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ME Models is making a fully functional model railway system that can compliment the current LEGO® Gauge railway offering.
260 backers pledged $87,357 to help bring this project to life.

Update - March 2016

Posted by ME Models (Creator)
Dear ME Rail Fans and Supporters,

We hope everyone is doing well. We know that there are quite a few people out there wondering when we are going to deliver metal rails to the hobby. The following is a pretty good update for everyone that will show you what we have been working on for the past couple of months. It has not been easy. The good news is that we are poised to help move our L Gauge hobby another step forward.


We would like to restate what has happened since the 2015 holidays. On Christmas Day, our ABS manufacturer had a major health ailment/event occur, which required a lengthy hospital stay and recovery period. Our manufacturer shut down operations to allow for recovery and stabilization of their personal health. We did not feel it was appropriate to air our personal ‘ME family’ situation, but some of you may have already known or may have found out about this from a discussion in February on Eurobricks, and some of you may have known if you contacted us individually. Having said that, if you placed an online order from mid-December until now, you now have the specific reason for our delay of delivery to you.

We did receive a portion of a very large order in December from our manufacturer, right before the shutdown, some of which was used to fill our remaining 2015 orders and some additional KickStarter rewards. With our manufacturer resuming production as of March 1, we have started to receive the remaining parts of our December order. We will be filling online orders from the end of 2015 up through the present and will continue to send KickStarter rewards until we have delivered ALL of our outstanding obligations. 

We have also started to stock some new inventory on our home site that is now available for purchase.


As of March 8, the metal rail system is almost ready for production. We are continuing our test trials to make sure that everything will be in working order as we get ready to release our metal rail product.

Going back to 2010, we conducted research and development on applying in-laid metal strips to our ABS rail system and also worked on developing a full metal rail configurations. As you know we made the full metal rail configuration part of our KickStarter campaign. We have spent the past year and a half of trying to create a process that keeps the tolerances between the mating of metal and plastic into one functioning unit. After having limited success, we have decided to go back and review a few of our original ideas, as well as, take under advisement additional ideas to deliver a viable metal rail system. We would like to thank Steve Barlie for his assistance and technical insight in helping us deliver on what we feel is a sustainable system. We have included some pictures of one of our new molds so everyone can see the progress and the direction we decided to pursue. With the conclusion of testing, the ME Models’ Metal Rail System will be ready for sale through our website very soon.

We now have the capability of delivering the R56 curve, ½ straights, standard straights and double length straights that we promised as a reward via our Kickstarter campaign. As an added bonus and as an additional reward for everyone’s patience, we would like to announce that we will also be making the R72, R88 and R104 9-volt electric curves.

The final update on tap is in regards the German E-44 engine that was also part of the KickStarter campaign. For the 9 backers at this level, we have included pictures of the NEWLY DESIGNED and upgraded model.


Our goal is to finish shipping all pledges from KickStarter as soon as we have enough metal track inventory built.

We are at the finish line. We know it has taken some extra time. We truly appreciate the flexibility and patience from everyone involved. We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to continue to be the ‘go to’ track manufacturer for the “L” Gauge Train Hobby.

ME Models

Rail Mold
Rail Mold
ABS Rails without insert
ABS Rails without insert
ABS Rails without inserts
ABS Rails without inserts
Sample Metal Rail
Sample Metal Rail
Sample Metal Rail
Sample Metal Rail
Metal Rail Ends
Metal Rail Ends
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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Teeuwen on

      Still waiting for my kickstarter fulfillment. In hindsight if I had known this would take so long I would have reconsidered supporting. Its been a long time and I have grown skeptical that I will ever receive my order. Have not heard back from several private messages in the past 2 months.

    2. Siegfried Glina on

      Rather annoyed by this whole process. The metal rails have been changed too much and since like others were bought for appearance they are pointless now. Since the metal rails are supposedly the reason for the incredible delay I'd appreciate the ability to trade in metal rails for plastic ones. At this point I'd just like anything...

      (You probably should change your promo picture...)

    3. Missing avatar

      Karl Reinsch

      Any updates? It's been nearly six months since the last update. I attempted to message directly and did not receive a reply.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike Drabicki on

      WTF! You totally changed the design of the metal rails. I bought your original metal tracks from your website before the kickstarter. My kickstarter backing was for track that would match. Now it won't. VERY disapointed with the change in track and how long this is taking...

    5. Missing avatar

      mabam on

      Many thanks for the update!
      Your explanations make things more clear and I think it helps people to have some more patience. I can understand you did not feel it was appropriate to air the ‘ME family’ situation.
      But there have been other issues you didn't address/answer either. On forums like Eurobricks other backers shared their experience with their e-mails to ME they didn't receive a response on. I haven't had a reply from you on the message I posted via your website on 14 December 2015 either. My question regarding the metal rails has now been answered by your update. But I still haven't received a response about the narrow gauge connectors I backed for that were promised during the last few days of the kickstarter campaign. Neither have you confirmed the change of my new address details in your system.
      Apart from all that: I love the pictures of the new metal rails! As far as I am concerned that compensates for many of the disappointing issues mentioned above.
      But still: Improving your communication would do good. And I think it would be a good idea to add information scattered around on different forums to more frequent kickstarter updates so people can find everything in one place.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ed Heron on

      Since the metal rails aren't going to be completely metal, as the kickstart originally specified, are you going to allow metal backers to change their order? I bought the metal straight rails in 2011 and I really like the visual appearance. I didn't back the metal rails for 9v, though our group is intending to use sections of powered rails to charge IR trains, I backed them for the appearance.

    7. Missing avatar

      JC on

      Your post is not clear about the order in which you will ship parts. I am waiting since the fundraiser closed in April 2014 for ABS parts and your post says "We will be filling online orders from the end of 2015 up through the present and will continue to send KickStarter rewards until we have delivered ALL of our outstanding obligations."

      You should first fulfill your obligations to who has paid a long time ago, no?

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Missing avatar

      ronaldlw on

      Thanks for the update.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Kent on

      Many thanks for the update. I look forward to receiving some rails - and adding a few of the new options to my order before they ship.