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The wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game ever!
The wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game ever!
3,137 backers pledged $138,092 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Michael Mendheim (Creator)

 The MFL Team has never looked past our main Kickstarter goal, so we don't have a Stretch Goal list and that was never the plan anyways. The plan was to have all of YOU help us decide what the stretch goals will be for Mutant Football League.

Please start generating suggestions and ideas. You can post your ideas in the comments section to share and discuss with everyone (this is best because it will generate conversation, concepts and refinement) or send us messages. Either is fine.

The game’s most important feature is online mode and now we have enough funding to finish that. Online is a very demanding and complex feature, it will be our core focus. There are plenty of unknowns involved, which add risk to the development. The good news is we have some really bright engineers.

As you generate ideas please understand the dev team can't be creating exotic new systems or complex features. What we can do is to build on top of what we already have, make it great and make it polished. We can also consider a few smaller features like a fun halftime show. We do want to try to stay on schedule so we can release the game this year. I've seen many projects go off the rails by getting too ambitious and then they don’t ship or they ship with unpolished features. You’ve invested your money in us and we need to deliver the project we promised. Also remember just because a feature you really want isn’t getting implemented for the release, doesn’t mean we won’t be working on that feature down the road.

The MFL team will put together a general list of things we can do based on your feedback and things that just make sense for the product like, more character species and a greater variety of VO. Then we will start generating some surveys for you and this data will let us know what you feel is most important for the game.

We will estimate the tasks and then create a stretch goal roadmap which will be posted.

Mutant Hockey League is not a stretch goal. Hahaha.

We should have everything set by Tuesday, Wednesday at the absolute latest.

Once again, thank you all for your support, kindness and investment. We won’t let you down.

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    1. Christopher C. Tirpak on

      If we have the Demo Build, are we allowed to stream it to bring more people to the Kickstarter

    2. Missing avatar

      RobbyTheChaotic on

      @Chad Smith
      these are mutants, not monsters. Gotta say more playable races would be cool.
      Also you could consider Squid Mutant race-long reach for catching and multiple tentacles could make fumbling less likely.

      Also I believe that werewolfs and lizard people where in the cartoon series they had way back. I think they called the lizard people 'Liziods'.

    3. Chad Smith

      I will just echo what others are saying about a "More Races" Stretch Goal - and add a few suggestions:

      - Demons (with wings, but they are clipped for the game so they can only fly a little bit, like chickens)
      - Plant Creatures (think Swamp Thing, or the creature from the black lagoon)
      - Zombies (Yes, so we can play "Plants vs Zombies" on the grid iron)
      - Cyborgs or somehow augmented Humans (Roid Ragers or something like that)
      - Gnomes ---- Tiny old men with pointy hats - Scary!
      - Killer Clowns - --- TERRIFYING!!!
      - Werebeasts - Wolves and Bats and burrowing Badgers - OH MY!
      - Ghosts - they can phase through the opponents
      - Lizard people --- The only reason you wouldn't include lizard people is if you were lizard people and you were trying to hide their true existance! D:
      - Aliens --- Obviously "Aliens"
      - Furby/Gremlins/Ewoks/Tattletails/CareBears --- Nothing creepier than tiny furry almost cute things that want to eat you
      - Ponies
      - Magicians/Wizards/Witches - some sort of magic users
      - Mermonsters - some sort of water based creature (perhaps a rival to the demons, who could be fire based)
      - Yetis / Bigfoots / Wookies

      I know some of these races sound OP - but there are tons of RPG tropes to call upon to help balance them all.

      I would also like a franchise mode

      And some sort of something that tells us more about the world in which the game takes place -- more World Building -- if that's commercials on the loading screens for in-world products .... "Just a reminder, tonight's game is brought to you by Shark Repellent... You never know when the next SharkCyclone will hit, be prepare with Shark Repellent, today!"

      Maybe even some sort of a story mode...

      OH! You could add a mini game where you are a normal human and you have to fight your way into the game, but you are not strong enough, so you have to battle wave after wave of increasingly powerful monsters, gaining experience and better gear as you go, until you fight the Ultimate Evil --- the gatekeeper to the game -- before you can get in. And there can be side quests and maybe party members and mounts and an airship.... :D :D :D

    4. Dresvin

      More species/teams is always my first want in these games. I also second the idea of a franchise mode.

    5. Missing avatar

      jro997 on

      Franchise mode would be amazing too!

    6. Missing avatar

      jro997 on

      Nintendo switch port? Would love it!

