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A character-study in small town life, WHERE I BEGIN asks the question, can you ever really go home? Can you ever really escape it? Read more

Oxford, MS Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on July 15, 2010.

A character-study in small town life, WHERE I BEGIN asks the question, can you ever really go home? Can you ever really escape it?

Oxford, MS Documentary
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*UPDATE 7/7/10* - Location scouting nearly complete in Oxford and Sardis, MS. Casting almost complete as well.

*UPDATE 06/30/10* - Johnny McPhail joins cast of Where I Begin (Ballast).

*UPDATE 06/21/10* - Where I Begin goes live on IMDB.

*CAST UPDATE 06/11/10* - Lance E. Nichols joins cast of Where I Begin (HBO's Treme, Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, ER, The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, The Shield). He is an amazing addition to this independent film.

You can learn more about Nichols on his IMDb page:

If you are considering donating and would like to read the script first, e-mail us at

""The script for Where I Begin grabs you from the first page and remains unrelenting until the end. With an immediately distinguishable atmosphere lingering over the preceedings and pinpoint dialogue which illuminates the everyday behavior of its inhabitants, the script acutely portrays people belonging both to the cinematic world and the real one. It depicts the aspects of small town life that we know all too well and some that we wish we didn't. This script works on every possible level." " ROBERT MYERS


We are merely independent filmmakers who have lived in Los Angeles and both returned to our southern roots (Thomas is originally from Tennessee, Melanie is now living in Oxford, Mississippi) with a strong personal story and an emotional drive to bring it to life. We believe that indie film is more than just an artistic medium. We believe that independent films can and do hold a significant place in the history of filmmaking. Where Hollywood has failed, independent cinema has picked up the ball, telling stories that mean something and that show us the real world, its good, bad and ugly.


Where I Begin is a character study in a small, small southern town. The events, rumors, stares and gossip from one night long ago has shaped a group of friends into who they are as adults. When Jacob returns, the unease of that long ago event once again surfaces. For Haddy, Jacob's return is a reminder of her own desire to escape and start a new life.

The movie is a gritty southern drama that pulls no punches and delves into the lives of the towns people and the inner workings of a small southern community, where rumors are the truth and the past is always right in front of you.

The movie is full of characters and places that everyone can and will identify with. It is a movie about real people in real situations.


This will be the third feature from filmmaker Thomas L. Phillips that needs only a small amount of your financial support to help make it possible. The script was co-written by Phillips and Melanie Addington. The script is ready, pre-production has begun and filming kicks off at the end of July.

Learn more about Thomas and his previous features:

Production Website: -
Rattle Basket -
Rattle Basket 2 -
Hollywood Music Video -
Special Dead -
Please email if you have questions of any kind:


Having grown up in the small southern town like the one where we'll be shooting, it is my goal to create a very authentic and accurate portrait of the characters and the region itself. I love character driven stories, and Where I Begin is just that story. The kind of movie that an audience can identify with. The reality is in the script and in the town itself, and the actors will take that reality and make it their own. I have made two features and have loved them both, but now I have made my way back home, and I am making what I have always dreamed of making.

I would never ask for money for something that I do not believe in, and that is why I am trying every angle in order to make this movie happen, and any support will be greatly appreciated.


Paying Cast and Crew.
Feeding Cast and Crew.
Costumes and Props.
And if any is left it will go toward post-production.


Best Feature Film - Winnipeg International Film Festival
Best Ensemble Cast - Wine Country Film Festival
Best Feature Nominee - Oxford Film Festival
Best Cinematography - World Independent Film Expo
Official Selection - Memphis International Film Festival


“A very assured and intelligent visual and rhythmic sense.” Cinema de Merde

“It is so well written, directed and acted, that missing a moment of it would be an insult to the film.” Moses @ The Movies

“The humor builds in sudden bursts that make you laugh, then he assuredly slips back into a more thoughtful and serious tone, that keeps the movie beautifully balanced” Cinema de Merde

"Pinpoint writing and unexpected joy" WIFF 2007

"Top notch performances by rising starts Gia Natale and Amanda MacDonald" WCFF

"Thomas L. Phillips' Rattle Basket, a very solid film about a guy entwined in a destructive friendship with two dysfunctional sisters, surprised me with its originality. The film has some beautifully artistic cinematography, and a great use of music throughout as an integral part of the storytelling." - Kim Voynar, Movie City News


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