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Take command of the Corps of Discovery in this RPG based on the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition for PC, Mac, and Linux.
Take command of the Corps of Discovery in this RPG based on the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition for PC, Mac, and Linux.
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Overview of Lewis Levels

Posted by Sortasoft LLC (Creator)

We want to pack in as many important events and as much excitement as possible into each level. But there is just no way we can cover everything that happened during the Lewis and Clark Expedition. If we did, it'd take you two and a half years to play the game! So our method has been to pick a locale that will serve as a kind of historical "home base" and then include many of the events that happened while the Corps of Discovery was in that area. Because you will be able to influence the outcomes of events and choose the order in which they tackle missions, it's likely that your own path to the Pacific will not duplicate that of the original Corps. This is yet another way we're making sure you get to experience all the memorable moments of the voyage while still putting your own personal stamp on it.

Here's a brief synopsis of each of the handcrafted Lewis levels. Of course there is so much more that happens in each of these, as well as during the procedurally generated Travel levels. Please note that this is subject to change based on playtesting (and if we hit our stretch goals!)

The President’s House
Lewis begins the game in Washington, D.C. as private secretary to Jefferson, who sends him on a journey across the continent.

Training in Philly
Lewis receives training and buy supplies for the journey; his famous temper is tested by a local. 

Ten Young Men from Kentucky
Lewis stops in Clarksville to reunite with his old army friend Clark, York, and others. Lewis must decide if Clark will share equal command or be his Lieutenant.

Fish Camp
The Corps encounters the Oto tribe. Lewis is introduced to a number of diplomatic, medical, scientific, and survival challenges he will have to deal with the entire journey. Sgt. Floyd is deathly ill--can you save him?

Standoff with the Teton Sioux
Tensions rise after several misunderstandings with the Teton Sioux. Can you prevent an escalation into an all-out battle?

Mandan Villages
The Corps spends their winter among the Mandan Indians. Lewis tries to arrange a peace council between the Mandan, Hidasta, and Arikara tribes. But the Arikara are already allied with the Sioux and might benefit more from war.

Into the Unknown
The Corps prepares to push to the Pacific. They will be joined by Toussaint Charbonneau and his wife, Sacagawea: if Lewis is willing to pay their price.

Meriwether's Nightmare [stretch goal]
Lewis dreams about phantasmagorical things he thinks he might encounter: mammoths, giant ground sloths, Welsh-speaking Indians, and scaling the Great Salt Mountain.

Great Falls Portage
The Corps undertakes a grueling portage around the Great Falls of the Missouri. Lewis must obtain resources he needs to launch “The Experiment,” his cutting-edge collapsible boat, while Drouillard mounts an assault on the troublesome “white bears.”

Searching for the Shoshone
Sacagawea is reunited with her brother Cameahwait, from whom she was kidnapped years ago. Winter is coming. Can you cross the Rockies before it hits?

Ocian in view! O! the joy
The Corps reaches the Pacific. Now they must find a place to survive the hunger and privation brought about by a harsh winter.

Homeward Bound
The Corps prepares for the long journey home. This is its last chance to shore up supplies, but it is troubled by thieves and is tempted to retaliate in kind.

Blackfeet Encounter
A seemingly friendly encounter with a small band of Blackfeet turns hostile.

Return to Mandan Villages
Almost home, Lewis tries to convince Mandan and Hidatsa chiefs to join him on his return to Washington. The Corps bids adieu to some of its members.

Return to The President’s House
Lewis returns to a hero’s welcome and reports his findings back to Jefferson, who expresses his delight or disappointment, based on Lewis’s performance.

We learn the fate of key members of the Corps.

Have a happy new year everyone!

Josh and the Meriwether team


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