustrations we are offering an Art Book! 

  • PDF - $5 addon
  • POD Hardcover Print (150 pgs)-- +$35(+$5 international) add-on
  • The Deluxe Art Book Print (150pgs)-- +$100(+$5 international)  

Reward Delivery: Art Book
PDF delivery- AUGUST 2015 
PRINT delivery- NOVEMBER 2015


For all backers that pledge $30 or more, are going to develop (no promises) an android app and iOS app. The app as planned, will allow you to pick sections, "draw cards," save card selections, add notes, and even export/email/share capabilities as well. We aim for it to be tablet friendly as well.
App delivery - TBD


So How is this Deck Organized?

The deck is broken out into 8-sections, each with a distinguishable backside  to cover each

Names (25 cards) 

Grab your d20 when you grab these cards! Each card has three columns, containing a prefix, joint and suffix, so that you can generate literally millions of unique character names.

Professions  (50 cards) 

The famous question, "what do you do?" comes to life within these cards. Are they an innkeeper, an assassin or maybe a herbalist? The professions deck provides a wide range of jobs and occupations for your NPCs to perform.

Relationships (25 cards)

How does this character know the PCs, is it a family member, a past lover, an old mentor. Perhaps it was a How are they related to other NPCs?

Personality (50 cards)

Is your NPC an Analyst? Studying how people act and react before making their move. A perfectionist? Trying to make everything (or something particular) absolutely perfect? These cards draw how your NPCs may act or react to various scenarios, granting various angles of depth to each NPC.

Traits (25 Cards)  

What can be observed that is unique and distinctive about your characters? Are they covered in mushrooms? Do they have a distinctive scar or mutation? Perhaps they carry a bejeweled weapon?

Quirks (25 Cards) 

What do they do (observable behavior) that is different or unusual? Although similar to traits, these are more akin to habits, which your players may discover, with extended exposure to your NPC.

Secrets (50 Cards) 

There are some secrets that are meant to be discovered… and others that should never be revealed.? There are many things that are meant to be hidden...

Goals (50 Cards)

What is the NPC trying to personally accomplish beyond merely practicing their trade? What drives them forward? Maybe they to seek vengeance or perhaps to gain renown .

How to use the cards

The simplest way to use this deck is by randomly drawing cards from each "segment" (as detailed above) and stack them together to build a unique NPC.  

1) Stack to create a unique and notable NPC.

2) Select to add a unique aspect to an existing NPC.

3) Have your PCs use the cards to further develop and deepen their character backgrounds.

4) There are probably several other uses that we haven't even thought of yet!

Why A Kickstarter ? 

We could produce a simple deck with no art, but then that would be uninspiring and wouldn't have the effect that we desired.

Rather, we discovered an amazing upcoming artist, Eren Arik, who has agreed to join the project. His art style is a digital paint, is evocative and inspirational and exactly what we are looking for in a generic set of cards so that you can create the NPCs and use the images as inspiration.


In order to pull this project project together, we require art assets for 300 cards in addition to art for the brick boxes. In order to maintain a reasonably low cost for the backer levels, we have to raise our initial ask amount. With that, we have to take into account the projected costs of production and shipping, which can take quite a large portion of the budget. Once the project is underway, we can give you updates to the budget, as if there are savings of any kind, we would like to get to work right away on the booster packs!

Development Schedule  

  • Kickstarter Ends (August 2014)  
  • Card Writing, 2-3 months (November 2014)  
  • Art comissions, 4-6 months (May 2014)  
  • Product layout,1-2 months (July 2015)  
  • Print proofing 1-2 months (September 2015)  
  • Bulk Ordering and receipt, 1 month (October 2015)  
  • Shipping to backers, 1 month (November 2015)

Release Schedule

  • December 2014 -- Reference booklet PDF Delivery 
  • February 2015 -- Print Reference Booklet Delivery 
  • August/September 2015 -- Deck PDF & PDF ArtBook Delivery 
  • November 2015 -- Deck Print & Art Book Print Delivery

Backer Level

Click for larger image
Click for larger image


  • $1  - Digital thank you and access to add-ons

Early Birds!

  • $10 -- Early Bird-PDF Rewards
  • $35 -Early Bird-print NPC deck & PDF Rewards

NPC Rewards!

  • $15 -- PDF Rewards
  • $25 -- Print of Reference Booklet & PDF Rewards
  • $45 -- Print NPC deck & PDF Rewards
  • $55 -- All Project PDFs (Deck, Art Book & Reference Booklet) and receive print of the POD Art Book and the print Reference Booklet

Print Fanatics (Includes PDFs of the NPC Deck, PDF of the Reference Booklet & Print of NPC Deck)

  • $50 -- Deck Boxes
  • $65 -- Cusom brick box packaging with deck boxes
  • $100-- Hand signed custom card & brick packaging
  • $200-- We incorporate you into a card! & above rewards!


  • $500 -- I WANT EVERYTHING--Reieve all rewards and addons, In addition all pieces will be signed with custom messaging upon request. (Limit 10)
  • $1,500--I WANT MOAR!! -- Get an original canvas, done by our artist Eren! In addition, recieve all rewards and add-ons (Limit 2)


  +$10  Send the PDF Rewards to a friend 
  +$30  Add another Print deck (+$5 intl)
  +$10 Upgrade you Print Deck with Deck boxes

  +$15  Upgrade your Print Deck Boxes to Brick Packaging (must have deck box to upgrade to Brick) 

+$10 Print of Reference Booklet ($12 for international)
+$3 additional app key (only avaliable if total pledge is $30 or more)

+$5 PDF Art Book
+$35 POD Print Art Book (includes Art Book PDF) (+$5 intl)
+$100 Deluxe Art Book,
(includes Art Book PDF) (+$5 intl)

+$5 First NPC Generator app key (free for backers who pledge $30 or more)
+$3 Second NPC Generator App key

PDF Rewards 

Recieve the PDF of the Deck cards, a Print & Play ready version of the Deck cards, & recieve the PDF of the Reference Booklet (see below)

Print Fanatic--Custom Deck Boxes

Rather than having your deck wrapped in cellophane and delivered by post. We can package your 300 cards across 6 custom designed deckboxes (like a poker-cards box), which will feature custom art.

