ME Models Railway System

by ME Models

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    1. Missing avatar

      Antoine Vallières on

      Thank you for this very detailled update.

      You two are doing a great job, keep up the good work.

      Take all the time needed.

    2. Siegfried Glina on

      It's good. Try to stay in business...

    3. ME Models Creator on

      @ Antoine Vallières: Thank you!

    4. ME Models Creator on

      @ Andrew Glina: Once we get over these few hurdles, we'll be set.

    5. Matt Sailors on

      Thank you for the update.
      A follow on question:
      Will those of us who pledged for metal rails and added plastic rails through backer kit be getting just one shipment when everything is ready or separate shipment of plastic rails and metal rails?

    6. ME Models Creator on

      @ Matt Sailors: The reason those with combined orders were delayed is we were hoping that metal would be available so that we could combine shipments cutting down on postage. Nothing with that regard has changed and we will still continue fulfilling ABS only until we are at the end of the list. At that time, if metal is ready, we'll ship them combined, if not, ABS will come first and then we'll follow up with metal once it's ready.

    7. Justin Rupp on

      I hope you didn't waste too much material before discovering the corkscrewing problem. Thanks for the update!

    8. ME Models Creator on

      @ Justin Rupp: Thankfully, we weren't liable for it!

    9. Ashgill on

      If we order some tracks from your website (enough to help cover the postage), since we need more straight tracks anyways, will that help you to mail out our ABS only pledge?

    10. ME Models Creator on

      @ Ashgill: we would combine your orders into a single shipment; that's what we've been doing to this point.

    11. Peter Ogilvy on

      My pledge was for all dark bluish grey ABS so from the update I assume It should be arriving soon. Will I get a tracking number or will it just turn up in the mailbox? Is there any way of checking my payment was recieved and I'm actually on your production list?

    12. ME Models Creator on

      @ Peter Ogilvy: You will receive a tracking number as soon as your items are shipped. We're slowly getting through the pile placing orders as we can.

    13. Missing avatar

      Marvin Malkowski Jr on

      Thanks for the update. I put in an order for some ABS track thru the website to further assist the cost as well we are rapidly expanding my plastic setup. I was not aware that even after something gets funded, that people are not truly committed to backing a project.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Teeuwen on

      According to the above update, " If you ordered ONLY ABS in Dark Bluish Gray, your order should have already arrived, or will be arriving very soon.". I have not received my order, and its now May 21st. I also haven't received a response since the last email I sent.

      I understand you may have a lot on your plate in getting this up and running. My problem though is that I was supposed to receive my order ages ago (according to your update above) and yet I have not received anything yet and no communication as to why either.

    15. ME Models Creator on

      Hi Nicholas,

      I think we explained everything in the last update. We are shipping as fast as we can, but sales need are driving us right now. As long as we still have retail sales, we can keep shipping stuff to backers. I hope that makes sense.

      Rest assured, it's coming. Just please be patient.

    16. Missing avatar

      Corey Gehman on

      Is the metal being delayed by lack of funds or by technical hurdles? I would actually order metal track from your webpage if it was shipping and if it helped fullfill orders but I already pledged far more plastic than I will probably ever use.

    17. ME Models Creator on

      @ Corey Gehman: More or less funding. We found another extrusion company that can deliver, but that's not an overnight process either.

      Once we deliver the plastic rails that are left, we can divert 100% of retail sales to completion of the metal.

    18. Missing avatar

      Claudio Gomes on

      I ordered both Metal and Plastic to help boost both projects and now I'm feeling I'm getting penalized for that. If my pledge had been lower, and plastic only, I would already have the rails?. Its taking way too long.

    19. guiton jean-baptiste on

      i've ordered only plastic, and still haven't received my order... what is going on?