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Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
4,739 backers pledged $972,886 to help bring this project to life.

Proofing Done

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

We've been moving through the proofing materials diligently and thoroughly. We took our time but moved with purpose. Errors were noted, fixed and files resubmitted. 



All told we looked at:
2 boxes
11 modules (330 pages of text)
1 LE hardcover book (208 pages of text)
550+ cards
24 realm tiles
13 punch boards


We were pleased to see it all in one place. It is a lot of stuff. 


We are still very much on schedule. The most recent schedule based off the approval of the proofs is this:

Apr 20 – printed sheet and handbound copies exHK
Apr 25 – handbound approved
May 14 – advances ex HK
May 18 – advances approved
May 22 – RTS

Which means the next update will be the third week of April with pictures of the handbound materials.

Buyer Announcement

I was at GAMA meeting with the buyer (it is where we initially discussed the sale last year). We had some really good conversations. Planning the scope and timing of what comes next for Myth. It was a really enjoyable time. 

We also spoke about the timing of their announcement. I reminded them they originally slated March for telling everyone. They talked about April and they talked about August. They are promoting something quite important and big right now and they didn't want to derail it. I know they were gathering for a larger company wide meeting shortly after GAMA so maybe they decided then. Regardless of what they decide, when they tell me I can say more (or link to their announcement), I will.


We haven't spoken about the minis much because the relationship with the factory has changed and we've wanted to be sure everything is how it was. Right now you are saying to yourself, "What!?" and maybe getting a bit nervous. Bear with me.

We worked with ZIBO in the past for Myth minis. However, ZIBO is really a broker that works with the production factory JX. They are the factory that did the production for Myth, Myth: Journeyman, and Banner Saga, so we've been able to see full production runs already. When we are in China we visit the JX plant with the owner of ZIBO, Benjamin, and we got to see Banner Saga in-progress first hand.

Benjamin is a French born citizen who lived in China. He spoke the language and helped ease the communication barrier that can sometimes happen with Chinese factories.

He is moving back to France. He had possession of our molds because we worked through him, but was going to leave it up to us on how we wanted to proceed. He suggested we maintain our relationship with the JX plant. He was very confident nothing would change in terms of quality or output. He put us in direct contact with the person who is the plant owner.

After a good bit of dialogue with the JX plant and Benjamin, we decided to keep our mini production at the same plant. We were worried what this was going to mean but any worries we have had have been satisfied. Benjamin will still maintain a relationship with the factory and maintain the sculpting studio that created most of the first Myth minis.

As a way to ease into direct work with the factory, we've moved forward with a couple of test molds and a smaller production run of the old minis (the "Over the Top" add on) . We wanted to take it a bit slower to make sure the work is the same. 

We're confident nothing much will change but the slower pace is to make sure the quality stays the same. We'll have pictures and an update when we have initial pressings of the minis. 

So that's the news we have for now. 

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    1. Missing avatar on

      Ha ha ha -literally 3 years later-even far worse than the 1st one- (eventually delivered 2 years later if I recall)....this is the last time unfortunately for me but I do hope you guys eventually deliver....

    2. Missing avatar on

      I never confirmed my order and received even the base game as I was hoping to get everything at once. If I pay the $25 ship cost do you have the 2 expansion sets to send me? I don't want to sink another $25 into the project for nothing but i will pay the ship if youll at least send me the base game, the Ill see how the situation with stretch goals develops 3 years later...

    3. Earl McCammon on

      Still curious also if you all asked the new owners if they'd leave us possibly increase our pledges before you all ship the stuff out. Wouldn't mind the All In Module pack and still missing alot of current monster packs so figured try and deal with the source instead of secondhand at this point.

    4. Earl McCammon on

      @Megacon Games any updates would be appreciated even if it's some production pictures of some of the prototypes you've gotten recently.

    5. Johnny D on

      "Right now you may be saying 'WHAT' and getting a bit nervous...."

      Really man? We're way past "a little nervous." These guys are so deaf.

    6. Cory J on

      Hey! I can see the ally card for Cyrddin. As far as we know so far she's only appeared in the Rise of the Revenant module which is not part of this kickstarter. i wonder if we'll get more cards printed from that module or if we'll just have her card to use without a mini in other modules (perfectly ok with me).

    7. Justin Glambeck on

      I am also happy to see some sort of a update but honestly it feels like the buyer is just stringing us along, you can't tell me they didn't know a month ago that they would have a "big project" in the works and say "well maybe we should wait for April or May".

    8. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the detailed update, and especially for the care you are putting in to make sure the product is good. I would much rather have a delayed but good product than a bad product sitting on my shelf.

    9. Brian Moran on

      I think its modiphius. They are going through launching the Fallout board game at the moment. I hope im right.

