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$141,821 pledged of $750,000 goal
$141,821 pledged of $750,000 goal


Mutants, Robots, and Orcs, lend me your ears... not literally though.  

It's the final stretch for our campaign, and while the team has been tethered to the medieval rack for a literal stretch, we wanted to spend our last living, and breathing moments with YOU, the backers who gave this gruesome nightmare of a sports game an uneasy heartbeat and unforgettable pulse. 

 Tune in at 10:30pm CST (11:30 est/8:30pst) as creator and chief deadhead of Mutant Football League, Michael "Mayhem" Mendheim joins Kickstarter campaign manager and film director, Rob "McCallous" McCallum for a Facebook Live stream send off. Simply visit our page ( at 10:30 pm Central to hear these two chronic terd monsters talk about MFL, the stretch goals, and what's to come in the coming weeks and months for the game and the backers. Have questions? Leave us a comment on this update and we will try and get to them during the 90 minute broadcast. See you tonight, fanatics!!!

Tonight is your last chance to get Alpha Access or your name in the game! So if you’ve been holding out, time to act is NOW. Only 4 Hours left in our successful campaign!!!

FIRST DOWN and 10, on the 50 Yard Line!!!

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We launched yesterday at the crack of dawn, and our blood thirsty soldiers were ready for battle.  Hitting that launch button on Kickstarter is no easy feat and there’s no telling who will survive the entire campaign. After all, we’re dealing with a game where characters routinely have their heads, and limbs removed from their body and the thought of survival was ever present on the team’s mind; but waking up on day 2, we knew we had weathered the storm and it couldn’t have been possible without such generous support from our community, press, and all the new fans of our hilarious and literal gut-busting game, Mutant Football League.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re at the 50% mark!!!!


We’ve been listening and interacting with a number of you via our comments section, and through PM messages about what you’d like to see added to the campaign, both in terms of stretch goals and rewards. We needed to see what was working, what you liked the most, and what you requested before we could add that kind of content to the campaign experience but it’s coming, and we hope to have more by early next week.

Last night when King_Foom streamed the full pre-alpha build with Michael on as his guest, we announced our FIRST CONTEST that sees the WINNER get a character named after them in the game. It’s simple to be participate:

1) Become a backer
2) Download and install our sneak peak pre-alpha build
3) Score as many points as you can, and snap with a picture with YOU and your SCORE in frame
4) Post your pic on our Facebook page: 
5) Use the Hashtag #MutantFootballLeague when posting




Who needs the Super Bowl when you’ve got bloody thirsty mutants dying for some action on the gridiron field?  

Not only does the new Mutant Football League launch on Kickstarter Thursday, February 2nd at 7:00am ET with new exclusive rewards, we’re also providing access to a preview build of the game on Steam which you can play!  

We’re almost there and you can help us get across the goal line! 

 Give the MFL team feedback, help shape the game, let us know what additional features you want, and really wrench out every possible drop of blood from this gridiron gore-fest.     

To play the demo you will need a Steam account and Xbox One or a PS4 DualShock 4 Controller which works on the PC. The demo is pre-alpha so you will encounter some bugs but you’ll also have a lot of bone-breaking, bruising fun and can even live out glory in the MAYHEM BOWL as the DEADLANTA VULTURES vs the NUKED LONDON HATRIOTS!

So join us and let’s win this one!


Mutant Football League predicts the Superbowl - with deadly results!


Check out how the game is progressing as we simulate today's Superbowl:

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn and then Mutant Football League...


While we're hard at work developing Mutant League Football in Unity for PC (we've got players on the field running plays on offense, defense and special teams -- but no one is killing anyone yet), we've also been working on other projects like this one, which just went live on Kickstarter today:

This game is a sequel of the original classic dinosaur hunting video game, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. Carnivores is a first person shooting (FPS) game where players hunt the largest and most dangerous creatures to ever exist -- DINOSAURS!

The majority of the work for Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn is mostly complete. Technology and assets from the PlayStation game have been used to build this game. Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC is reaching out to fans for assistance funding the latest stages of game development. The game will be available on pc and has been approved for Valve's Steam network once it’s complete. Fans will being given a chance to literally control the games content, to help us build a bigger and better game.

So if you like it, please support us and we will be very grateful to you. Meanwhile back to MFL...

Mutant Football League will be back on Kickstarter early next year. You'll be able to see the game in action! But for now here's a couple of screenshots from the actual game (with robot characters).

 Our skeleton character...

 If you haven't already, please join the Mutant Football League fan club at:

Thanks again for all your support and we'll make this happen!