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Take your bike and find your own path down unspoiled mountains in this arcade-style mountain biking game for PC and Console coming 2019!
Take your bike and find your own path down unspoiled mountains in this arcade-style mountain biking game for PC and Console coming 2019!
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The 1-Minute-Demo is here! Try Lonely Mountains right now!

Posted by Megagon Industries (Creator)

Hey Riders!

Today we have a very special update: Thanks to your great community efforts you cleared all daily quests which means the 1-Minute-Demo of Lonely Mountains: Downhill is unlocked and you can play it right now! Also, we have just hit 90% of our Kickstarter funding goal which is great news too!

We want to say a big thanks to everyone who took part in yesterday’s daily quest. We asked you to write a 24 part short story together on Twitter or Facebook and - oh wow - did we laugh reading your tales!

Click here to read the full wonderful Twitter story about a crazy biker duck gang!?

Click here to read the extraordinary Facebook story about zombies, rabbits and much more.

All the cool stories aside we know of course that a lot of you are eager to try the 1-Minute-Demo. Just click the button below, subscribe to our tester list and the mountain is all yours. :)


As we are still putting the finishing touches on a new little trailer for the 1-Minute-Demo you will see us Tweeting and Facebooking about it starting tomorrow but since you cleared all daily quests so quickly, we wanted to share the demo with you already today.

A few comments about the demo: 

  • You can play one full mountain for 1 minute, then the demo resets. 
  • We suggest using a controller as we still work on the keyboard & mouse controls. 
  • Of course this is still an early version of the game but should give you a good idea of the gameplay. 
  • All backers of the €35 or above will get the full demo version with no time limit and online leaderboards, when the Kickstarter ends. 
  • There are no embargos or other restrictions on the demo, just have fun and feel free to share videos and screenshots wherever you like. :)

We are of course super excited to hear what you think! Just hop on our Discord and tell us how you like the demo and if you have any questions.

Jan & Daniel

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mathias Lang on

      I really like the demo :). Hopefully that will convince more potential players to join the Kickstarter campaign. This very very attractive and very very professional radio moderator will now spread the word of the extraordinary good news :). You should now prepare the Stretch Goal List. You will need it :D.

    2. Will O'Neill

      Just gave the demo a shot! Loved it! You guys have already nailed a great feel for the game. Very excited to see this project continue to blossom!

    3. Megagon Industries Creator on

      @Paul Scott: We will upload one it the next 1-2 days and let you know, ok? We didnt have enough time for testing though...

    4. Paul Scott on

      Is there a link to the linux build? I guess it won't be quite as polished, but I can certainly help out with dependency issues that may arise

    5. Jan Bubenik on

      @Macspeedee Hm, actually it should work without any special setup. Could you send us the log file so we can have a look what the problem might be? (via Discord or email would be awesome!)

      The log file is in the subfolder (LonelyMountains_Downhill_OneMinuteDemo_Win_x86_Data) and is called: output_log.txt

    6. Missing avatar

      Macspeedee on

      Any secret to getting the gamepad working?

      Keyboard and mouse seem to work but not gamepad (X-box gamepad). Gamepad is plugged in working but not in the demo.

    7. Megagon Industries Creator on

      @Emil Hey, we haven't really had the time to properly test the Mac build that's why there is no public download link. If you want to help us test it please send us a message or write to us in our Discord ( and we will send you a download link.

    8. Missing avatar

      Emil on

      Could you guys make a Mac version of the 1-minute demo as well please?