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Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
4,739 backers pledged $972,886 to help bring this project to life.

Ships and Shipping...and a bit more

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)


As some of you have discovered, the PM is open and shipping can be paid. We've been testing it and it appears to be working as intended, so now we are making it official. There are several things to note about this round of shipping:

Link to PM:

  • The main two boxes are very heavy (all dense paper and cardboard) . The shipping cost is based off weight. Each product has the real weight assigned to it.
  • The cost varies based on location. More importantly, how much and what the customer ordered impacts the price more so now, ie. two packages going to California can be much different in price.  
  • Non-subsidized pricing. The price tag for shipping for some of you will be very high. We've always helped offset the costs previously, but are not able to do so now.
  • If you have multiple pledges, the shipping should reflect this.
  • You can choose to wait and receive it all at once with the last shipment (see details below). Shipping prices are going up every six months and I don't expect that trend to change. If you wait, expect the shipping cost to go up.
  • Please verify your address. If you need to change your address, you should be able to do so in the PM now. 
  • If for some reason you find you can order something, please don't. We cannot honor any new item purchases at this time. The print runs/injection numbers are locked. The printing limits and prices negotiated have been set across the board. 

If you waited to have your Journeyman expansion shipped until now, you will see shipping in two places. There is an area that says reward shipping (Shores and Blackwall) and an area that says weight shipping (the current wave). In the example below, this backer has already paid for his base Shores and Blackwall games. He only needs to pay for the current shipping. 

The first bracket has to do with the shipping of this base game expansions and the weight shipping has to do with the current shipping.
The first bracket has to do with the shipping of this base game expansions and the weight shipping has to do with the current shipping.

The PM will be open until August 1st to pay for shipping. Afterwards, it will be locked and the addresses of the backers who paid organized for shipping. We may be able to open up the PM again for a batch for people who missed this opportunity, but it isn't a guarantee and won't be this year.

What's coming in this shipment?

  • Stretch Goal materials ( modules / cards / punchboards / tavern mode)
  • All-in Modules (modules / cards / punchboards)
  • LE Book
  • Item Expansions 1, 2 & 3
  • Question Expansions 1, 2 & 3
  • 2.0 Monster Cards (any add-on purchased mini will have their cards in this as well)
  • Realm Tile Expansion 1
  • Realm Tile Supplement 1 & 2
  • Spriggan, Trickster, and Skald (Novice 2.0) as well as Journeyman cards
  • 2.0 starting gear for Spriggan, Trickster, and Skald
  • Slaughterfield Expansion (Journeyman) items and cards
  • Journeyman Hunter Cards
  • Colored Fate Dice
  • Treasure Bag
  • Tuck Boxes
  • Over-the-Top Printed materials (some of which are already listed above)



  • Boat: XIN QING DAO V.177S
  • ETA Port: 30 Jun

United States

  • Boat: OOCL TAIPEI V.025E
  • ETA Port: 5 Jul


  • ETA Port: 24 Jul


We are looking at final wave delivery of the miniatures in the summer of 2019 but it is still very much a moving target. We should have test injections to show you in forth quarter. As I mentioned several updates ago, we are going slower at the beginning to ensure quality.


Translated materials will be shipped out with the final wave.

Buyer Announcement

We understand the buyer will be talking about the purchase at Gencon. Expect a bit of news to filter out during the convention and we'll have a larger update afterwards. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Mangano on

      Locked out the pledge manager. More your fault then mine since I paid for this years ago. Anyways pretty sure you owe me quite a bit of stuff but then who knows since it’s impossible to see what ordered right now.

      Anyways, get back to me.

    2. Marco Byrne on

      Still no answer on how I get my pledge since I missed the deadline to pay more shipping than I already paid the first time. Can someone get a hold of me please?

    3. Jay Donaldson on

      Summer 2019?!? Are you freaking kidding me? What good are all the printed materials without the minis to play the game?!? It’s already been TWO YEARS!!! And now another whole year??? COME ON!!!!! I invested alit off money with the Over-the-top included. I except better than this!!!

    4. Omael Rangel on

      I was having medical issues that kept me offline for a couple of months, what can i do now?

    5. Lagoon on

      I lost the deadline too (actually, I didn't even see the PM opening). I want my stuff :(

    6. Evan Parker

      Yeah, I didn't see this until today's update.

