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A 2D tactical space shooter with advanced squadron combat.
A 2D tactical space shooter with advanced squadron combat.
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Posted by Mercenary Games (Creator)

There's no comforting way to put this, nor will we try to sugar coat the inevitable.

This is *not* going to be an easy game.

This ain't no crunch and grind, there ain't no "build orders".

We do not expect you to survive, much?

You will be surrounded, and outnumbered.

And, you'll have to defend planets, at the *smallest* scale battles.

There's a reason we give you beams that cross over between units. This arsenal is the *bare minimum* you will need to fight.

Expect us.  Uploading the stable build to Desura soon :)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nashella on

      Hi, I asked access to the build and gave you my Desura username some weeks ago but still didn't get access. Was I supposed to do something special to get it ?

    2. Mercenary Games 3-time creator on

      Pardon the size. The map was relatively huge, and we needed to get you the full scale of the current combat map.

      And this is just *one planet* we are making. We intend to make an entire sector.

    3. Missing avatar

      Vadim Peretokin on

      Cool! Please don't upload 1920x1058 res pictures though... it doesn't get sized down in gmail, and it takes a fairly long time to load!