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Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
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Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

This is Ian Starcher, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer for Ulisses North America.  

I wanted to reach out to all of you to let you know that there is in fact an agreement for Ulisses acquiring Myth and Myth: Dark Frontier. MERCS, LLC and Ulisses have worked everything out, no more negotiations, everyone’s happy. There are some niggly details that come with transferring Intellectual Property, trademarks, etc. that can drag out longer than desired by anyone, but they are important. Lawyers get paid by the quarter-hour.  

However, I didn’t want any more time to pass for you to hear some sort of announcement from Ulisses. You deserve to be kept abreast of all goings on. I will be making a more grand public announcement soon, but like I said I didn’t want to make you the backers to wait any longer for some assurance this is a real thing.  

One of the things I’m very happy about is that all conversations between Megacon Games and Ulisses was driven by the principle “What’s best for the backers”. That is Ulisses first, most pressing focus.  

Who’s Ulisses North America?  

Ulisses North America, based in Nevada, is the sister company of Ulisses Spiele out of Germany. Combined Ulisses supports with print products more RPGs than any other company in the world. In addition, we’ve worked with a number of board games and miniatures games. Ulisses has earned a reputation for very high-quality products as well as numerous awards and nominations in the arena of game excellence.  

Things are going to be better.  

We’ve already dedicated a lot of resources to make you happy backers (more on that soon, I promise). We already have put in place staff dedicated to communications and customer service for YOU specifically, the backers of the Myth. There will be a FAQ and rolling updates page on our website dedicated to Myth and another for Myth: Dark Frontier. Everything moving forward will be timely. Thank you for your patience.  

If Ulisses’ investing and supporting the Myth franchise is wise or foolish is really determined by you, the fans. Our gamble is that if we earn your respect, we may earn your business in the future for more Myth goodness.  

Stay tuned. There’s a lot more coming your way and soon.

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    1. Infamous B on

      Aug 29 2018 was the last time we got an update, knock it off and get a solid handle on the information flow.

      Wouldn't have an issue if I got someone there to be serious about this project instead of being childish and blocking commenting. I paid my money, and three years of backtalk and where are we, NOW THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE TAKEN THIS PROJECT OVER?

    2. Martijn Kruining on

      Ulisses... more like useless... soonsoonsoon... its been August. I had little hope, now we’re back in the shit... byebye 350$.

    3. Jay Lark on

      "Soon" seems to mean a very different thing in the board game industry. As a whole they never seem to have this figured out.

    4. Bobby Brown on

      I paid for this pledge almost THREE years ago. At this point, I'm just writing it off as a loss. We have all been conned. You don't start a Kickstarter in good faith and then enter an NDA and keep us all in limbo for this long. The honorable thing to do would have been to refund all our money for those who wanted out of this fiasco. If I do even get the product after all this time, I might not even open the boxes or I may just give it away or burn it in effigy. This is an absolute disgrace. I will never purchase, nor make a pledge for any product you or the previous owners create in the future. I really don't care what updates you post, if you even do at this point going forward.

    5. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Gallani on

      Sooo are we getting the rest of the stuff (like the 2.0 content for 99% of the first KS) anytime soon? Also, there seem to be zero support on the Pledge Manager - I need to change my address and have sent two emails in the last couple of months, to no avail.

      As always, great customer support.

    6. AGN1964 on

      "more on that soon, I promise"

      "There will be a FAQ and rolling updates page on our website dedicated to Myth"
      No there isn't.

      "Stay tuned. There’s a lot more coming your way and soon."
      Apparently not.

      "Things are going to be better. "
      Or exactly the same.

      This is very poor follow through.

    7. Missing avatar

      defdrago on

      This is some great communication!

    8. Dean F. Wilson

      So when is this fabled communications and customer service appearing?

    9. William Hartman on

      Never received a thing not even an email. No replies to any correspondence sent. Thanks for nothing.... Dont care about new owner this has been crap and wont support anything else.

    10. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      We’ve already dedicated a lot of resources to make you happy backers (more on that soon, I promise). We already have put in place staff dedicated to communications and customer service for YOU specifically, the backers of the Myth. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    11. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      Spent over $500 on this KS, and have received the 2 basic expansions that's it, account is locked so couldn't get the printed stuff, have emailed. messages around 3 different places several times and nothing.

    12. Johnny D on

      I paid for shipping and received a notice on August 30 that "All Stretch Goals" and "Myth Treasure Bag" where on the way. I haven't received anything yet. Anybody I should be contacting?

    13. Jan Fnord

      Any news on when support is opening on this KS.

    14. Chris Henderson

      I was very surprised to receive my shipment of the All Stretch Goals (Printed) box, and the Modules box. No plastics as yet, but it's a start. I have a list of items I am tracking to see if the rest of the items show up...still excited to be able to play the new content once the plastics arrive. Crossing fingers rest will be coming still.

    15. Missing avatar

      William Lam on

      Dear Sir,

      I am a backer of Myth Journeyman, i have received the Blackwall Warrens & Shores of Kanis years before, yet for the rest of KS rewards, I have not yet received or received any tracking about the shipping, would you mind check what have happened to my reward? (Ref. : ORDER: MEGACON-470706)

      William Lam

    16. Missing avatar

      James Frashure Collaborator on

      Hello everyone,

      My name is James and I work with Ulisses North America.

      Right now both management teams or working on finalizing the sale, there are just little details to go over.

      Until the contract is signed there is not much Ulisses can do.

      Once the deal is done we will have a robust customer support system ready to help our new backers out.

    17. Missing avatar

      defdrago on

      A month and a half later and nothing more. Hilariously predictable. Seems MCG sold the game to a clone of themselves. This game is trash and so are both companies.