Print Fanatic--Brick Deck Packaging

Rather than having to carry your 6 deck boxes around, we can get your your deck delivered to you in a fully custom-designed commercial box, which perfectly fits your 6 deckboxes! (Pictures coming soon).
 Once we hit start unlocking the various booster packs, we can start looking at packaging for those products as well. :)

Print Fanatic--Hand-Signed Custom Cards

We will order custom lithographic cards, sign them and send them to you. We'll make sure that this card is extra special. :)

Print Fanatic--Immortalization

You can choose a card (we'll provide you with a list) and you can either submit a photo of yourself for our artist to incorporate into the card's artwork!

Reference Booklet

This will be a ~50 page, 6x9, full color booklet done through DriveThruRPG's Premium Print format. The booklet will contain some of the images found on the cards in addition to having each chapter (or deck section) be colored so that you can easily find the category you want to access. The PDF of the Reference Book will be made available to all backer levels that recieve a PDF.

If we hit our stretch goals, we will participate in the Kicking It Forward Movement

$20,000 -Fantasy Booster Booster Deck!!

$25,000 -Sci-Fi Booster Booster Deck!!

$30,000- Modern-Age Booster Deck!!

Generator App

We realize that some gamers & GMs have gone completely digital, using fancy tables and their phones to use at the game table. To make sure that we reach you guys as well, we are going to develop a mobile app that gives you the same experience as if you had the physical cards. As so far we are working out the technical details, but key features would include: random generation, saving a set, marking favorites, adding notes to saved sets, and some sort of export/email functionality. This will be made avaliable at the $20,000 stretch goal and will be free for all Print Fanatic Backers (backer levels above $50). When the time comes you will be able to add the app to your rewards for only $5.

Stretch-Goal Booster Packs!

A series of generic cards that can works for any setting and system is a great start! But aren't we miss the flavor that we love from our favorite genres and settings?
As further stretch goals we would like to offer you a variety of Booster Packs! With every stretch-goal that we hit, we will design a setting/genre specific Booster pack that wil contain more cards and more art so that you can create characters for your setting, as so far we are looking into genre-specific boosters including: Fantasy, Modern, Sci-fi & Horror!

When the booster packs unlock, all backers who are getting the deck will receivethe PDF of the unlocked Booster Packs. We will create an add-on so that you can order the print version of the booster packs.

Risks and challenges

(1) Writing, (2) Art, and (3) Fulfillment
(1) Writing is straightforward and part of the creative process which has already begun, in addition to identifying design details and of the like.
(2) Art, the biggest challenge of this project, as we are essentially looking at 300 commissions. This is the primary reason we gave the project a little more than a year to produce as we would like to ensure that each piece satisfies the unique descriptions of each of the cards.
(3) Fulfillment, PDFing is relatively easy to do nowadays with special thanks to DriveThroughCards. Print, especially shipping, gets a little trickier. To fully take advantage of bulk pricing, I need to have the products shipped to a single location, after which, then send to you, the backers. Fortunately, I have already taken into consideration the shipping costs in getting these cards to you.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Yes, we do expect that the NPC Deck will be delivered by November 2015. This is our estimate on the project timeline:
    Kickstarter Ends (August 2014)
    2-3 months of writing, (nov 2014)
    4-6 months of art, (May 2014)
    1-2 months of layout work, (July 2015)
    2 months printing proofs, (September 2015
    1 month bulk ordering (October 2015)
    1 month final shipping (November 2015)
    A total of 15 months, which already puts us out to November 2015, under a reasonable-schedule. If we can make out fufillment earlier, we will deliver the products as early as possible.

    Last updated:


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    HAT-TIP, A generous thank you, project updates and the ability to access add-ons and unlocked stretch goals!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $10 or more

    100 backers All gone!

    EARLY BIRD--PDF DECK -receive the PDF of the NPC Deck

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    PDF DECK -receive the PDF of the NPC Deck

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    Recieve the print reference booklet in addition to the pdfs of the booklet and the deck

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    EARLY BIRD---PDF & PRINT DECK --receive the print and PDF of the NPC Deck

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    NPC REWARDS -PDF & PRINT -receive the print and PDF of the NPC Deck

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    PRINT FANATIC--CUSTOM DECK BOXES-- you will receive your Print NPC Deck in 6 custom designed deck boxes! You will also receive the PDF of the NPC Deck

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    PRINT REFERENCE BOOK & ART BOOK--Receive PDFs of the Deck, Reference Booklet and the Art Book. You also will get the Print Reference Book and the Art Book.

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    PRINT FANATIC--BRICK SET--This is the upgrade to the Brick Packaging!! You receive the NPC Deck in the brick packaging, and the PDF Deck

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    PRINT FANATIC--SIGNED BELIEVER--Receive an exclusive limited print holographic card signed by the whole team! in addition to the PRINT FANATIC BRICK SET (above)

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    PRINT FANATIC--IMMORTALIZATION--We will have one of the images drawn after you and you can choose what specific category it will belong to! In addition, receive all rewards from the PRINT FANATIC--SIGNED BELIEVER backer level (above)

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    I WANT MOAR!! --
    Get an original canvas, done by our artist Eren! AND RECEIVE ALL OF THE REWARDS INCLUDING ADD-ONS

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Funding period

- (35 days)