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A chilling, foreboding Documentary on Voter Suppression and Election Rigging in U.S. Presidential Elections. Read more

Columbus, OH Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on November 6, 2012.

A chilling, foreboding Documentary on Voter Suppression and Election Rigging in U.S. Presidential Elections.

Columbus, OH Documentary
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About this project

Struggle, is a film about what happens in U.S. elections when the forces of racism, corruption, technological manipulation and old fashioned ballot-box stuffing coalesce to deny Americans their right to vote and steal elections. 

Our goal with this film is to get it seen by as many people as possible during the run-up to another questionable Presidential Election.  This is why we are giving it away online for FREE.  Just click the player above to watch the film in its entirety.  

This timely documentary serves as a blueprint for how elections can be manipulated and stolen in the U.S. electoral process, even at the highest level of the Presidency. Chronicling the 2004 Presidential Election in the state of Ohio, the deciding swing-state in that year’s election, Struggle is a reflection of a society that touts democracy and delivers an election system that is fraught with abuse and indignity for those treated as second-class voters. 

Currently Struggle is airing on Link TV and made its premiere at the Columbus International Film Festival, in Columbus Ohio on Sept 25, and is also screening in the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Atlanta GA on Oct. 11. We plan to add more screenings in the coming month as well. 

Your donation to this project will directly support the free dissemination of the film around the country, and the world.  This film has been made at great expense of the filmmaker and now we need your help to cover closing costs for the film, and most importantly finance our outreach campaign.  

With your support we will: Cover closing costs, hire a professional Outreach Coordinator, book screenings around the country, submit to potential broadcasters, and blast the film online through social media and other online platforms.

Please contribute to this important film and take a stand for voting integrity and civil rights.  Thank you for your support!

Sincerely, Roger Hill
Director/Producer of Struggle

Risks and challenges

Struggle is a film about very real and frightening issues: voter suppression and election rigging. Completing a documentary of this magnitude has been a huge challenge. Through determination and with limited resources the film is now nearly complete.

This project is backed by the Columbus Free Press, a grass roots organization that was vital in: documenting the abuses that happened on Election Day, challenging the results of the election, investigating evidence on a wide range of instances of fraud and publishing books and articles on the website Editor Bob Fitrakis of the Free Press appears in the film and the organization is supporting the dissemination of the film upon completion.

With a subject matter that is both heavy and time sensitive comes great challenge to maximize broadcast and dissemination of the film through grass roots and other channels. Our goal is maximize the free dissemination of the film Struggle.

Online Streaming: Around the mid-way point of this campaign we intend to release the film in full streaming online. The goal is to get up to 100,000 views for the film, thereby making it news worthy and providing greater platforms to continue spreading the film, such as articles on news blogs and websites.

Broadcast: In addition to the online community we hope to reach television audiences with this film. Currently the film is airing on Link TV ( and we are compiling contact information and submission information for public, non-profits and mainstream broadcasters to reach out to with the film, both domestically and internationally.

Theatrical/Film Festival: There is nothing like seeing a powerful documentary film such as Struggle in a theater environment. Currently the film has been accepted to both film festivals we have applied for: the Columbus International Film and Video Festival and the Urban Media Makers Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. We hope to submit to more film festivals after completing the final Audio Mix and taking the film through a process of "Up Res," which involves increasing the film quality to Hi Definition, to achieve the best quality production possible.

Community Screenings: It can be a life changing, if not simply a moving experience to see a film such as Struggle in a community setting. Films like this inform and engage important dialogues. Struggle is a community and grass roots produced film, small screenings in coffee shops, academic institutions, living rooms and even projected onto the side of a wall can open spaces to impact change from the local level.

The following is a brief summary of our plans to release the film Struggle.

1. Online Distribution: This will require hiring a professional outreach coordinator to increase visibility and traffic to the online version of the film, as well as contributions from an intern and most importantly supporters of the film. Hiring needs to take place immediately upon the launch of this campaign. Director Roger Hill will oversee the hiring process and will consider appealing to outlets such as Doculink and Universities in the New York and San Francisco Bay area.

2. Broadcast: This is the list of broadcasters we have contacted or are planning to reach out to about the film, please email us suggestions for local and national broadcasters you’d like to us to consider, preferably with contact information: PBS, PBS Local Channels, PBS Frontline program, Link TV, Free Speech TV, the Documentary Channel, HBO, Aljazeera English, History Channel, KCET – Southern CA, Sundance Channel, IFC, Aspire, KQED – Bay Area CA, Halogen TV – Charlotte. As well as online broadcasters: Spotify, Hulu, Vimeo, and youtube. We are pleased with our successful partnership with Link TV and look forward to other broadcasters.

3. Theatrical/Film Festival: So far Struggle has tremendous success with our first two film festival submissions. Roger Hill has, and will be attending each festival screening to discuss the film and network on behalf of expanding the reach of the film. We have committed to increasing the production value of the film to its highest capacity to enable more theatrical, festival and broadcast consideration for the film. We estimate a cost of $4000 to render the final Audio Mix, Color Correction, and Resolution Upgrade to reach a Hi-Definition version of the film.

4. Community Screenings: Because we believe in the impact of this film we have moved our release online and through DVDs up in time, to get this important film seen at this point in history. We encourage local screenings of the film and will frequently be mailing DVDs to donors before the conclusion of this Kickstarter Campaign. Further we are organizing screenings with the Columbus Free Press, and utilizing resources such as Brave New Theaters and other community screening networks. We are open to suggestions for potential local screening venues. For example Donkey Coffee in Athens Ohio and a Bar in Emmet Idaho are signing on to host screenings of the film.

Please email your suggestions for potential screening venues to us at .

Struggle is a film that speaks truth to power, through our grass roots distribution campaign we seek to magnify that voice to echo through the various channels available to impact the discussion on voting in the United States.

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    Virtual Hi-Five and Updates on the film: Every dollar pledged to this campaign is a vote against election fraud and voter suppression and we need all the support we can get. Stay connected to the developments for Struggle with our film updates so you don't miss out on screenings and events.

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    Digital Downloader: This is what it is all about, getting the film seen before November's election. You will receive a link to watch and download a Hi-Resolution version of the film, and your contribution will support the plan to release the film online, streaming for all to see.

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    Get the DVD of Struggle with full art cover and designs. These will ship after the election. If you would like to get your copy immediately to share with your community proceed to the next funding level.

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    Grass-Roots Broadcaster: Get the DVD for Struggle and host a house party to show your friends and neighbors. DVDs will ship before November's election in-time for small screenings around the country. Pledge, get the DVD and call your friends, its that simple to share this important film.

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    Community Organizer: At this level we will send you 3 DVDs of the film to share with your community organizations, friends and family, as well as updates and a hearty Thank You! for your support in our efforts to make this film visible.

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    Grass Roots Hero: With just 3 of these pledges we can cover the cost of hiring a professional to do outreach for the film, maximizing exposure.

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    Associate Producer: The highest level of support you can give to this film effort.

    You will receive all the rewards above, your name listed as Associate Producer in the closing credits, and Filmmaker Roger Hill will travel to meet with you personally to host a private screening of the film for you and your friends.

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