    10. Redmick

      @Jared - lovely idea but I feel they should concentrate on just getting all these materials done and shipped out first. There are a lot of backers that need covering with this stuff. Naturally, I want the quality to be exactly the same as all previous booklets and cards as well - that is really important - so the images of the hardbound materials is vital in relaying this detail.

      I personally feel it must be hard to be negative about this update. MCG have given us the clearest communication for a while and I think they need real credit for this at last - not one soaked in vinegar. It is clear to me they are trying to do everything - not just the paper stock - but the minis as well. Of course, proof needs to be offered on this front to satisfy everyone, no doubt about it, but I am inclined to believe things are moving forward at last.

    11. Jared Bond

      As long as things are being printed...any chance of getting formal printings of the online modules? :)

    12. Guillaume Bernard on

      Very excited by the possibility of more Myth. Still my prefered adventure boardgame. Just sad that I cant add the LE book.

    13. Endevor on

      @Alex i don't have any information, Keith told me he contacted Daekan Kim for this problem but he never came back to tell us what he told him. I don't have any word from them but my GUESS is that it is complicated for them to send just a few items like our missing sleeves, or the multiple pledges and intent to send them at the end with everything else, you can try an email but i don't think you will have a direct answer.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Thanks this is very exciting it will adds so much value, in terms of gameplay, to what we already have and seeing all the proofs reinforces the buyer must have serious plans for Myth. I hope MGC stay a part of that.

      Would love to know about the future of MERCS.

    15. Alex on

      Is there any update on those that ordered more than one pledge? I've still only received one copy of the two expansions and never get any reply to my messages. I'd just like to know what the plan is as they said previously that they were sending them out, but then they never mentioned them again

    16. Kai Slemmer on

      I am glad with any update :) things look good. I still love myth, had a most glorious wipe on orceanas yesterday :P

    17. Benjamin Walter

      @ MCG - Thanks for the update. Really appreciated. Any update on the Status of the translations to german?

    18. Felix Poortman on

      @Guillaume or maybe MYTHic Games? :D

    19. Missing avatar

      David Di Muro

      What a fantastic update. Thanks guys. Keep going.

    20. S. on

      The last weeks I was very much looking forward to the buyer announcement. But only because Brian told us he can tell us more and openly after that and I was getting worried about the absence of any information about the miniatures.
      This Update is great!
      I can wait to find out who the buyer is. The most important thing is that this KS gets fulfilled.

    21. Endevor on

      Sorry i already said it BEFORE Brian told me who the real buyer is, i know Fred Henry pretty well and i already knew from the start it is not them.

    22. Guillaume Bernard on

      My money is on Monolith. They have Batman kickstarting right now. And they said that the buyer already have a fantasy property... Conan would fit.

    23. Jared Bond

      Ok, that makes a bit more sense. Best case scenario - the new buyer is an experienced player. They made this deal behind the scenes, didn't want to reveal anything until all the paperwork was signed. Then they looked at their schedule, and saw that they have a major push just about to happen for another property. And yes, while there'd be a window later on in a few months to announce this acquisition, they're thinking about choosing to hold off until August for a major marketing push during an event. Makes sense.
      Still, though. If they are this savvy....I would have expected them to put brakes on the whole Myth line and take a year to fully vet the Myth line to look for streamlining, corrections, changes, etc, in order to make sure it fits with *their* vision. Seems like the new owners are surprisingly hands-off, and are just being used to fund the production. But maybe this is cost-effective for them, and they are satisfied with the work Megacon has already put into this....Either way, talk about the *future* of Myth is exciting.

    24. Missing avatar

      Martin Gallo

      I am happy that things are moving along.

      I am confused about why the new buyer will probably never, at this rate, reveal their identity. November 2017 was the target date, then... Nothing to be ashamed of, it is a great game.

    25. Scott Isensee on

      I see the delayed announcement as a good thing. That indicates to me that the buyer wants to make a real marketing push on it, which means announcing it now while they are pushing something else would just be counter-productive. If they are talking August they may be aiming for a GenCon announcement.

      Also the fact that they are in ongoing talks about the future of Myth is a good sign. Hopefully that means that Mercs will stay involved in the design process while the buyer handles the production end, which to me is the ideal scenario.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ken Diamond on

      Extremely happy about the Update. I need to change my shipping address though. It's been too long for a Postal change of Address to be effective.

    27. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson

      Thanks for the update!
      Things are looking great! Can't wait to get playing!

    28. Godfather Punk

      What else is in the pipeline? Planet of the Apes? Hellboy?

    29. Naaba, the Voice of Valhöll

      "They are promoting something quite important and big right now and they didn't want to derail it."

      My money is on Zombicide Invader :)

    30. Patrick Henschel on

      Nice update, guys! Keep up the work!

    31. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      Lots of good stuff to look at here, and the road map looks promising.

