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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, January 26 2015 4:00 AM UTC +00:00
Molecular Jig GamesBy Molecular Jig Games
First created
Molecular Jig GamesBy Molecular Jig Games
First created
pledged of $50,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, January 26 2015 4:00 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Molecular Jig Games Creator on

      Our Linux build is on the way! I will post here when it is ready!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Rhys Noble on

      Glad you're trying again. Already backed it

    3. eda on

      Awesome work, great project! I hope you catch the goal!

    4. Jaime on

      I just heard of (and backed) this last night. I have been pasting links everywhere I can and being a scientist, talking it up to all of my science friends. I really hope you reach your goal!

    5. Mike V.

      My suggestion is to reach out to the STEM folks in each state. Pretty cheap BIG bang for the buck. Licensing might be a "Statewide" deal.

    6. Molecular Jig Games Creator on

      Hey Everybody! We are almost to 50% funded!
      Thank you all!
      Someone pledged $10,000 to buy a pathogen... This pathogen's identity remains a mystery, until this campaign is funded! So if you want to know what pathogen someone was willing to pay $10,000 for you'll have to get this project funded!!!


    7. Philly Cashion on

      I pasted this every where I could think of that night get peoplr, I hope it helped, I'd love to see this become real so baby, plus I love games like of which there aren't enough of,,!

    8. Mike Stegman on

      Please help push this up, up, up! It is great to think of people playing video games and learning!!!

    9. Chris Parsons on

      Looks brilliant: really hoping you succeed! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Melissa on

      There's so much to learn from this game. After you play it, you keep thinking about how you can influence the fight and what else is going on in your body at that level. Very cool stuff!

    11. Missing avatar

      Howard Young on

      As an immunologist, having educational games like this is essential to helping people learn how their body functions and reacts to challenge by pathogenic viruses and bacteria

    12. Alfia Wallace on

      Immune Defense is quality edutainment. Level up! :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Antoine Taly on

      As someone interested in serious games I think Immune Defense is a superb example: not a fake game to trick learners but a real game that use game mechanics to have players learn important subjects, subject that can hardly be tackled otherwise.
      It is a so good example that I asked my students involved in serious games to review it!

    14. David Ballard

      I look forward to playing this game, and to giving copies of the game to my kids so that they can play it, but the Friendly Gamer tier only comes with two keys. Will we be able to over-pledge to get additional copies of the game?

      Also, have you considered including support for Window Phone and Windows tablets? Unity supports Windows universal apps, so this should be do-able.

    15. Beth Stegman on

      What I like about Immune Defense:
      1. it's a fun video game that actually teaches real things - a combination of fun and learning (2 of my favorite things!)
      2. it's challenging!
      3. it's my sister's passion...and I like my sister.

    16. Greg on

      I'm really excited to get Immune Defense in the hands of my kids. Anything I can give them to help them learn and make science come alive is amazing. I can't wait.

    17. Missing avatar

      David Mier on

      What I like about Immune Defense is that it makes micro-biology more accessible for everyone to understand.

    18. Mike Stegman on

      Great job pounding the pavement and getting the word out!!! Keep up the great work!!!