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An interstellar tactical wargame. Built by a the worlds most dangerous geeks, and a US Marine.
A 2D tactical space shooter with advanced squadron combat.
A 2D tactical space shooter with advanced squadron combat.
467 backers pledged $17,427 to help bring this project to life.

Release the Prototypes!

From the engine room of Slade Villena, Resident Mad Scientist @ Mercenary Game Laboratories.

Greetings, HUMANS!

As you can see, plans are being executed for our worldwide invasion, and I have released numerous agents to do my bidding. The invasion is still incubating, and we require more fuel to feed our furnaces of destruction.

We have secured a base of operations in Australia. We've even included cryptic documentation for your pleasure. It would behoove of Corps of Commanders-in-Training to visit our base for "Operation Down Over". Feel free to download the prototype fleet controller.

Your training is only getting warmed up.  >_>; You will need it........

Soon, more plans will be executed and brought to full capacity. *cacklez*

***********************end mad science rant.

For those who have are new to our Kickstarter project, Hello!  Curious about our project? Wanna take part in the madness that is the Indie Space Race? For as little as 1$ we will give you an invite to our Desura build.  Once you've made a pledge, send us a message, and we will give you an invitation.


This prototype requires a Windows XP/Vista/7 desktop PC, mouse, keyboard, and a graphics card better than or equal to a Nvidia 9800GT.

hardware alert : There are stability issues with Mobility Radeon graphics cards.  We highly advise not downloading if this is the card on your system. We are currently investigating the OpenGL compatibility on these rigs, and will be updating on our efforts.

For our current patrons;
please setup a Desura account and send us a message here through Kickstarter once you have secured a username. We will invite you to the Combat Prototypes build once we receive the message. We would like to filter our invites through the kickstarter messaging system, since it's more secure, and we can confirm that you are our patron.  Please avoid sending us emails directly, since we have no ability to confirm your pledge through email.

This 1$ contribution is available through our [DEMO PASS] in the rewards section. Keep in mind that pledges can be cancelled at any time. 

So, if you join our Kickstarter efforts, and don't feel satisfied with the prototype as we progress?  Keep the invitation, and you are free to cancel your pledge at your discretion. No harm, no foul.  Though, you'll be back....  /wink

Otherwise, the pledge count helps us! At the moment, our backer count is far more important than the fuel.  We believe in building trust with the community first. For as little as 1$, you get to see our development process grow and evolve, and you get to partake in game development from the ground up.

These demos and prototypes will also be available throughout the summer, if we are successfully fueled for Kickstarter. The [DEMO PASS] will not be available after May 4th, 11:59PM EST.


A bit of explanation about our prototyping process here at Mercenary Games.Our prototypes are not the complete game, and merely building blocks that we wanna show to our patrons. There will be bugs.  There will be crashes, though, not too much. :P
Please follow this link for instructions on how to use our prototypes.

We will be regularly releasing prototypes. We started off with Dropbox, with a handful of people, and so far we've gathered useful information. Though, Dropbox does not have the kind of security we need, and is a bit cumbersome to manually load new users.

As a result, we have uploaded a rudimentary fleet controller prototype, as well as the character creation tool and the particle chamber tool, now available via invite on Desura.


Our prototypes will be released in two classifications; Public and Kickstarter Only.

After our Kickstarter regimen, certain prototypes will only be available to kickstarter pledgers. Our patrons will also have access to our prototypes before they are made public. Currently, we are planning for a single player combat module (for kickstarter patrons and the public), as well as a multiplayer combat prototype (kickstarter patrons only). We cannot release any solid details on these prototypes at this time, since we are still testing our Desura distribution channel.  Updates soon! :)

We will also have public prototypes, free to play and tinker and released through Desura. Please understand that our prototype work is pre-alpha, and there will be bugs. As an independent studio, we have much more to prove about our game, and this requires us to develop openly with our patrons, and be subject to a wider lens of public scrutiny. We believe in building this trust by showing our progress regularly, through our game engine, and not simply waving our hands with powerpoint decks.

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    1. Shane Ching on May 5, 2012

      Unsure how the [demo} works
      I have also setup a Desura account
      Username EvilJade
      Send a message here.
      I hope that I am not too late??

    2. Missing avatar

      Anglemort on April 20, 2012

      -setup a Desura account- done
      - secured a username - done (Anglemort)
      -send a message here through Kickstarter - done

    3. Mercenary Games 3-time creator on April 12, 2012

      Post them on the comments section for now.

      We' figure out how to roll a bug reporting build today.

      Please be sure to include your graphics card make and model.

      Also, thank you for taking the time to think about bug reports. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      mvi on April 12, 2012

      What's the place to comment about possible bugs / crash reports?

    5. AeroX2 on April 12, 2012

      Hello, my user name on Desura is
      the same as the one on Kickstarter (AeroX2)