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ME Models is making a fully functional model railway system that can compliment the current LEGO® Gauge railway offering.
260 backers pledged $87,357 to help bring this project to life.

Metal Rails For Sale

Posted by ME Models (Creator)

 Dear fellow “L-Gauge” Hobbyists,

Happy Holidays from ME Models! This is the update that all of you have been waiting for! ME Models Metal Rails are now available for you to purchase at

 After six years of product development and additional support from a KickStarter campaign, we are now delivering the additional 9-volt geometries. Please take a few moments to read through this announcement as it contains a lot of information that should address all of your concerns and needs. There will be future updates post-project as we field questions from the community. 

 We are sure that there are questions as to why it has taken a few additional months to deliver since our last update in late August. Our last 12 months of work has been spent re-configuring, testing, and re-testing design and functionality of our new 9-volt track. Our success in delivering a reliable product was a direct result of several costly mold re-configurations, live electrical testing, material resourcing, and endless hours of scrutinizing electrical connectivity. The new track configuration we are producing is the most economical, efficient and reliable design that will allow for ease of “L-gauge” system expansion. We wanted to come as close as we could to replicating the old 9-volt track configuration and to make sure that it would be affordable so that everyone could continue to enjoy the hobby at a reasonable cost. 

 We know that the current “L-gauge” hobbyist is going to continue to use existing “L-gauge” track to run 9-volt power. ME Models is committed to extending the life of the “L-gauge” system by helping to make “L-gauge” a mainstream model railway scale. 

 The ME Models Metal Rail System will be able to connect directly into your entire existing “L-gauge” 9-volt track by using the ME “Conversion Section.” This section replicates the existing 9-volt connection on one end and allows you to convert into our new design from the other. We have eliminated any possible failures of electrical connectivity issues by using rail joiners as a way to connect the metal rail. The rail joiner that you see is not new. It has been around for nearly 60 years and is used by just about every other model railway system in all gauges. The introduction of the rail joiner to the current system brings the “L-gauge” hobby in line with all the other main line model railroad systems. When fully assembled, the ME Models metal rail system is aesthetically the same as what you are used to seeing.

ME Models Metal Rail Assembly Guide
ME Models Metal Rail Assembly Guide


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We also want to make clear that our current plastic power function compatible “L-gauge” track will not have any change. Color options for metal rail ballast include Blue-Gray or Dark Brown. Please refer to our website for additional product specifications and use.

We know there are many of you waiting on your rewards. This includes KickStarter, KickBacker and July 2016 Extension period supporters. All rewards for supporters will be sent within the next 4 weeks and throughout the Holiday and New Year period. WE WILL BE ADDING ONE CONVERSION PACK PER LOOP ORDERED AT NO EXTRA COST.

We appreciate your continued support and patience. We will be adding a wide range of additional track geometries in 2017.

Merry Christmas,

ME Models

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    1. Missing avatar

      duperrin on

      I paid 200$ 3 years ago and still haven't received my stuff despite multiples contacts too.

      You can contact ME-Models directly through their website or through the owner of the webiste ( might be a good help...)

      Let's reunite together to stop this BS, as they produced and sold those items from their own 2 years ago already, benefit from our funding to make many profits while other fans benefit from the system, whereas ourselves, the funders, didn't receive anything, this communciation is really unacceptable.

      Multiple forums also exist to express this facts and late deliveries

    2. Bill Ward on

      I paid almost $200 three years ago, and still haven't received my stuff :(

    3. Jason Spears on

      So any update? We're at 4 months since you were supposedly going to start shipping and no news or product.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike Drabicki on

      Please update us!!!! Your silence is cowardice. You care nothing about customer service.

    5. Snake on

      I haven't received anything yet, why do you cheat me? I wrote you mail but no answer.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike Drabicki on

      Please give us an update on shipments to backers.

    7. David White on

      Any ETA on when the rewards will be shipped? The estimate in this update has come and gone and I haven't received anything yet...

    8. Matt Sailors on

      Do you have shipping dates for metal rails?

    9. ME Models Creator on

      The conversion piece is half length for now because 2 halves make one standard straight. So when you go from LEGO 9 volt track to ME 9 volt track you need the conversion. Then when you go back to the LEGO 9 volt track you need a second conversion. Since that is a symmetrical system, your total configuration remains in line. Eventually we will offer additional conversion pieces. For now we just wanted to get up and running.

    10. Missing avatar

      marc andré debruyne on

      also - why is the conversion pack only half track length? for me, and i would assume with anyone else with an existing train layouts, who's waiting for these rails doesn't have half lengths to begin with are going to be stuck with this half size to deal with. so do i now need to buy a number of normal half lengths to fill in that half length gap? (i take it yes?)

    11. Missing avatar

      marc andré debruyne on

      super excited - but did i miss something with the conversion packs? i wasn't aware that we needed them.