      That being said - WTF with the buyer?!? The mystery with all of this just seems more and more suspicious as it gets delayed. So they are promoting something "big" right now and they don't want to derail it by announcing this? Shouldn't something like that have been foreseen well in advance? Companies typically work on schedules that are planned many months (sometimes years) in advance. If it was stated that March was a good time to announce, they should have already been aware of what their existing schedule looked like, and known they would have a big project happening around this time that would interfere. That is, unless they've known for a long time, and we are only learning of this change of events on March 28. Again - very suspicious, and not good.

      And what is to prevent April or August rolling around and hearing another delay tactic, stating some reason why it can't be announced until the holiday season 2018.

      Bottom line - these are a series of events that are simply suspicious, and call into question the authenticity of a legit buyer. Just announce already. It was supposed to be announced NO LATER than a few days from now, anyway.

    32. Jedra7609

      Brilliant update! Thanks for this.

      I am very excited about getting the rest of the Journeyman stuff!

    33. Hugo M Santos on

      And about those who opted to receive their 2 expansion boxes with the rest of the strech goals? There's so much time that this mess was caused, so I feel the need to remember you that there's some backers who received nothing more than the 2ed printed material.

    34. Jeff

      I’m still waiting to get a reply and get my 2.0 upgrade kit that Nikki was supposed to send me so I can actually play the game with the right version. Yet no reply to any emails.

    35. Granite26 on

      Thanks for the update

    36. DancingGolem on

      Simply put, thank you. This was the best possible update you could put out, hits the important notes and is worded just right.

      I too am waiting for the rest of the journeyman material before my group gets back to playing. We all agree that Myth is a fantastic game and love the tactics and feel of combat. Shadows of Brimstone has been our current obsession, but is nowhere near as satisfying as when we first played Myth. I have everything, and I mean everything, from SoB so we have tons of content, but had to use a homebrew combat tactics upgrade to make the combat more interesting.

      So thank you again for keeping up the fight to make this happen, to make good on promises and to keep your baby alive.

    37. Gene D on

      So, it looks like all of the Modules may be coming in a single box - based on the first photo with the box labeled "Myth Journeyman Modules" ;)

      It looks big enough that it could potentially hold all of the paper/card components.

      Love the update. A very pleasant surprise and welcome news.
      Looking forward to the April update (though it won't come fast enough for me).

    38. marcoreds

      Thank you very much for the update, it's really appreciated.

      Happy to know things are progressing!

      Good job!

    39. Jared Bond

      And any chance there's still continuity of pledges? (i.e. what details were ironed out earlier, address changes, pledge changes, etc.)

    40. Kyle Schleich

      First off I am glad to hear that things are finally moving forward again, i very much want to see this game continue to the future!

      Secondly, please try to post an update here every few weeks or every month. (90% of being [insert noun here] is showing up) and the presence is greatly apprecieated by all of us.

      Third, I have lost all confidence that this buyer is anyone of importance due to how little they care about all of us here. That saddens me greatly. Its been like a year of this bullshit, announce and move on, there is no magical unicorn to gain here by pissing all of us off with silence.

    41. BoardGameGuy on

      @Jason - In one of their interviews they said the batman break even was 2million which they have surpassed

    42. Missing avatar

      Akelarre on

      I do not understand so much mystery with the buyer. When someone buys something that they are proud of, they announce it quickly.

    43. Amanthiel on

      Thank you very much for this update. I am really very excited seeing all the modules - I too have not played JM yet - waiting for all these. Really gets the juices flowing. Hats off to you guys and may Myth go from strength to strength over the years - I love it.

    44. Missing avatar

      Multifish on

      Thanks for showing the difficulty levels of the different modules. My son is really excited about getting to play these!

    45. David on

      Great update. It would be nice to know who the buyer is, but the information you provided is all I ever really want to know. Well done!

    46. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      I agree fully with Redmick, thanks for the update!

    47. Jason Miller

      I hope it isn't Monolith: their Batman Kickstarter could very well bankrupt them if they don't hit their internal sales goal.

    48. Chris Smith (Smoothsmith)

      Thankyou for the update :). Fingers crossed all goes well with the minis production!

    49. Redmick

      The May release of the paper materials is very encouraging, as are all the very clear shots of proofs and final versions of the modules. Although it will still be some time until we have everything, including the exact miniatures required to play these modules (I do not want to proxy) everything looks appealing and there are clear signs that you have all been busy - thanks for all of this.

      The news that people will, at last, get their OTT pledges is a canny thing to do - get people what they need to start playing the game. On the buyer front I am unhappy we cannot know more, but understand why they are being circumspect at the current time. It just would have been nice to know when they said they would announce - but the evidence of the KS being completed in these shots is enough recompense. Some will no doubt look at this with gimlet eyes, and that cannot be changed after the shortcomings of this KS - however, I am a happy backer rather than unhappy after this communication.

      Please don't feel inhibited MCG at doing more stuff like this more regularly as we move through the gears towards fulfilment, it would be immeasurably relieving.