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A one-of-a-kind, 1-8 player deduction game with infinite replayability. Based on the innovative Brilliant Deck System!
A one-of-a-kind, 1-8 player deduction game with infinite replayability. Based on the innovative Brilliant Deck System!
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#AGWInvestigation Winners!!!

Posted by Megacorpin Games (Creator)

Hi, investigators!

Once again we would like to thank everybody who joined the #AGWInvestigation. We are amazed by having received so many guesses! We didn't know there were such a big number of smart investigators playing with us! Thanks for being there!


Before announcing the winners, Tom Walker deserves a special mention. He is not only one of our dear proofreaders but also the very first investigator solving the case. Tom sent his guess even BEFORE we released the email address! Really outstanding, Tom, you have to tell us how you made it.

This said, the #AGWInvestigation winners are (drum roll)...


1. Shayne J. Lindeman

2. Magician 1099

3. Thomas DePasquale


1. Johan Kristoffersson

2. Ugo Ugolani

3. Lukas Kairys


1. Justin Bartter

2. Adonais Garcia Nuñez

3. Paul Gardiner

Our sincere congratulations to the winners and to all the contestants!

We will contact the winners soon. Please, be patient if you are among them.

If you liked it and you want, we will run another #AGWInvestigation in the future!

Would you join #AGWInvestigation2?

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    1. Missing avatar

      Francesc on

      Do creators reply any messages?

    2. Missing avatar

      TDI on

      Could you please give more info about the KS exclusives as they seem to be only "cosmetic enhancements" - despite the criminal profiles, for which I can't find infos, e.g. if they have some sort of game (improvement) relevance.
      Thank you!

    3. Mr Suitcase on

      @Tom Walker Thank you! That helps a great deal. Knowing the murderer will state the room they were in prior to the murder is a big help, as is knowing everyone has to state the truth about where they were. I think I could figure out the next one, if we get another chance! (fingers crossed!)

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas W. on

      Congratulation for the winners!

    5. Missing avatar

      K.Kanaan on

      Congrats to the winners!

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Walker on

      Sorry - realized an error in my preceding post caused by poor editing. 'with routes from the bedroom to the kitchen (in clues 1-6) and the vestibule to the living room (clue 10)' should be followed by 'closed, she must be innocent.'

    7. Missing avatar

      Tom Walker on

      @Mr Suitcase - the interesting thing with this investigation is that everything in it was true (sort of). There's actually relatively limited scope for characters to lie. What they do instead is mislead.
      The murderer will state the room that they were in prior to stealing off to commit the murderer. This is important for deducing a route. All other guests will state the room they were in when the murder happened. This means that numbers about how many guests were in a room will not include the murderer. Also, guests will claim to be with other guests at the time. If they are not the murderer (or the accomplice in harder games), this can be taken to be true.
      Staff and police never lie.
      You do not need two testimonies and one piece of supporting evidence in order to work out a motive. The murderer's motive will have two testimonies and one piece of supporting evidence in the deck. Therefore, if you see evidence supporting a motive, there's a reasonable chance it's correct if you have identified the murderer. Other evidence for guests' motives may be in the deck - if the guest is not the murderer they don't matter.
      So where does this leave this case? I'm assuming with Megacorpin posting their summary and annotated player sheet yesterday that the following can be considered public information, but for the record: spoilers follow.

      You say you know the murder weapon, which must be the pesticide in the shed. This means the murderer had to have a route that took them through the shed.
      We know that Greg Gaffney and Mortimer Mollow did not go through the shed (clue 14).
      We know that Claudette Cazelar was in the Vestibule either at the time of the murder, or prior to the murder (clue 18), and with routes from the bedroom to the kitchen (in clues 1-6) and the vestibule to the living room (clue 10).
      The Berwick Sisters' motives were ruled out: vengeance (in clues 1-6), resentment (clue 15), and extreme ambition/financial (clue 17). Since they are innocent, their testimony is honest and rules out Stanley Smithe (clue 24).
      Which leaves Angelica Albinson who tells us she was in the Living Room (clue 13), and therefore had a route. Greg Gaffney provides evidence for her motive of baleful plans (clue 23), resentment was already ruled out (clue 15), and we have no evidence for Extreme Principles.

    8. Mujtaba Walji on

      @Mr Suitcase: Remember: Only the culprit lies. If someone's lying, they're the culprit.

      B) The murder weapon has to be found on the culprit's route to the crime scene.

      C) The biggest hint is one of two people had to be in a certain place.

    9. ijonesfr on

      "We will come back to discuss how the solution could be achieved" - Solution not found !
      "Would you join #AGWInvestigation2?" - Yes, but have all the clue on same place please.

      Question someone replies to MP on this kickstarter ? I've wrote to you and I've no reply.


    10. Mr Suitcase on

      I would love another just for fun - maybe not hidden all over on social media though (to see the instagram ones, you actually had to sign up). It would also give me a better feel for the game. I'm still not sure I understand everything correctly for this one. I got the murder weapon, but the suspects and motive were... ? Maybe there's something I'm not understanding about the testimony of the suspects about other suspects. (e.g. what can be assumed true versus what is not).

    11. Lance Goodwin

      Congrats to the winners!

    12. Missing avatar

      Tom Walker on

      Congratulations to all of you!

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nicacio on

      Can you post the solution? And just for the fun of it, at which time the third winner of each region sent their solution? That was a great initiative, well done. GG!

    14. Clever Cat Escapes on

      Yes please. Then I can join too. Will you post the solution of this one?