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$141,821 pledged of $750,000 goal
$141,821 pledged of $750,000 goal

Will there ever be a Mutant Football League Game?


We will not stop trying to get this game to market. Once this campaign is over, we will regroup and figure out a plan (with all of you) to move things forward and try again. One way or another we will find a way to make this happen. 

When will this happen? 

We are not sure yet but it won’t take another 20 years. Hopefully at some point early next year. 

Gameplay and Quality first.

No one is going to dismiss quality or build a sub-par game. That's just silly. If you care about a product with all your heart you're going to make it the best product possible within the constraints you've been given. That being said, there are some ways to reduce the overall cost of the product. This doesn't equate to lowering quality standards but it may mean to initially work with less costly talent, or deliver the product on less platforms or reduce overall game scope, which is fine. The most important thing is at least have the chance to build the game, and then when we can bring a fun game to market, that delivers on expectations. When that happens we will experience success, which will allow us to do more with the brand. 

We just need a chance… 

Right now, we just want to have the opportunity to step up to the plate and take a swing at the ball but we're sitting on the bench without opportunity to do so. Our main goal is to get to the plate. To do that there will need to be some compromise. This could be anything from reducing the number of platforms or features, to working with more cost efficient talent. We'll figure out what's makes the most sense for the product as we move forward. Everyone, who wants to be a part of this, will be. We'll work together to create a reasonable plan that the majority can get behind and support. Will we be able to deliver everything to everyone right of the gate? Absolutely not, but if the game is successful on one or two platforms, it allows us to make it successful across more platforms and gradually build the brand over time. 

The suggestions people have made have been fantastic. Even people who it seemed like their only goal was to torpedo this project have provided solid input, this will all help the product in the long run. While their comments initially might have seemed overly negative, they were just angry at the launch, and at the very least provided clear reasons why they were angry. Most of these issues are solvable with a more streamlined and focused approach and of course a much cleaner re-launch. 

Thank you for your support! It means the world to me. We’ll make this project happen somehow. If you haven’t already, please take the MFL Survey and sign up on our e-mail mailing list so I can get back in touch with you and make you part of the process moving forward. You can do all of this here:

Sunday Football!

Today’s key Sunday match-up is: Washington VS. Dallas

 More Concept Art...


Part man, part machine, and all evil. Mutilators are the ultimate war machines. These diabolical entities don’t wear down as quickly as humanoids and, thanks to modern day cybernology, feel no pain – even when being chopped up with a chainsaw. Equipped with tusks on their heads, which are great for blocking, and big “stomping” boots, which are great for stompin’, Mutilators never let their hearts interfere with their brains – they keep their hearts in a bucket beside the water cooler. 

The machine side of cyborgs is extremely efficient, allowing then to beat, butcher, and bash their opponents in no time at all. The human sentimental side of the Mutilators stops every once in a while to smell the rotting corpses and admire their handiwork with a blade. 

Once again thanks for all your support - for those of you still on the bench... PLEASE GET OFF IT AND SUPPORT US IN OUR LAST 2 DAYS!!! The more people we have supporting us, the better it is for the game.

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    1. Michael Mendheim 2-time creator on October 15, 2013

      Hey guys, please make sure your all signed up on the mailing list so I can keep you all updated on what we're doing. You can go here to sign up:

      @Jeremy: Great suggestions.

    2. Michael Mendheim 2-time creator on October 15, 2013


      Please be nice to the people posting here. It's fine to express your opinion but don't be nasty.

      To be clear, in my update I said, " Even people who it seemed like their only goal was to torpedo this project have provided solid input..." the key word being "SEEMED" I also wrote: "While their comments initially might have seemed overly negative, they were just angry at the launch, and at the very least provided clear reasons why they were angry." These words are not fighting words. So please relax.

      We can discuss privately or broadcast to whoever wants to listen any issues or concerns you my have about my sincerity, integrity, the rewards (and how they would work) or the goals of the project. I'd prefer not to spend time on areas where I've already conceded though. Thanks.

    3. Jason Moquin on October 15, 2013

      Yeah, you're right of course. I regretted saving that the moment after I clicked Post. Not only was I trying to write that while trying to work(never a good idea), but I could have stated it a little more eloquently as well. Despite the length of his posts and perceived attitude, he did make some good points throughout the campaign. Anyway, if I set him off on a tirade, I apologize folks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Julius Pagan on October 15, 2013

      Just leave ol' jabber jaws be. Already read one of his rants and wasted 5+ mins of my life ill never get back I suggest to just leave it between him and Michael your only asking him to clutter the comments section with more nonsense.

      It didnt fund this time around. Brush it off and come back stronger. Simple as that

    5. Jason Moquin on October 15, 2013

      I have a brother who is, at least, a good 30 IQ points smarter than I. He notices the subtle nuances of (seemingly) everything going on and can process it in remarkably insightful detail. It's intimidating. He should be well liked and respected for this skill, but he's not. In fact, he aggravates everyone around him with his constant assessments of what is wrong with everything. So much so that he's completely ignored most of the time. You see, he does this in a smug way and it's off-putting. Mind you, he's correct about mostly everything he says, but after a while you just don't want to hear it anymore from a person that is perceived as that arrogant. So, it's not that your words ring untrue. It may be in the delivery, is all.

    6. eXoScoriae on October 15, 2013

      a play that is set-up differently is... dun dun dun.. A NEW PLAY. If you are going to argue that the different formation or "set-up" makes no difference to gameplay, then what is the bloody point of donating money to get it? "Oh hey, I paid $500 for this game and my guys stand around "differently". Makes absolutely no difference in gameplay, but it sure looks cool!".