      The pledge manager now says to contact the project owner.

    7. Marco Byrne on

      I also missed the deadline. Is there a way to get my pledge that I have already paid for once?

    8. Missing avatar

      Brady Rigg on

      Looks like I missed the deadline for the Pm. How do I get my stuff now? Thanks in advance for the help.

    9. Missing avatar

      Steven White on

      Least it looks like all you guys are getting the quest & item expansions for free. I’m not bothered I paid for them I’m just glad things are rolling!!! 😄

    10. Eric Lotos on

      I never received a pledgemanager email... All I want is the rules book I kickstarted...

    11. Eric on

      Hi guys,

      Any update on the shipping? According to the pledge manager, the biggest part of the items have been shipped. (just my Spriggan and Journeyman 2.0 not)
      However, no tracking info or anything like that yet. Maybe you can post an update here?

    12. Honu on

      Adam, John --- I just paid (missed the part about the deadline too) I hope it works. If not, part of the shipping is paid for the final wave :P

    13. John on

      Adam -- I was able to unlock and pay for shipping. Hopefully it will go through.

    14. Adam, hooplehead of brimstone on

      Who's got two thumbs and missed the part about August 1 deadline? /face-palm.

    15. Endevor on

      @Steven i am in the same case, i kept asking them by email if they will be included but they don't answer my messages anymore.

    16. Steven Smith on

      No mention of the missing sleeves in whats shipping. Something tells me we will have trouble getting them, especially as the PM shows all sleeves shipped!

    17. Redmick

      It looks like it - but don’t count any chickens yet. To avoid disappointment, don’t assume the stuff is on its way immediately after August 1st - it rather depends on the back catalogue of the distribution partner, as I am finding out with customs checks on Brass for Happyshops at present.

      I am looking forward to hearing about the new owner however, and how they want to take Myth forward.

    18. Jef Stuyck on

      So, europe must have arrived than i guess?

    19. Marc C. Santos on

      Hi all. When I log into the pledge manager, I don't see anything regarding Myth:Journeyman. I can view my pledge via kickstarter. I sent a message via kickstarter.
      Is there anything else I should do?

    20. David Camp

      So being in Australia, does that mean the boat has long since arrived?

    21. John Belke

      Like some other people here, the PLEDGE MANAGER was not working for me; I unlocked my pledge but when I clicked the button to pay the extra shipping, nothing happened (except the button faded). And the pledgemanager people didn't respond to my question about it. It finally just occurred to me to try a different browser. I've been using Chrome, but I tried using Internet Explorer (which is what I was using back when I made the pledge) and it worked fine. So I'm very relieved to be able to lock my pledge again; I don't want any additional delays...

    22. Judy Krauss on

      Yeah, I figure that's what it's for, too. I have an additional pledge level, and now I owe an extra $9 shipping, too. That's cool. I'm glad that the extra set of stretch goals is noted now on the pledge manager list of items, so we will be sure to get them.

    23. Kurlin

      @Sir Wilhelm - Looks like it is for an additional pledge level. AMP = additional Minion Pledge

      I had the same, so people who had multiple pledges should definitely check

    24. Sir Wilhelm on

      @Everyone - If you paid shipping already you might want to check the pledge manager again. I previously paid $27 for shipping after the latest update, which was the Balance. Just logged into the PM and it says I have a Balance of $9 due to shipping going up.

      There is also a change on my order. An item labeled AMP Strech Goals was added.

      @MCG - What's the deal?

    25. Ursusred on

      I don't see anything about the "Over the Top" miniatures. Are they supposed to be in yet another shipment? Or was I supposed to have them already?

    26. Gleipnir Games on

      I'm seeing 2.0 cards for monsters but none of the 2.0 hero materials. When are these going out?

    27. Dave Logvin on

      Hey, I think there is something wrong with your shipping rates.
      All I have left to ship are 35 Monster 2.0 Cards, and the PM is charging me $12.00 to ship them to USA. Can you look into this?

    28. David

      MORE money, wow. I'll be glad to be done with this project.

    29. Troschan on

      That is a good one Nikki *g*
      It brings only good surprises then ;)

    30. Nikki Guiney on

      I think setting your expectation at “ nothing will ever be said by them to us again “ is most feasible. Then maybe, hey, surprises may happen to exceed them.

