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"after the ice"'s video poster

With a crew of artists and scholars I'm going on a expedition to the arctic pursuing my passion for glaciers, data, and the poles. Read more

pledged of $12,000 goal
seconds to go


This project was successfully funded on June 14, 2012.

With a crew of artists and scholars I'm going on a expedition to the arctic pursuing my passion for glaciers, data, and the poles.

we did it!! we are going to the arctic!

Dear Backers!
We are a success. The goal has been met and the project will be funded.
Hopefully people will continue to pledge as the extra money would surely come in handy for supplies and art materials.

More to come, but for now, thank you times a million.
I'm so honored by your support. Truly a wonderful feeling!

All the best!
Melissa F. Clarke

12 hours left 92% funded, and $848 to go—this is it!

Dear Backers,

We are near the end and it's so close! Surely we will make it.
I'm exited to update you with news about the expedition and more once the project reaches the goal. Today, I would love your help by getting the word out in this final push. 

Thank you so much for backing this project.
All the best!

Melissa F. Clarke

48 hours left, 84% funded, and $1914 to go—we are almost there!

Dear Backers,
We should all feel really great about how far this project has come.
And the 48 84 combo just looks so cool!
I feel confident, as we continue to gently remind people, the pledges will come in and this project will succeed!

Also, just to let you all know, I set up an 'after the ice' events page on Facebook, if you feel like joining I welcome you to do so.
It's mostly to keep people posted about the last hours of this campaign, about a possible celebration if your in the NYC area, or you can celebrate with us on-line too. It will serve as a more interactive and less formal platform, you can participate if you like, and i'll post about the expedition plans and events from time to time up to our departure, including links about the arctic and things my expedition team may be sharing with me. I promise not to overwhlem you:) And larger updates will get posted here be assured.

Thanks so much everyone!

Melissa F. Clarke

80% backed 54 hours to go! now is the time for the last push! and a possible art piece about you as part of this project

Dear Backers,

'After the Ice' is so close to the finish line! Now is the time for the last push.
I've been working very hard, getting the word out here in Brooklyn and in Manhattan, at events and art gatherings over the last few weeks. I've been handing out postcards and talking to people about the project. And in social media posting and sharing art that backers will receive. I believe every contribution is an important one. To me, it's just as important, the idea of coming together around ideas and the making of things, that is what this platform is all about.

So in thinking about that, I've decided I'd like to do a data piece that includes you my backers. I'm not sure what that will be yet, or how. But I know that this is something I would like to do, and include this as part of the series. So more on that later!

Lastly, please help me get the word out. I'd love to get this project across the finish line in the next 50 hours, hopefully with time to spare. That would be nice:)
If you are interested I would like to share with you an image that I posted on Facebook a few hours ago and people have been responding and reposting it. You can copy it from this page (it's at the top) or contact me if you want it in layers so that you can update the time and amount, or play with it. I'm open to your artistic collaboration.

OK, more news coming soon. Including highlights of where I'll be going and more about the expedition and the team. This campaign has been a lot of work. And so many things I've yet to share with you!

All the best!
Melissa F. Clarke

Kickstarter features 'after the ice' along with a great interview between myself and Michael McGregor. And… with 6 days left, we are now in a final push to move this project past the finish line!

Dear Backers,

Today Kickstarter featured an interview with me on their blog! ...where I discuss my relationship with art, technology, nature, and science. Please take a moment and check it out. I feel it really came out well and expresses why this project is so important right now!

I also ask that you help me get the word out! With only 6 days left 'after the ice' is almost there, but we need about $3,100 to make it across the finish line. If i don't make the goal, the project is not funded at all, as many of you know. I would love to have your support once again in asking you share this project with your friends and colleagues, share this article and other news, and in general get the word out. Let people know they are not making a donation, you receive art in return for your pledge, and my heart felt thank you of course! As well, I will keep backers informed about my trip and many things related to this project into the future!

Thanks again everyone for your amazing support!
I've received so many great commets and more.
All my best!
Melissa F. Clarke