      Either way you slice it - it is stupid. It is either a useless play that makes no difference, or it does make a difference in which case it gives tactical advantages to people who paid more. The answer is to not split the playbook in the first place. Then you are not stuck trying to either justify why the new plays are worth money to one group while trying to convince another group that it won't change things very much.

      I posted this simply because of the wording that "some people were trying to torpedo this project". That is ridiculous. Neither I, nor anyone else, came in here and trashed this project for fun. No one came in and levied unfair criticisms against the project.

      And as far as my "high horse" goes, well - the view is pretty clear from up here. This campaign failed, I knew it would. That was not a gamble, that was not a guess, that was a fact. And the fact that it offends you that someone would actually call it like it is shows that you live in a delusional world where if you wish real hard a fairy will get it's wings and 3 quarters of a million dollars will fall out of it's ass and fund a mobile quality football game.

      It is one thing to support a project based on principle. I totally understand supporting Michael based on the love of his original games. But acting like anyone who notices a leak in the boat is out to take the whole ship down is paranoid behavior. You claim to know what all the problems were, however when I first pointed out these problems, people did *not* know them. The only reason anything changed on this project was because people like myself said, "Hey, wiat a minute - what is the deal with...." So you may think I am coming back to rub it in your face (which honestly would be within my rights, if not a bit immature), however I came back to point out that this revisionist idea that anyone came along to torpedo this project is just silly. Now, if you'd like to launch another little rant about how you are tired of me being right, and not to point out obvious truths, or what ever other delusional point of view you may have, then be my guest. But it doesn't change the facts of how this all went down and the reasons it went down.

      You know, at one point Michael emailed me. Said he had a lot of respect for me as I was able to "change the tide" of a kickstarter and therefor must have a lot of respect around here, or something to that effect. Basically, it insinuated that somehow because I had made posts that listed the reasons this wasn't going to work, that somehow I had turned lots of other people away from this project. That sort of thinking surprised me. I don't have any respect around here. Nobody gives a crap what I think. The reality of it is, it pisses off fanboys and fangirls when someone shows up and says, "Houston, We have a Problem". Nothing I posted negatively affected this campaign at all. Rather, it was the reasons I listed in my posts that it failed. Anyone who thinks I, or anyone else, could single handedly kill a kickstarter campaign is choosing to play somewhat of a victim and act as though others were the cause of failure, and not the campaign itself.

      As I've said before. Michael is a good guy and this is a great franchise/spiritual franchise. Unfortunately, that alone is not enough to pitch and sell a game on kickstarter these days. I'm not sympathetic to anyone who gets pissed off simply because I pointed that out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Thomas Sposeto on October 15, 2013

      Can you get off your high horse for one moment and quit repeating yourself? It seems like you want to drill into people's heads that you were right. It wasn't a clear and concise wording at the beginning of the kickstarter... WE know. There was a bit of emphasis to other platforms, we know.

      Let me tell you something about Offensive and Defensive plays, as far as I know, Michael already explained that the Defensive play was a specific all out blitz, just set up differently then the regular all out blitz the people get. I'm assuming the specific offensive play would have been a hail mary that was set up differently.

      The extra weapons wouldn't matter if they did the same damage as the other weapons, which I bet they would have. So would the dirty trick play, and it would probably just come down to several 'groups' of trick play that the player gets to pick.

    8. eXoScoriae on October 14, 2013

      the notion that anyone every commented on this kickstarter with the intention of "torpedoing" it, is silly. Every criticism levied was against the poor nature and confusing wording that this kickstarter was launched with.

      When concern over the special tier leveled plays was brought up, Michael chose to say they were just animations, and didn't affect how the game actually played... yet football plays (of which there were several unique ones), by their very nature change the strategy of how one plays.

      If one guy has something like a hail mary, and very few others have it as well - it has potential to totally change the way that person plays. Add to that extra dirty plays, extra weapons, and everything else mentioned - and you simply can not state that it is only cosmetic.

      Likewise, i can not claim to know development costs inside and out, but I can compare to other kickstarters. And in no other kickstarter is anyone asking for an extra million for another platform. Especially when the differences between a PC version (even a fully 3D, high quality one) and a xb1 or ps4 version are negligible.

      Some of these complaints were adressed, others were not. People didn't stop criticizing though because they suddenly had a change of heart. Speaking for myself, I stopped because even within the first few days I knew this wouldn't fund, and change wasn't happening fast enough (or maybe wasn't even possible) in order to turn this around. So why waste time typing up the list of problems for something that is going to die anyways.

      I have been sincere when i expressed that I would like to see this succeed in the future. But all the original criticisms still stand, regardless.

    9. Daniel Iron Skill Gonzalez on October 13, 2013

      i wish i had animation and/or programming experience. smh. i DO have 18 yrs music experience though :)

    10. Jeremy on October 13, 2013

      One option could be to set up a Paypal "donation" page and other payment forms and let fans preorder a copy of the game with promise of beta access and all patches leading up to the final version when it's ready. The idea being to start funding it and have no time limit. Also with Kickstarter, 10% of the budget goes to other places and so much of the budget goes to KS rewards. Just focusing on funding the game through preorders, options for bonus content at a higher price, and early access could be the way to go. Look at the Star Citizen project, after KS, they raised around 16 million from Paypal preorders from their website.

    11. Derek Dalton on October 13, 2013

      When you guys regroup again to get it funded I'll be there to help. Mutant league Hockey was one of my favorite genesis games and I can't wait to see Mutant Football league get the remake it deserves.