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The wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game ever!
The wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game ever!
The wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game ever!
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MFL is rumbling and stumbling to the goal line!
MFL is rumbling and stumbling to the goal line!

Hi Everyone!  

There will be a new MFL build delivered on Steam this Thursday, Oct 5 and we want to share what’s been updated in this release... but before we do that want to let you know about a little tournament hosted by mine_is_broken, Kyote and a bunch of other awesome community members. 

MFL 12 player Single Elimination Tournament 

Friday, Oct 6th at 9:00pm EDT. Go here to sign up:

Now back to the Change list...

Fixed (reported by community):  

  • Consecutive bullshit penalties  
  • Player is fainting after he breaks a tackle  
  • Kill QB / Kill Referee don’t stop on Galaxy Chaos field 
  • Wrong mini-game VO if player dies because of land mine 
  • Kicker position on kickoff after penalty. Now he is always in the middle of the field
  • Dead players not having a tombstone 
  • The "Fake Kick Rollout" pass play doesn't bring up receiver icons 
  • Teams' ratings differ slightly between Play Now and Season/Playoffs 
  • Missing referee on a field 
  • PAT moving to the next quarter after half time, thus breaking kickoff 
  • Timeout can stop Kill QB / Kill Referee dirty trick 
  • Announcer says wrong line if defense calls an audible 


  • Improved position synchronization in online game. Should be noticeable if ping <= 70
  • Various framerate optimizations 
  • More game SFX 
  • Improved Crowd SFX (react more & louder in the playoffs) 
  • Buzz Saw / Spikes hazard delay – it doesn’t instantly pop-up 
  • Depth of field for smack talk cinematics 
  • Added collision to Mutant Worm - now he is dangerous 
  • Allow injured players be on a field if nobody else left, that means you no longer can’t forfeit because of injured players 
  • Added rock hazard 
  • Various tutorial / UI fixes and improvements 
  • Bench has new player categories 
  • Grim Bay Attackers Roster updated 
  • 20+ Backer names added 
  • Tweaks and polish on difficulty settings (playing on rough is a bit easier now)
  • Improvements to AI in final seconds of game (AI is smarter) 
  • Video Capture / Screen blood and numbers removed from options 

In Progress

  • Keyboard support 
  • Online mode improvements 
  • Less tutorial & tip messaging 
  • Leaderboards 
  • Onside Kick improvements 
  • More hazards and weather effects 
  • Team Tuning
  • Stat Tuning
  • Arena & Hazard polish
  • SFX Improvements
Awesome Art by Kyle Martin
Awesome Art by Kyle Martin

The Sherminator wants to thank everyone who is playing, writing reviews (so cool of you to take the time) and most importantly those people who are finding bugs, reporting them and giving us great feedback, which we are implementing in the game! THANK YOU!!!

Join our Steam and Discord MFL Communities:  

Steam Group:  

Sign up on Discord and search Mutant Football League:  


About 229 backers who have NOT filled out survey's yet. Please go ahead and fill out your surveys so we can deliver your rewards and make sure you name appears in the credits. If you haven’t filled out your survey yet, please do or you will be left behind for launch.  

Best, The MFL Team.


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    1. Ryan Blackstock

      Cool, that's all I needed to hear!

    2. Michael Mendheim 2-time creator on

      Hi Ryan - shirts have started to ship. I'm getting about 20-30 out a week - problem is there are hundreds and hundreds of shirts and I've been a little busy with the game lately. Hope you understand what the priority is. Thanks for your patience.

    3. Ryan Blackstock

      Asking again, when do the shirts ship out?