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With a crew of artists and scholars I'm going on a expedition to the arctic pursuing my passion for glaciers, data, and the poles.
With a crew of artists and scholars I'm going on a expedition to the arctic pursuing my passion for glaciers, data, and the poles.
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spring and summer update ….press, prints, exhibitions and more

Dear Backers, 

The work that you all helped begin is coming to fruition. Images, sound and inspiration gathered from my expedition to the arctic have led to work that has already been exhibited widely. A new, major film is nearly complete. Many new visual works are complete and have been printed. I cannot thank you enough for helping realize this work and I am looking forward to finally shipping finalized artwork to my Kickstarter supporters.

Also, I would like to announce that in the next update, going out by next week, I will post samples of the video, sound...and soon after the book design. I will also share video of the recent installation sila that premiered in Montreal under that title, and then again in NYC in an event I titled earth flat. This installation was an enormous challenge physically and conceptually. The work based on the expedition you supported was a success and will grow into something everyone will be proud of! Far after your rewards are sent out, I will keep you posted on the art that you helped create. And very soon I will begin contacting everyone for mailing addresses to send out rewards.

In this update #10 I have examples of the prints I will soon be sending out to many of you, as well as recent press and images form the last two exhibitions you helped make happen. Meanwhile some of you may have noticed that my image and this project are now on the Kickstarter homepage!

This winter and spring, into May and June, I worked very hard to put together an installation I titled Sila. Sila is the Greenlandic the word for weather plus the human intelligence and the Universe, when you add ‘rsuaq’ to it, the word becomes Silarsuaq, translating into the Universe. I was invited to do an installation by Eastern Bloc in Montreal as part of SIght and Sound a month long festival in May. This work I brought to Brooklyn's Reverse Space in June and held a series of performances based on my work. You can read more about this and more in a few different articles posted below, including a feature in Impose Magazine and a piece written by Creators Project. I encourage reading and sharing the articles as this is something you helped make happen...As well, I'm including images from both exhibitions.

Images from recent press

During this time I worked on the prints, sound, and video that will be published as part of your rewards. Here are images of the prints and the installation. As well video and sound coming in the next update.

(Images from top to bottom: sight and sound programs, earth flat postcard, six views of the sila installation, Arturo Vidich performs in front of sila at Reverse, MV Carbon performs in front of sila at Reverse, four images of the small prints as they displayed in Montreal, and lastly an image of the larger prints )

For those of you receiving a higher gift than the postcard, I would like each one of you to receive a small print by me as a thank you for your patience and understanding the gifts are later than expected. Each print is a 4" X 4" one of a kind that was shown in both Montreal and in Brooklyn at Reverse. Lastly the new book and cd release is still scheduled to happen this summer. It is my goal to make this work valuable and of the highest quality, thank you for understanding this in advance and thank you for your support!

All the best,


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    1. Bill Hutchison on July 10, 2013

      A great update; glad to hear what's been happening. Thanks!