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A cooperative deduction card game of impending doom. 2-5 players,  20 minutes, endless challenges.
A cooperative deduction card game of impending doom. 2-5 players, 20 minutes, endless challenges.
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Promo art and new pledge level

Posted by Meromorph Games (Creator)

Promo art

You know the drill: it's time to show off another unlocked Kickstarter promo.

The Captain: With all the crazy promo cards we've added, it felt right to include another simple variant in the interest of keeping the deck from skewing too complex. The Captain meshes together with the trio formed by The Servant, The Noble, and The Lord. Why 1-4-7? It creates a nice spread and makes the card useful for tightly-clumped fates at any point along the spectrum, as opposed to the earlier cards which tended to favor wildly separated values.

New pledge level

When we first started working with CDH Creations on the wooden Leviathan boxes, we had an idea for an even grander piece: an all-wood version of the game as the ultimate coffee table accessory. So we're making a very limited number (2) of pledges available for The Chalice.

They're a bit expensive (all the cards are laser-engraved back and front on maple). We'll only be making these if there's interest, so we don't have a complete set of prototype images. As with the Leviathan pledges, the token sets will be laser-engraved onto a range of different hardwoods. The set will come in its own larger box crafted from your choice of a wide range of domestic or exotic hardwoods.

Due to the expected weight of this set we're only offering US shipping. If you have any questions about this pledge level, please shoot me a message.

5 days left

We've got 5 days left in the campaign at this point, so if you know anyone who might like the game, please share it with them! It's looking pretty likely we'll unlock all 10 Kickstarter promo cards, which is a full 50% increase in cards over the base game that'll be offered afterwards!

We really appreciate every share, like, retweet, etc. Thanks for helping us make this game so awesome.

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    1. Seeonee Collaborator on

      Current plan is to hold off on the last lore post until we've inked the final promo cards, as they will likely influence the story and I want to make sure we keep everything cohesive!

    2. Meromorph Games 4-time creator on

      I do believe you've got some of that right, but I think it'll be included in Kevin's next lore post so I'll let him answer it with finality there!

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Cermak on

      So The Captain sails her ship The Hours to find something special, so special she has the map tattooed to her skin; the map appears to lead past The Belltower, and eventually into the sea (looking for The Key?). The ship runs afoul of Leviathan and is tossed ashore (perhaps to The Shore). The Captain survives, and others as well perhaps. The bird comes then? And leads the survivors to The Passage?

    4. Meromorph Games 4-time creator on

      Correct on both counts!

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Cermak on

      Interesting...and is The Captain's ship depicted on any other card? The Hours, Leviathan?

    6. Meromorph Games 4-time creator on

      It may not be the Captain, but it's definitely the same bird!

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Cermak on it The Captain walking through The Passage? That feather came from somewhere...