    31. Nikki Guiney on

      @jeff. I would have gladly sent them to you. I was dismissed the day after GenCon 2015

    32. Robert

      My order is unlock but I get an error when trying to click through the options

    33. Ironjehoshaphat on

      Nevermind, Figured it out. I was able to use my phone and login. I am all set.

    34. Ironjehoshaphat on

      The pledgemanager is not letting me login. I cannot even get the "forgot password" to work.

    35. Eric Johnson on

      @Daniel - Unlock your order and simply click through the confirmation buttons until you get to the one that asks you to pay the balance with a Credit Card. After that is completed, it will relock the order.

    36. Banemorth on

      For the life of me I can't get the pledge manager to work. Signing in doesn't work, find account doesn't work. They don't seem to have any kind of support email, what gives?

    37. Missing avatar

      Víctor on


      Will you be able to send replacements after this shipment? I am waiting damaged items from the first wave. I have written several mails, private messages and comments here without an answer.

      You have my support and I want to pay this wave in spite of the content is useless material without minis, but please, at least answer our messages to have an idea about when could be solved our problems.

      Thanks and regards.

    38. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      @Peder: the comments section is not the place to ask this. contect them directly.

    39. Peder Olin on

      Well this project was delayed so long that I had time to move to another country, now I need to add 141 dollar shipping on a 120 dollar order, that's crazy.

      Specially since I will have to pay really high taxes(about 95% import tax here in Brazil) on the total sum of 261 dollar. So would amount to a total of about 500 dollar. Id like a refund, please contact me.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      If it helps.

      I unlocked it and paid the updated shipping it then locked and sent an email confirmation.

    41. Daniel

      I am puzzled too by the pledge manager.
      It just tells my the order is complete and that the balance is $34.14
      Only option I have is "unlock and modify", but the update tells us not to modify our orders, so this leaves me with a bit of a conondrum.

    42. Mike Callahan on

      no excuses either,.... just trying to be realistic with where we are. I'm very happy to still have options for the game to live on. Other projects that have run into problems have just folded. I'm sure some out there will decide that the shipping is just too expensive; and that is a sad turn of events.

    43. Endevor on

      I am not trying to find them excuses, these cost are not at all acceptable, almost no asian backer would have backed if they knew at the time but it is like that now and i doubt anything will change where we are now in this project.

    44. Mike Callahan on

      And because that type of commercial shipping is contracted via weight; it really gets us all,... even though the packages could not be too large; it makes no difference when calculations are all on weight. There are no flat rate boxes for these types of commercial shipments.

    45. Endevor on

      When you are talking about 300ish card, do you talk about just add ons? you do not have any base pledge? Because if you have a journeyman pledge, it is much more than 300 cards. IT is very very expansive, all the backers from asia were charged an enormous amount because pledges are sent from EU or US and they don't subsidize shipping. You may think they are making money from that but i don't think they do, i think they just charge what the shipping company quote them.

    46. Matt Furman on

      Oh well, I tried emailing a year ago about this and never got a response. Tried emailing again this time and got no response. I already paid the shipping in the original pledge manager but for some reason now I have to pay 58 more dollars. It shouldn't cost 80$ to ship 300ish cards. Maybe I can get this resolved eventually and it is all a mistake and I'll get my money back. I'm just glad to be done with it either way. Does anyone have another email address to email them at? Their old one shows up as Nikki in my gmail and I know she isn't with them anymore.

    47. Jeff

      I just ant to get my 2.0 stuff that I was suppose to be sent in wave 1 so that I can play the game. I have email them over, and over, and OVER, AND OVER!!!! And they don't reply to a single message. I had original setup getting these items from Nikki and she never got them sent to me. So my 2 sets of the first KS games have just been collecting dust.

      COME ON MERCS I just want to get the 2 sets of 2.0 stuff I was promised a LONG time ago, so I can play the game.

    48. Robert

      Who would I contact if there is an issue with the pledge manager. It will not let me pay?

    49. Endevor on

      Sadly it is not yet the final countdown (translation add on + miniatures)... but a step in the right direction yes.

    50. Nikki Guiney on

      Trust. Having boat names...having the PM open. These are the FINAL COUNTDOWN (keep that song out of your head. Try it. I dare ya). Great things come with patience. Can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that caused it. :-). Smooches