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Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
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Shipping Update, Buyer Announcement, and More

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

Really glad to be sharing great news all around today.

Shipping Update

North America - Kable has the address list and the shipping advance was wired to them this week. The plan is for them to begin shipping your printed materials next week.

EU - Ulisses will once again be spearheading fulfillment here. They have the address for this region and all products are received. The plan is to begin shipping immediately as well, so hopefully we'll see movement on this next week as well.

Australia and Asia - This is once again being handled by Aetherworks. They have their address as well and we are moving into the queue. Had a chance to catch up with them at GenCon and it's amazing to see their growth since we first worked with them years ago. They update every Friday on shipping details on their facebook page here:

Note: When we exported the addresses, both EU and NA have a few packages that are just too large (in excess of 35 lbs) to ship based on our carrier quotes, and so we'll have to make some special arrangements. It will need to ship either through another carrier that can handle this or be broken into two packages, which will unfortunately impact your cost. We'll be reaching out to you if you are someone in this camp once we have more details.

Buyer Announcement

There are some rumors about the buyer for Myth, and we are really happy to confirm that they are true. Ulisses North America has indeed purchased Myth. We are all very excited. Next week they will be making an official announcement, so expect quite a few updates from us after their press release. There is a lot of really great news to talk about.

And More

In other (unrelated) news, Keith is running a small kickstarter project for his first children's book. It is called the Titans of Taste. It's a lighthearted book about food and friendship for younger readers.

If you feel so inclined to check it out, the project has about 5 days left to go.

Hope this update is encouraging to you all. We sure are glad to be able to share it.


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    1. Artem Filatov

      Hey guys! What's up? How i can check shipping?

    2. Strogar on

      how long is North America shipping supposed to take ?
      no tracking info available and no idea if the package was delivered or when to expect it.
      you could at least update the PM with tracking info if not sending out emails

    3. Justin Frantz on

      So I got what was supposed to be all the stretch goals and modules, only not a single mini from the stretch goals, addons, or modules. Is this what the 3rd wave is for because that is a whole lot of miles is missing..

    4. Demian on

      Be aware: additional Item and Quest decks ordered do not appear to be in this shipment.
      Sent Mercs a PM, will update if they respond.

    5. Demian on

      Arrived today, near Seattle!

    6. Demian on

      shipping notice from VSEvil on August 30th. Tracking today shows USPS hasnt received the item yet, good times

    7. Mike Ostman on

      @marissa - Ok. That makes sense. But there’s still no date on that, correct?

    8. Games Afoot on

      Will we be getting a tracking number for our shipment before it goes out?

    9. Marissa on

      @Mike Ostman It shouldn't be flushed... just means waiting to receive the remaining items all at once whenever they finish the minis.

    10. Mike Ostman on

      Awesome. No response to my email. I guess that money is just flushed.

    11. Mike Ostman on

      Same boat. Missed the notice about needing to pay for shipment. Ended up in spam. Now the PM is locked. What is this about waiting until next year? That’s insane. I send a DM - not sure that’ll do me any good.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian Tanner on

      @Chris Mibus - ah okay gotcha, that makes sense, thanks for the info!

    13. Felipe Machado on

      @MEGACON: Can you guys help me change the e-mail associated with the PledgeManager?
      I haven't found some contact info on their website...

    14. Sir Wilhelm on

      @Endevor - What I'm fairly certain BlackReign12 (and other Backers having the same issue) is referring to, is that they paid the shipping after Update #167. But, and this is huge, there was an additional shipping charge added that people were not made aware of. Lucky for myself and some others, we happened to log back into the PM, noticed it, and paid the balance.

      For myself I paid $27 (the balance at the time) for shipping on 7/5 and just happened to look at the PM again on 7/15 and saw I had another shipping charge of $9. Lucky. I paid it and kept checking back to see if another shipping charge would appear with no notification. Just another, in a long list of communication failures for MCG.

      It really sucks for those Backers who thought they were squared away on shipping only to get fucked over by MCG again. How this IP continues after this shitshow is beyond me.

    15. Endevor on

      This update was sent july 5th you had until August 1 to pay these fees.

    16. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      Ok, I am so pissed off right now. I went back and looked and I never received an update or notice about this new shipping costs... so now my pledge is INCOMPLETE, and I have over $300 invested in this game. I love MYTH and have supported MERCS from day one, but this makes me really mad.

    17. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      What the heck. I went into the Pledge Manager last time and the project said complete. Now it is telling me incomplete. How do I get it complete?

    18. GhostWolf69 on

      Got mine in Sweden today. :)

    19. Eric Ducreux on

      Edinburgh Scotland: Parcel arrived yesterday evening via DHL. Heavy box "MCX5600" with tokens, cards and booklets.
      Box is very thick cardboard, very nice illustration. Very pleased as the content is heavy.

    20. Missing avatar


      Im still waiting on them to answer about my unfulfilled mercs pledge

    21. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      If they ever reply :(

    22. Endevor on

      There is also a possibility that they may reopen to pm to let people who missed the deadline pay for shipping but not in 2018 (it is in the previous update).

