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$141,821 pledged of $750,000 goal
$141,821 pledged of $750,000 goal

Final Hours...Thank you!!!



We’re in our last few hours and have had a great upsurge over the last two days but the fat lady is walking out onto the stage and she’s reaching for the microphone... It’s been a tough month with a lot of ups and downs but this being my first Kickstarter and all – I must say, it’s been quite a fascinating experience with a lot of lessons learned. The best part of this entire experience was having a chance to correspond with all of you about the project and to hear your thoughts and concerns. Your words and support really means the world to me and I give you all a heartfelt thanks.


Okay, now onto the survey. We had 353 people take our Mutant Football league survey and we’ll keep it posted up until the end of the week. For those that want to take it go here:

There were some surprises but all very useful information to move forward on. You guys said loud and clear you prefer the top down original style view for the game over a Tecmo style view, PC was the overwhelming platform at least for Kickstarter. You prefer a somewhat cartoony art style over realistic and gritty and overwhelmingly want your undead skeletons playing football. The must have feature for the majority is full season mode and you really don’t care so much about physical rewards (we’re going to save a lot of money there) unless they are directly related to the nostalgia of the game. Finally you want design input in the game above all else.  


A HUGE thanks to the people who helped me put this together and wanted to work on the project. My sincerest appreciation and gratitude goes out to:

Super talented and always inventive, David Devries

Comic writing legend, Dave Elliott

The awesome talent at, Robomodo Studios  A huge call out to Josh Tsui and David Michicich.

Writer extrodinare and all around funny man, Jay Lender

The amazing, stupendous, brilliant, Eisner award winning artist, Simon Bisley

The incredible writing talents of, Micah Wright

The brilliant and dedicated talent at Run Games Studios - Michael A. Marzola and Nathan Lazur

Of course there's the guy who filmed and directed the terrific MFL Kickstarter video and one of my best buds on the planet, Larry Wotman of Wotman Productions  If you need a Kick-ass Kickstarter video, go to Wotman Productions!

And the awesome and talented Steve Cejtin of Hammer & Pixel Studios - Steve did the visual effects of the talking head in the video

Michael Meyers Public Relations - When it comes to videogame PR Michael Meyers is the best! Huge shout out to David Bruno who works at MMPR and also does fantastic writing. You guys kill.

Elysabeth Fulda of Sphynx Group Lys knows the world of Geek better than anyone. Lys also kills.

Thank you John Galati for your knowledge and writing skills and all your help!

Michae Devine at Digital Shout for helping with our Social Media.  Thank you for the great work!

Kevin Balentine for all your help with Facebook and the surveys.

Super special thanks to my astonishing and creative buddy and cohort, Mike Kennedy

And my other cohort, the extremely talented and sensational, Rebecca Rothschild and all the folks at including the incredible and beautiful, Kiesha Howard - thank you for all your help!

I can't forget to thank my friend, the super talented, Josh Blaylock of Devil's Due Publishing and Nic Sementa at for all their help and help and advice. Nic, I think you were right! 

Finally, to the gaming media who showed the product some major love! A huge thanks to: the folks at Gameinformer, Matt Helgeson, Andy Reiner, Ben Reeves, Kim Wallace, Mike Futter and Jason Oestreicher. And thank you to, Patrick Hickey / Eddie MaKuch Mike Fahey Chris Powell Ken Horowitz Andrew Groen Stefanie Fogel Ben Dutka Alexander Sliwinski Charles Webb JP Peletis Elton Jones and Joey Jodar of Rob Rich Dan Royer Elliot Serrano   everyone at Bauer Graphics, Anthony Ernst, James Bacon and Neal Bauer   Jared Waldo  Jonathan James   Kiel Phegley  Savas Abadsidis  Cap Blackard Justin Kahn, Connor Sheridan  The outstanding folks at Heavy Metal, Kevin Eastman (congratulations to you and your new bride) and Kevin & Fiona Russell. My gratitude runs deep for you. and everyone else who supported us during this campaign - If I've forgotten to mention anyone my apologies! 

We'll be back! I promise.

Once again thanks for all your support!!! 

Follow us on Twitter @mutantfootball And like us Facebook:

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    1. Michael Lierman on

      I picked PC as well but mainly because their was no option for XBOX 360/PS3. Their was one for XBOX One and PS4 but I don't plan on owning any one of those soon. I have a Xbox 360 and I would prefer to play it on my 360 over computer but chose computer since I probably won't have a next gen console anytime soon.

    2. Jason Moquin on

      I'm also a bit surprised at how many people selected PC over consoles. I would much prefer console for the control scheme alone. Looks like I'm in the minority. I will have an Xbox One, currently have a 360, so hopefully MLF will eventually be released one of those.

    3. Eric

      Its a sad day indeed! :`-( I do hope to see the revised and relaunched. I don't have plans on buying a next Gen console, I was hoping for an xbla digital download for my 360. But if it comes out on the Xbox one, it will be a console selling title for me!

    4. Murrell on

      The part of the survey I don't like is the whole "PC" preference. This game would do MUCH better as a console game. I don't think console gamers are gonna be prone to jump KSers as much as PC gamers. I feel it's a skewed result and it true home is on the console.

      It's sad to see this not go through, but it is what it is. Some of the silliest stuff gets funded on kickstarter and here you have a gaming gem attempting to be revived and folks refuse to participate. I know folks have asked for the price to be lowered, but why do we want an inferior game? Why wouldn't we want it to be as good as they can make it? I feel value is just under appreciated these days and I hope we don't see this show up as a 2nd rate indie game as opposed to a solid package like the original. There is so much that could be done like recruit/draft/trade for new players as part of a campaign mode.

      If you need anything, let me know. If I can help I will.

    5. Derek Justin Dollar on

      Heh. I'm one of that 10.2% that hadn't played he games before. But, as you and a lot of outlets have said, over the years I've seen MLF mentioned numerous times, all with happy nostalgia, and wishes for it to return. So, while I was (admittedly) ambivalent when I came across the Kickstarter just a day or two in, and saw the amount back then...I just couldn't help but throw a li'l support its way.

      After how things have gone now, with the updates, having seen how this very frustrating situation was handled, and now knowing more about the series, I'll certainly be far from ambivalent next time I see this game going for funds.

    6. Michael Lierman on

      Same here can't wait for you to relaunch after looking stuff over. I think the best thing to do is what I believe you plan to do is start at a lower goal but not let it effect how great the game to be. But a lower budget with some stretch goals would be a great thing. I think their is a market for this game and hopefully when you relaunch all the big gaming sites will pick up the relaunch and people will flock to this and it will get funded in round 2. I really like to see this game get made. I would like to help however I could but don't know what I really could do. I have shared this on facebook and twitter multiple times.

    7. Michael Mendheim 2-time creator on

      Thanks, guys!

    8. David Bruno on

      I'm right there with Jophus. Proud to have been a part of it, Michael. I will do whatever I can to see this game come to fruition! Besides, I gotta' get me one of those sweet MFL hoodies. ;)

    9. Jophus Oglethorpe on

      Eagerly awaiting round 2.