    18. Infamous B on

      If you don't expect anything, you won't be disappointed.

    19. jsjamboree on

      IF we have learned anything from this KS, its that "Soon" generally means "Months", so Ulisses doesn't seem to disappoint on that front either. I have had two kids since I paid this KS...

    20. Earl McCammon on

      Still nothing on the front. XD

    21. Mike Callahan on

      Hang tight folks,... they said that they are putting new customer service routes in place. There should be new information soon.

    22. Missing avatar

      Tomasz Klos

      I am well just noticed that my pledge is incomplete and it is closed. Could someone tell me what is happening? Did my payment went through?

    23. Demian on

      Can you comment on the cancellation of extra copies of expansion items paid for 3 years ago?

    24. Kasper on

      Yes when is the customer service for Myth in place. As I'm missing all the cards from Blackwell Warren's.

    25. Schel Straw II on

      Hey, who would I want to contact to take care of my "incomplete" order. I just recently found out that my payment for shipping never went though and I really want to get my stuff.

    26. Poppa Mordor on

      No shipping notice but package delivered today. Thanks folks! Really looking forward to the rest of the stuff I ordered.

    27. Joe Wilkinson on

      Is there updated info on to whom we ought to direct questions about the shipped content? I got my box of modules and expansion content this week and it looks AMAZING. However, in looking through the contents, I worry that I am missing a sheet (or more) of cardboard chits. Has anyone posted an inventory list for this set of shipped materials, or is there a best person to direct such questions towards? Thanks for the assist!

    28. Missing avatar

      Robert Brittain on

      Nevermind, went back a few posts ago and saw that the miniatures is gonna be in another shipment

    29. Missing avatar

      Robert Brittain on

      Not quite the Real Thing. There is no minatures included with anything. The Modules along and stretch goals should of had minuates but Nada nothing, explain what is going on

    30. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      Well that was quite impressive quick to deliver those printed materials, looking forward for the rest of the items.

    31. Eric Lotos on

      Looking forward to getting the products we backed. I know I am not the only one who failed to get any type of notification that the pledgemanager was open (I think I filled it out two years ago anyway), then was told in a KS update that I had missed the PM. Very frustrating.

    32. Paul Howie on

      Goodness me this bodes well. The quality of the recent shipment I received was top notch and I'm finally, after all these years, thinking I have a game in a good enough shape to be worth the effort of putting on the table for my group.

      Even this update just screams professionalism and confidence. Nicely done.

    33. Jeff N

      I just got shipping notice (from support@VSEVIL.NET) for:

      MCX5650 All In Modules

      MCX5600 All Stretch Goals

      KS1209 Limited Edition Myth Rulebook

    34. Dyne1319

      It looks like I just got shipping for the modules, the colorded fate dice and the stretch goals but is there going to be another wave? I didn't see anything for the hardcover book or the mega boss in that shipment.

    35. Missing avatar

      Smithers on

      Very Nice. Myth is an excellent and unique game with even greater potential. This is my most consistently played game since it first came out. There is superb fan support on BGG with some really high quality contributions. Congratulations on becoming a part of Myth. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    36. Decar

      Ian, How can we get this fabled support you've mentioned?

    37. David Lian

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to finally get my package. BTW, my address has changed so how do we still update our addresses?

    38. pandab0mb on

      Things are going to better? You want to make us happier? I'm already happy, but if you got something special up your sleeve i will be extremely happy.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ace Histoli

      I will totally support the continuation of the Myth universe with my wallet. So exciting and optimistic around here suddenly! Thanks for buying the IP!

    40. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Ian, Thanks for the update, look forward to hearing what you have in store for Myths future once the KS is completed

    41. Mark Horneff

      Gotta say , i love the the tone of this update.

    42. Drew Jones on

      Ian - Thanks for the update. I think you have truly made a good gamble on the IP and as you will see there are many of us in the Myth community who fully support you and will give you a clean slate to earn our future business. Looking toward the future with anticipation and full-on excitement. Cheers!

    43. Missing avatar

      FH on

      Does this mean Dark Frontier might get a reprint? I didn't back it given the problems w/ Myth... looks like a fun game now that I've watched some of the play through videos.

    44. Jared Bond

      Have you already contacted those that need to pay more shipping fees??

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wilson on

      Thanks for the update. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    46. Itai Rosenbaum on

      Fantastic news!

      I've been singing the praises of both Myth & Dark Frontier to anyone who will listen, so I'm happy to hear that they will be available to a wider audience sometime in the future.
      And of course, it's very comforting to hear that care and attention will be given to us long-time backers :)

      As long as more Myth gets made - I will keep buying it.

    47. Steve Kozlowski

      Super excited! Glad this is happening! The Myth IP is so rich and fun, I'm extremely happy it's going to continue! I'm not just looking forward to getting the rest of my pledge, I'm also pumped for MOAR MYTH!!!!

    48. BoardGameGuy on

      Awesome!! I also just received my printed materials today and they look outstanding. And the book....well...WOW. there are plenty of backers that support you but I am sure you will mainly hear from the few squeaky wheels. Looking forward to more myth. What ever is put out in the future I am all in!

    49. Labelle Rouge on

      Is there any guaranty that we will,have all the missing miniatures ? What is the status of the French translated version ? We have paid a high price for it. Thanks.

    50. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      I was reading all of these messages about incomplete pledge managers and was confident that my printed materials would arrive soon-ish since I paid my shipping and all was well last time I checked.

      For fun (and looking for some sort of tracking) I logged in and discovered the “Your order is incomplete!” message, too!

      What’s up with this? Nobody that’s reported it has received a response yet?