    7. Missing avatar

      Dungeonjay on

      To give it longevity, I definitely think hitting the online goal was a pivotal move. Also, incorporating a franchise drafting mode would add some flavor like others have mentioned. Taking new character models would be a sweet addition. Any flexibility for allowing community driven modding would be one of the best features you could add. Allowing map editing/designing and maybe configuration of assets for ball explosions would be a "blast". Not sure if modded maps would go over well online unless you can setup a separate server selection title screen for people to get those custom maps and/or download the assets similar to how CS: Go works. Anyways. Great project and look forward to it! :)

    8. James Davis on

      I have to agree with more races, a Franchise mode with drafting, player and team customisation like everyone else has said.

      I would love a play/formation builder for a bit of fun

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason H on

      1) more species werewolves, aliens, insectoids, lizardmen and bring back the Trolls.

      2) franchise mode that has a draft, and some type of player development

      3) Player and team customization

      4) Trophy case where gruesome trophies could be on display, championship, MVP, deadliest player, drooliest player, squishest player. Etc this could be tied to a franchise mode or not.

      5) some type of in season power rankings/MVP race, that could be updated after each game.

    10. Missing avatar

      David on

      To be honest i would love to see a team of shark men. Bulky great white blitzers, and hammer head linesman. They could bite the opposition and have mermaid cheerleaders.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brandon Murphy on

      ADD Bones Justice, KT Slayer, and Razor Kidd as special characters!!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Garrett Goulas on

      From what I've played of the demo (and I love it, btw) I've noticed that instant replays don't seem to be there and it would be really cool if there was more crowd excitement after a touchdown. Those two things alone would be awesome. A superhuman race would also be cool... Or a lizard alien... kinda like the old days.

    13. Brian Bautista on

      Steam workshop support sounds like a good stretch goal if the number gets really up there.

      A play/formation editor would be great.

      As far as insane pie in the sky stuff 7 on 7 multi-player mode?

    14. Missing avatar

      Rob Khonsu on

      Please no Stretch Goals, just follow through with your vision and give us the great game you've always been planning. If you want to sweeten the pot for prospective backers with anything, perhaps enhanced alpha/beta releases, a launch tournament/event, or other content that doesn't add to the development of the game.

    15. Missing avatar

      Darren Lewis on

      Alot of inspiration could come from blitz the league. Juicing/training players to perform better stronger faster. And showing x-ray injuries as they happen.

    16. Levi Wilcox on

      I'd love to see commentary added. Could be pretty humorous for Troy Fakeman and Joe Suck to call the games as they happen.

    17. Warren Hampton on

      Franchise/Dynasty/Career Modes - Fantasy Draft Mode from player mode - Kick Starter ability to add additional user created characters and current or to Draft Class (reserved spots - More Races - Custom Player and Team Creation for offline mode.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gary shepherd on

      Create a player would be awesome!

    19. Missing avatar

      Joel DeWitte on

      Can you add coach commentary and ref commentary after penalties? How about killing the ref? The color commentary and being able to mutiny against the ref in Mutant League Football was super fun, especially after the 2nd ref comes in and basically just is defiant towards the players after seeing the first one get killed.

      Maybe alternate modes, like one where the goal isn't necessarily to win the game, but to be the first to kill off the opposing team.

      I also would think a "pro bowl skills contest" type mode where it could include hazards could be a neat alternate mode, maybe even as a party-game mode.

    20. Owen Thaxton on

      I have to say, it's always on my mind when a loading screen can make or break an immersive experience for me while funneling my vision into the television. Lest I take thy hallowed name in vain, let us recall the days of a company named Midway who would channel our twitchy reflexes into satisfyingly correct for the intended game at hand, when loading screens were gameplans and cheat codes got punched, PUNCHED in two or three at most before the main board would load. Simple but effective footbal-tackle game play.

    21. Timothy O'Connor on

      Replace the football with a bomb.

    22. richarDISNEY on

      Online would be awesome.

      How about a set of goofy mini games for the halftime? Dogs catching explosive Frisbees, that sort of thing. And the winner gets a 'bonus' the next half.

      How about random events? Streakers,fans encroaching on the pitch trying to tackle the players, rioters, protesters against the treatment of footballs, stuff like that.

    23. Brian Miller on

      Some ideas:
      - Any overtime round contains a mutant behemoth walking around the field that has to be dodged. Giant feet squish little players.
      - During the two minute warning, the field starts falling apart with holes to dodge. (like olden times)
      - Halftime features a random mini game, like dodgeball with bombs.
      - "Create a team logo" feature, with different art files (skulls, biohazard signs, A-Bombs, etc.) to build a team patch that shows in the end zone and on player helmets.

    24. Robert Lawson on

      Make franchise mode and give it online multiplayer support!

    25. Missing avatar

      Richard Altfeld on

      I love these ideas to make a franchise mode for the game. I second those.

