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Update #5



Hi guys!

We have been happily holed up in our studio and, as promised, we have our first reward level ready in time for Christmas.

Those who ordered the Animation Stills ($150 reward level), WE NEED TWO THINGS FROM YOU so we can get your prints packed and in the mail ASAP! (simply reply to this message with your information.)

1) YOUR ADDRESS (or where you want us to send your package.)

2) YOUR PRINT CHOICE. (We have 4 to choose from. See options below below.). These prints are on acid-free paper with archival ink.

OPTION 1: COUPLE MELTS (shows plan/idea for couple melting out of eachothers' arms.)

OPTION 2: BODY SHAPES (shows plans for beginning to incorporate simple movements as body melts.)

OPTION 3: FACE MAP (shows the changing shapes of wax at various melting stages.)

OPTION 4: HAND MOVES (shows simple hand movement as body melts.)

For those of you who ordered at a different level, these prints are a little peek into some more of our preliminary drawings that describe various aspects of the melting process (color, material, shape, etc). All other artworks will be out when our show is complete. Stay posted!


And, as always, THANK YOU, 

Steph and Erin

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    YOUR NAME ON THE TITLE WALL OF OUR SHOW. This project, really, really, really cannot happen without this funding. We truly appreciate your help. And for that, we say: THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! (written in public for all to see.)

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    DVD OF "3000 LBS of WAX." + YOUR NAME ON TITLE WALL Congrats! You have just pre-ordered a DVD of a brand new kind of video art. This DVD will be a visual poem. Full bodies disappear and re-emerge from abstract color fields. It will get you like those bird videos get cats. Awesome to watch as a moving meditation, either from your couch with a glass of wine or projected HUGE at a raging dance party. A cheap way to collect videoart. Plus! As a DVD extra, we'll include "367 lbs of wax," the DVD so many of you have asked to purchase from our 2009 show in Anchorage, AK. THIS FILM WILL MELT YOUR FACE OFF!! (international, pls add $7 shipping.)

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    SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION POSTER FROM THE EXHIBITION YOU MADE HAPPEN + NAME ON TITLE WALL (ADD $15 FOR DVD) This poster will feature our favorite still from the melting process. (international, pls add $15 for shipping.)

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    12x18" FULL COLOR PRINT OF BODY MELTING + YOUR NAME ON TITLE WALL (ADD $15 FOR DVD) This is Steph’s all time favorite perk! It's easy: 1) When we are done with the show, we will email you a link to a website featuring tons of stills from the footage of our melting sculptures. 2) You choose your very favorite moment in the melting process. 3) We send you a full-color print of it. In other words, YOU choose your own print! And if you get the video add-on, you can show your friends the process. If you want a triptych, which is a striking way to see the image transform, we'll make you a deal, 3 prints for $150, just twice the price but 3 prints instead of 1! (international, pls add $15 shipping.)

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    SIGNED, FULL COLOR PRINT OF 3 HAND-DRAWN ANIMATION FRAMES + YOUR NAME ON TITLE WALL (ADD $15 FOR DVD) When we are designing a melting body, we often make animations of how, exactly, we want the body to melt (see sample animations in kickstarter video for example). This is a framable piece of original art and it is available in December, shipped before Christmas! (international, pls add $15 shipping.)

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    SIGNED LIMITED EDITION PRINT: hand-drawn topographical map of a full body melting + YOUR NAME ON TITLE WALL (ADD $15 FOR DVD). This limited edition print of an original drawing is a visually rich, framable art piece for your wall. It features a unique visual language we have developed based on mapmaking. This type of drawing helps us compile, organize and document the many complex aspects of our time-based pieces seen in our melting videos. This option is perfect for the early stage art collector who wants a hand-drawn rendition of our work. (international, pls add $15 shipping.)

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    YOUR FACE (OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE) IN WAX + YOUR NAME ON TITLE WALL: A 3D version of your face is a wild, weird thing, kind of like a picture must have been in the early days of photography. Come to our studio, we will cast your face and give you a wax version to hang on your wall. Perfect for anyone curious, especially parents who want to capture their childrens youth (Note: the youngest we have cast is 5. Also note: Our face casting feels like a minty facial. No worries, we've done it over 400 times. MANY references available upon request.)

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    20x30" PORTRAIT PRINT OF YOUR FACE MELTING (OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE) + YOUR NAME ON TITLE WALL. Come to our Seattle studio, we will cast your face. We will carve, sculpt, paint, and design a melting version. You get a high-quality color print. (Note: nooooo worries, we don't melt your actual face!)

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    ORIGINAL MIXED MEDIA PAINTING + YOUR NAME ON TITLE WALL. This is the most unique, original, one-of-a-kind handmade artwork available on this list. We will work with you to choose a part of the process that interests you. Then we will take the visual information contained in the video of a melting/transforming/emerging body and compress it into a rich 2-D surface, that works for your home. This is for the collector or the believer who is interested in owning a piece of our process. (Within Seattle, we will deliver to your home. Outside Seattle, we'll crate it, the cost of shipping will be additional.)

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    PRIVATE FACE CASTING PARTY AT OUR SEATTLE STUDIO + YOUR NAME ON TITLE WALL. Host a party in our Seattle art studio! We will teach you and a slew of your friends to cast your own faces. We can envision this as a scout troop activity, a bunch of friends before Halloween, a family reunion event, or a memorable birthday party. Limit to 15 people per party. Spoil your friends with this experience. Or if you can organize some folks, make a go of it for $190 a pop! All materials will be provided, including: alginate, plaster gauze, plasticine, heat guns, wax, brushes, pigments and false eyelashes to make yourself pretty.

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    CASTING/MELTING COMMISSION + YOUR NAME ON TITLE WALL: Come to our Seattle studio. You choose if you want us to cast your entire body or just a portion. We then sculpt, paint and accessorize it until we've cloned you (or made an idealized/ bizarro/ alternate universe/ fictional version of you). Then we melt, film and photograph the piece. (You are invited back to watch the melting process!) You'll take home a 20x30" full-color print of your favorite moment in the melting process to add to your art collection. ACTUALLY: this amount makes such a difference to us that for this price, we can talk about a lot of different options...your entire family's hands? you and your partner melting into one another?

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