    23. Chris Mibus

      @brian no you wont lose all the stuff and no you didnt pay for it ages ago. Well the stuff you did, but not the shipping. The shipping payment to receive the printed stuff now closed on the 1st, if you missed that then you will have to wait until the minis ship in 2019 and get it all then... you will still have to pay shipping then as well.

    24. Missing avatar

      Brian Tanner on

      I too missed the deadline for the pledgemanager on August 1st. Mine says incomplete as well, even though I thought I had paid this stuff forever ago, so I wasn't even thinking about it. I haven't been following Myth particularly closely, especially once all the drama started and the delays began to slip further and further... Anyways all I had was the Minion Pledge and the All in Modules. With the pledge manager saying incomplete, am I just screwed out of my modules and stretch goals?

    25. Timo Lemburg

      Just got a shipping notification from Ulisses, so my Myth stuff will arrive tomorrow! Exitement!

    26. Kyle Schleich

      Finally a name to go with this long wait for an announcement, At least stuff is on the way!!!

    27. Endevor on

      @Chris and Robert
      No it was not years ago it was in the previous update from july 5th, they gave us until august 1 to pay the shipping for the current wave (3) everything is explained in this update including that they will reopen it in the future but not in 2018, but they may change their minds who knows.

    28. Chris Cox on

      Like a number of people below I also (following their comments) have just logged in and found it to be ‘incomplete’ - I suspect I missed paying some sort of cost years ago. Can you please let us know and email or way to resolve this. Or perhaps, now it seems likely to be Happening again, reopen the pledge manager for payment.

    29. Robert Mercado Jr. on

      I just noticed I was supposed to pay a new shipping charge? My pledge says incomplete...what should I do?

    30. Timo Lemburg

      Well, found it in the last update - translations in the last wave.

    31. Timo Lemburg

      Very happy to hear these news!
      Does the printed material include the translations?

    32. Benjamin Walter

      with this wave and have to wait until later. I think thats the same here. Although I hope that MCG can handle something.
      @Endevor: My idea to contact Ulisses had nothing to do with them buing the license or not. Just a try to mabe get things working

    33. Benjamin Walter

      @Franck: No, I think that is not the case but you will probably not recieve anything

    34. Missing avatar

      Franck on

      Same as you all, my pledge manager says it's locked and incomplet.
      I've send a message, let's will see.
      I hope I don't have lost all the add-on I ordered.

    35. Endevor on

      I thinks this is exactly why Ulisses did not talked about the purchase of the licence, either way i don't think they have any information, MCG just send them the file with the orders to be delivered they don't have access to the pledge manager.

    36. Benjamin Walter

      maybe I try and mail Ulisses for assitance

    37. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      I had the incomplete order I sent a message to the company on here and emailed them no response been a week.

    38. Missing avatar

      jesse kisman on

      I was in the middle of a cross county move and could not up date my address or pay this waves’ shipping. With pledge manager being closed who do I contact to at least try to do this.

    39. Sir Wilhelm on

      I rewatched both the SG Box and the All In Module Box video.

      Only World Bosses seemed to have the Decks. 4 total.

      There should also be 5 Boss Decks included in the SG Box. Endevor says that they were translated. Maybe Yamato2 could chime in to clarify.

      I really hope I'm missing something...

    40. Onyx

      My PM says the same - although I’m SURE that I had completed it successfully (years ago)!!!

    41. Benjamin Walter

      My Plede manager said "Your order is not actually complete, but the project has closed and your order was in an incomplete state and may have been been locked down. You will need to contact the project owner for additional assistance. " Althogh i have autherised the payment of the shipment costs for my credit card. Don't know what I should do now

    42. Craig Bergstrom on

      Perfect timing, since I just ordered more card sleeves for all the new goodness.

    43. Missing avatar

      Steven White on

      I expect I’ll get busted on the extra carrier carged... oh well more myth stuff!!! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY😄

    44. Missing avatar

      Padington on


      They were definitely not in the video. I suspect it is the case of those not being included in the stretch goal box but separately packed based on order. Some people ordered the over the top or individual pieces and some didnt so it would depend on that I suppose.

      At least I really hope that is the case. Well have to wait a few weeks I suppose to find out.

    45. Sir Wilhelm on

      @Endevor - Thanks. I will watch it again.

    46. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      I've messaged on here and emailed any chance of a reply?

    47. Missing avatar

      Alex Villanova on

      Is it possible to still update shipping address for the next wave?

    48. Endevor on

      @Sir Willhelm
      I havn't watch the videos closely enough but i can at least tell you every boss had his darkness deck designed (i translated all of them).

    49. Sir Wilhelm on

      @MCG - From watching the videos uploaded by Yamato, it appears the the new Bosses do not have Darkness Decks. Did I just miss them? And if not, why were those Decks not included with the SG box? Are they coming at a later date?

    50. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      Ulisses North America is actually not a bad choice, sure there are better choices (no offense at the folks at UNA), but many worse as well.

      I currently dread an email... I bought a bit much this KS...