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Take command of the Corps of Discovery in this RPG based on the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition for PC, Mac, and Linux.
Take command of the Corps of Discovery in this RPG based on the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition for PC, Mac, and Linux.
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Meriwether is out on Steam Early Access

Posted by Sortasoft LLC (Creator)

Hey backers,

We are very excited to announce that, at long last, Meriwether is now on Steam Early Access! We also have a hot new trailer! You can check out both at

You've each been given a Steam key for the game. To redeem it, log in to, go to Dashboard->Keys->Reveal Key->Redeem. Note that this is more or less the same build as you already have through Humble.

We are using Steam Early Access as one final opportunity to collect feedback and bug reports from players. Early next year we will do one more final big push to address this new feedback, and then we'll release on actual Steam, to the public! 

Thanks for sticking with us all these years!

Josh & the Meriwether Team

Release Candidate 1 is out!

Posted by Sortasoft LLC (Creator)

Hey backers!

At long last, our first release candidate is out. This means that the game is finished and there are no major bugs that we know of!

Once you've had a chance to play with it a little bit, if you don't hit any major bugs, this will become our Gold build. Otherwise we'll continue making new release candidates until it's stable. We will then release it to Steam early access and get some feedback from a wider audience. After a short period there we will fully release it on Steam. In the meantime we'll continue working on some polish and minor bugs we know about it. We're also currently wrapping up work on a trailer that will go on that Steam page.

The game is already in your Humble Store account. Just log in to and you'll be able to download it.

If you find any bugs, please email me us at with details on what you found. Enjoy!

Josh & the Meriwether team

physical rewards shipped

Posted by Sortasoft LLC (Creator)

Dear backers,  

We are already getting reports of your backer rewards arriving! Last week, Carlos and I got together at his place in Queens, packaged everything up, and mailed them off. So if yours haven't arrived yet, be on the lookout for them. One item still remains to be sent: the gicleé prints. They will be going out via separate post next week. In the mean time, don't forget that the game is available to you as a download through Just login using the same email address you use for Kickstarter. Our current version is "Silver v2," and we hope to have v3 available to you in a few weeks. 

Thanks so much, and enjoy your physical rewards!

Josh & the Meriwether team

Carlos packing the t-shirts
Carlos packing the t-shirts

update to Silver released

Posted by Sortasoft LLC (Creator)

Hey backers,

We just released a new version of Meriwether through the Humble store! This update fixes a number of critical bugs and incorporates much of the incredible feedback you've been sending to us based on the original release of Silver. Thank you for all of the excellent critique and bug reports--please keep it coming! The new build is uploaded to the Humble store. Just login to your account at and it will be in your library.

 At this point there are so many minor bug fixes we're not listing all of them, but here's the major changes you might care about:

- We are fairly certain we fixed the black screen hang during loading. We are also hoping this bug was the cause of some of the other loading issues experienced in the previous build. If anyone still sees this, please let us know!

- Hunting is greatly simplified. Guns no longer wobble and you now fire directly through a reticle in the center of the screen.

- Made many improvements and clarifications to the user interface; most notably it should now scale down to accommodate screens smaller than 1400x900.

- Shooting friendly characters will now cause them to become mortally wounded. You can heal them through the medicine mini-game. 

- Improved NPC path finding. If they do become stuck they will now fix themselves by teleporting to their destination.

- The load game menu has been improved to be clearer and more usable in general.

- It should no longer be possible to corrupt a save file such that loading into it makes the player character visible (blocking the screen with his giant head).  

- Resolved many identified issues leading to corrupt sessions, including fast traveling while on a boat and camping while on a boat.

- Innumerable bug fixes, tweaks, and polish.

One last thing. Thanks for all your support on this project. If you want to try another game that I co-designed, but is completely different than Meriwether, please check out Isle of Monsters. It's a family-friendly tabletop game being published by Mayday games and they're running a Kickstarter campaign for it right now:

Josh & the Meriwether Team

Meriwether Silver Released!

Posted by Sortasoft LLC (Creator)

Dear backers,

Happy Flag Day! This is the day you've been waiting for: the "Silver" version of Meriwether, exclusively available to you, our Kickstarter supporters.

By "Silver," we mean that this is the release right before "Gold," which is the version we will begin selling to the general public. Of course, you get access to all versions, including Gold: you just get to play the game much earlier! That said, it's important to remember that this is not the finished game. If you prefer a polished play experience, you would do best by holding off until Gold.

But the very good news is that, as of now, the game is playable from beginning to end, it is feature-complete, and it showcases the many narrative and mechanical innovations we have developed in the creation process. We can't wait for you to play and enjoy! 

You can download Meriwether Silver via the Humble store: Make sure to download the build from today (you may still have access to the Beta.) If you don't have a Humble account, you'll need to create one using the same email you used to back Meriwether on Kickstarter. If you don't see the game in your account, please contact us via Kickstarter and we will get you squared away.

In terms of continuing Meriwether's development, our two immediate concerns are polish and performance. By polish, we mean making sure the gameplay is intuitive and interactive; that the writing is pristinely copyedited; that the tutorials are just helpful enough without getting in the way of the game; and so on. We want to make sure the game "feels good" to play! Another factor that affects whether a game feels good is performance, so we'll be working on making the game run faster and require fewer resources from your computer.

There is one major issue that is occurring on some computers. At the start of some levels, the game may hang on a black screen for a very long time. If this happens, kill the game (Alt-F4 on Windows, Cmd-Q on Mac), restart Meriwether, and then hit "load" on the main menu to resume where you left off. Please let us know if you encounter this error because we are trying to ascertain exactly why and when this happens.

Here's a list of other known issues. This will also help to give you a sense of what we're planning to work on to reach Gold!

 - some sound effects are placeholder or missing
 - world map is outdated
 - Pryor's report has outdated buttons 
- "soaked" appears before rain starts 
-  different graphics levels need to impact terrain -  snow is not working - shouldn't allow checking of non-existent traps 
-need to add specular maps to character shader
- need to hide oars and ropes when you drive keelboat - shoshone weapons don't kill you 
- credits are missing 
- tooltips don't appear while characters are walking 
- minimap out of date 
- when closing minimap, letterboxing appears for a moment 
- you should get burned when you walk through fire 
- local avoidance for characters and animals is broken 
- many minor cosmetic issues 
- music needs to crossfade between songs

We really want your feedback. Please send it to The more feedback we receive the sooner we will make the game better! 

For the physical rewards, the maps are taking a little longer than expected to get finalized. We received a proof last week, and we are making a few graphical improvements based on it. Rewards are coming soon! We will keep you updated. 

Thank you again so much. Here's hoping you love the game you have supported. 

Josh & the Meriwether Team