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A one-of-a-kind, 1-8 player deduction game with infinite replayability. Based on the innovative Brilliant Deck System!
A one-of-a-kind, 1-8 player deduction game with infinite replayability. Based on the innovative Brilliant Deck System!
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Posted by Megacorpin Games (Creator)

Mr. Walton has been found dead in his study!

We are looking for the best investigators to join the AWKWARD GUESTS WORLDWIDE INVESTIGATION and find his murderer.

Dear investigators, welcome to…


WHAT IS THE #AGWInvestigation?

This is your opportunity to play an Awkward Guests' game NOW!!!

Awkward Guests ( is an innovative boardgame of mystery and investigation where each game recreates the night Mr. Walton was murdered but this time we will play it ONLINE.

WHO CAN JOIN THE #AGWInvestigation?

Everyone can join the #AGWInvestigation and win prizes for participating and for solving the crime!

But if you are a backer of Awkward Guests Kickstarter campaign you will have access to premium clues and special prizes.


You will only need a tracking sheet you can download from The tracking sheet is where you will write down the information discovered during the game.

HOW DOES #AGWInvestigation WORKS?

We have created a specific Beginner level case for the #AGWInvestigation.


We will start off by publishing 6 clues on social media. Follow us on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram to be the first to receive new clues. If you don’t have social media profiles, don’t worry our profiles are public so you will be able to see everything we post.

We will then continue publishing new clues on the following days on different platforms, so you must use your investigator skills to find them. The game will go on for days and once you believe you have the solution, you'll send it a mysterious email address that will be revealed during the #AGWInvestigation.


We have divided the world into three zones according to this map:

The first three investigators of each zone to send an email to the mysterious email address, guessing ALL the crime details (murderer, motive and weapon. REMEMBER: there won’t be an accomplice in this case) CORRECTLY will be the winners.

This is what you get if you win:

• One copy of Awkward Guests plus its supplement book Awkward Secrets and all unlocked stretch goals during Awkward Guests Kickstarter campaign. 

• An acreditative diploma that certifies you as an AWKWARD GUESTS WORLDWIDE INVESTIGATION winner.

• Immediate induction into the INVESTIGATION HALL OF FAME in Awkward Guests definitive rulebook.

If you are an Awkward Guests Kickstarter backer once the campaign is over you will also receive:

• a copy of Megacorpin Games’ second game: MONSTArgh! directed by Paz Navarro.

 • an Awkward Guests poster autographed by all Megacorpin Games members.


As soon as this tweet reaches 100 retweets, you will receive your first clues.

Let's go, investigators!

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    1. Space Buccaneer Zip! on

      clue 20 really brought this whole thing together for me :D

    2. Megacorpin Games 2-time creator on

      You are right, Tom. We will indicate the reason why people are in the Hall of Fame.

      The total number of winners of the #AGWInvestigation will be nine, three investigators from each zone.


    3. Missing avatar

      Tom Walker on

      You know what - I've read the announcement again and see the ambiguity. I initially saw it as the first investigator from each zone (meaning a total of three investigators) would win and go in their Hall of Fame. But I can see that it actually says the first three investigators from each zone (meaning a total of nine). Let me be completely clear - the four names there have nothing to do with this contest. We all provided some sort of service prior to the campaign in response to the draft campaign and rulebook.

      I see similar comments to Morwenna's appearing in response to the Tweet. Maybe someone on Twitter could clear this up? And Megacorpin Games: maybe indicating the reason why people are in the Hall of Fame would help?

    4. Missing avatar

      Tom Walker on

      The winners of the competition will be included in the "Investigation Hall of Fame". But that's not the only reason for inclusion on that list (note there are nine spaces total). The four names currently there are not the three winners of this contest.

    5. Morwenna W on

      The tweet has yet to reach 100 retweets - which triggers the start of this investigation - yet there are already winners announced on the campaign page? Of something that hasn't even started yet? Surely this is a mistake.

    6. Megacorpin Games 2-time creator on

      If you don't have social media profiles, don't worry. All of our social media profiles are public so you can access them even if you don't use these platforms. Just google "Megacorpin Twitter", "Megacorpin Facebook" or "Megacorpin Instagram" and you will see our posts.

    7. Megacorpin Games 2-time creator on

      The MONSTArgh! copy and the Awkward Guests poster autographed by all Megacorpin Games members are additional prizes for the winners, in case they are Awkward Guests Kickstarter backer once the campaign is over.
      Sorry if we didn't explain it properly.

    8. Ramon Mercado on

      I’m assuming the clues will come as updates here or on FB. I don’t use Twitter; but I still want to have a chance to participate and win.

    9. WEREDINO on

      They did not say it would come with any pledges. Would be cool if they made a tier to include it though.

    10. boilingKettle on

      If I backed the group pledges, how many MONSTArgh! will be included in with the pledge?
      I'm pretty sure everyone in the group pledge would be interested to get one too....
      Can you give us more information?

    11. WEREDINO on

      Love the look of MonstAGH!
      Would make a great add-on or a cool thing to include in a new tier: Awkward Guests + Awkward Guests book + MonstAGH!