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$8,703 pledged of $30,000 goal
$8,703 pledged of $30,000 goal

LAST CHANCE to help the PUPPY MILL photo book! Less than 24 hours left!

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This message is going out to everyone who supported my (unsuccessful) effort last year to raise money through Kickstarter for my Puppy Mill photo book.

LESS THAN 24 HOURS LEFT to help my puppy mill photo book project. This is my latest fundraising effort for the Puppy Mill photo book. As with my other books, I have used a lot of borrowed money to get this book printed. The money raised through pre-orders and this Kickstarter campaign will help pay of that debt. 

If you want to help the project. This is your last chance! Please click here:


PLEASE SHARE the link now on Facebook, Twitter, ... wherever you can!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has already pre-ordered! You're wonderful! I'm so grateful for all of your help!

**If you haven't supported the project again by pre-ordering on Indiegogo or through my website, then PLEASE take the time now to support the project on Kickstarter. **

We've reached the small $500 goal I set for the project (THANK YOU!). I'm REALLY trying to get as many pre-orders in as possible. I've had to borrow money to make these books happen and so pre-orders now would really help to cover those costs.

The link to the new project is here:


I know a number of you emailed me to let me know you would only support the project on Kickstarter, and so here is your chance.

This is SUCH an important book with a vital message to tell people. Please help us complete this last piece of the puzzle toward getting this book done.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for caring about this project and its vital message. Now let's make sure we have the impact we want to have with this book!

Lots of love,


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