    26. Missing avatar

      Joe Weber on

      Stretch goal idea: Mutant Football League Commissioner.

      A management mode where you hand out inconsistent punishments.

      But seriously:
      1). More races
      2). Some kind of a season or dynasty mode which would included drafting and/or trading players
      3). A mini-game that would exist outside the game itself (i.e. something that would mimic the NFL combine where you could complete challenges (killing skeletons, running through a minefield the quickest, field goal accuracy, etc). Having leader boards would be nice, something like Audiosurf which keeps track of both local scores by your friends and national/worldwide scores
      4). On field brawls, a la High Impact. Punch enough people at the end of a play, and if it's late in the game and the score is close a brawl could erupt.

    27. Missing avatar

      camseyeview on

      Definitely more species like maybe mutant aliens, lizard men, lovecraftian horrors, and so on.

      offline co-op, maybe a create your own monster mode that can be put into different teams OR make your own teams

    28. Missing avatar

      Jason H on

      I think there are 3 things I'd really like to see

      1) more species, would love to see a werewolf

      2) franchise mode... where you can draft players. And then practice with them and develop them

      3) player and team customization

    29. Gabriel T.C. Doering on

      Team creation and stat manipulation like creating a custom team and being able to play a season and gain experience to give the teams a dynamic progresion.

      Special items or gear that can be unlocked to buff stats.

      And yes, physical copies for all platforms aupported. I'm anot avid collector and would love to have this for my ps4 library on the shelf.

    30. Jason on

      A Season Mode or Tournament Mode (preferably offline, but online could also be fun).

    31. Missing avatar

      Oliver McGhie on

      Two big additions for me would be one or two more player races i.e alien, mutant human (three arms etc, werewolf and of course a series of crazy interactive half time shows. For example two marching bands fighting to the death mid song, cheerleaders becaming target practice for half time cannon show or you control a crazy streaker (done tastefully and with humour) and you avoid beefy security staff. Just ideas that in my mind are additions to a solid looking MFL foundation without diverting resources away from the tentpole online feature.

    32. Justin Woods on

      Online co-op. You and up to 3 friends compete against another team of up to 4 human players controlling various players on their team. In NFL 2K1 for the Dreamcast they had this, and it was fantastic. Even playing a lineman was somewhat fun. With all the destruction and mayhem in this game I'm sure it would be a blast.

    33. JetStrange on

      STreach goal idea no 1: HALFTIME! :) I remember telling you if you ever did like a half time it should be a band people know of..... I have a bout 3 bands in my head right now..... GWAR, The Radioactive Chicken heads, and Lordi

    34. Kurt Biven (Kyote9) on

      I've been putting mine in the Mutant Football League Backers Forum but I guess I can put them here too.

      Customization of Players (anywhere from cosmetic changes to all-new player(s) with custom stats picked from a budget of points)
      Customization of Teams (anywhere from cosmetic changes to all-new teams with custom stats picked from a budget of points)
      Customization of Stadiums (anywhere from changing settings of how many traps/obstacles on a field to what kind of weather you prefer in the game)
      Customization of Dirty Trick plays in your playbook (choose a default list of plays you always want in your playbook)
      Customization of Playbook - pick and save plays from list of all playbooks into one custom playbook (ensure a minimum of run/pass plays are selected to help new players using it)
      Further Customization of Teams/Players via Steam Workshop (minor tweaks to current teams to make a new team or create whole new team and have the ability to add their own 3D models/art/sound in-game)
      Referees on the field to be hit and taken out
      Halftime show interaction
      Spectate online players' games
      Twitch integration
      Saved instant replays
      Cinematic tools to make cool, fun, epic cinematic videos

    35. Missing avatar

      Robert Isherwood on

      +1 on customization

      And/or would love an interactive halftime. Definitely need the ability to blow up cheerleaders again.

    36. Daniel Rivera on

      Customizable name and colors!

    37. Missing avatar

      Rocky Treadway on

      For physical swag, something like a signed mini poster, or hat pin. Something to be able to display in my game room that reminds me of my contribution to a great game. (This is coming from a mid-level funder) Digitally speaking, I always thought a gag character would be great. Maybe be able to draft players from the development team, but the d.t. players would be just regular flesh and blood schmoes. Weak, splodey humans. (No offense) Failing that, big head mode is always welcome. Secret characters? Whatever the case, congratulations on the kickstarter success! And I'm looking forward to a fun game!

    38. Carlos Brown on

      A Switch version would be really cool. If possible, maybe physical copies on all platforms. I don't mind a digital download, but I'd much rather have a physical copy.

      And also Mutant Hockey League. :P

    39. Nick Gipson on

      I'll leave the obvious one here; Switch Version!