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Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
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Printed Material Proofs

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

KS Stuff

We'll be looking at proofs for all the printed material after Chinese New Year (the end of this week). It is a ton of stuff to look at so we'll take a lot of time to look at the material. We have to provide any changes and/or approvals by March 15.

As the ship date approaches, I'll make sure you know the boat names. As stated, we expect these in the warehouse in June and deliverable to backers as soon as they are processed into inventory.

Sale Stuff

Keith is in the process of uploading all the assets to the buyer's ftp and the buyer is preparing for the announcement coming next month. 

We'll have more to say once the buyer makes the announcement.

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    1. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      It would be really great if we got read that announcement right about now, and hear more from MegaCon too as promised above...

    2. Strogar on

      too late to change the address in the pledge manager.
      Your order is locked for fulfillment and can no longer be changed.

    3. Earl McCammon on

      It's March 7th already by chance Megacon Games can we get the reveal finally from the new owner of Myth?

    4. Craig Leslie on

      @Mikeal, where can i change it on the pledge manager. There isn't a tab i can click for that option. I am only given a tab for the MYTH pledge, and the original receipt that has my old address on it. Below it has a locked sign. No way to open it.

    5. Mikael Hultgren on

      Turns out I was wrong. Their email address is not dead and I got a reply where they told me that my address was changed. I also checked the pledgemanager and it's possible to change address from there as well (for me at least). So, thanx Megacon :)

    6. Ian Webster on

      Same on the address change. I have moved twice since the original campaign and need a way to change where my items will be shipped.

    7. Mikael Hultgren on

      I also need to update my address. I emailed Megacon using the email address on their website but I suppose that address is dead.

    8. Craig Leslie on

      Hello. Ive tried to update my new address on the pledge manager, but now i have nothing in the tabs for those. Nothing also to select to add a new address. It appears on the view receipt section, only for my old address. Any idea how i could fix this? Thank you.

    9. Endevor on

      You can change your adress on :

    10. Stefan >> DEXYD << on

      Should I update my adres somewhere?

    11. Sulucion

      Are they going to print the 2.0 main game and expansions for backers, or just the extra content? - I have yet to receive a thing for my money; although the pledge manager says the expansion did ship which doesn't make sense?..

    12. Redmick

      I see. That does sound pretty crappy.

      When my box arrived it had been left out in the rain, so the card sloughed off, but the box inside, within its cellophane wrapper was snug as a bug in a rug. When I first opened it, everything felt cool inside, but definitely not wet. Sounds like bad luck there mate - have you asked or needed replacement parts?

    13. Sir Wilhelm on

      @Redmick - Besides the punchboard issue, there was moisture inside my box and the cards were slightly wet. Maybe it was just a rush job that threw the quality off.

      @Jared Bond - In my head printed material is everything made of paper. We were never gonna get the Recon style Module boxes. Look at Update 157 to see what we were gonna get . That probably going to have to change now though.

    14. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Mercs, Sounds promising :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      I am still owed sleeves even though pledge manager states shipped, will I be refunded ?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Good news , thanks. Who is fulfilling in EU?

    17. Missing avatar

      Ste on

      Is everything still be updated to 2.0 from the first ks?

    18. Blodhemn on

      So credit I have in the PM can only be used for shipping?

    19. Missing avatar

      Tim Franklin on

      Shame about the PM, but I guess you could do without the extra complexity, and the new owners could do with some things to sell at retail if the game is to be a success. I have probably years' worth of material as it is, but missing the all-in modules after seeing Stone of Life...

    20. Jeff

      I also have email and messaged many time about not receiving the 2.0 upgrade stuff from the KS. I have yet to play this game and has been sitting on my shelf due to YOU not spending and NOT replying to a single message about NOT getting any of this stuff. I would like to know when I will get these that Nikki promised to send when she was still working there and yet I still have yet to get anything.

    21. Jared Bond

      What is this printed material? I know we're missing 2.0 upgrades....but is this really going to be a giant shipment of all the punchboards, story quest booklets, module cards, module tiles, and commander cards for *every* Journeyman module, plus all the new journeyman cards for previous figures, plus all the cards for the new and undelivered figures?? If we are getting all of the incomplete modules, in one giant pile w/o figures, could we *please* get a folded module box to assemble and store each of them in??

    22. Brian Torrens on

      Always happy to hear about more progress.

      Now it would be great to hear more info on timing for the minis! The printed materials will be great to finally receive, but as a new Myth player, I am really anxious to get my hands on the rest of the minis!

    23. Redmick

      Why do you say that @Sir Wilhelm? The cards for DF were decent quality, and the tokens just took a little care to punch out - I am guessing that that is what you were referring to? So, we should be saying "make sure the token punch boards are aligned properly" because the quality was good for the rest of Dark Frontier.

    24. Sir Wilhelm on

      Who is doing the printed materials? Fingers crossed it's not the same company who did Myth Frontier.

    25. Sir Wilhelm on

      Printed materials is everything not plastic. Modules, cards, tiles, rules, markers, tokens, and the Limited Edition Rulebook. Probably missing something.

      @Philip L Milne - I understand wanting 1 wave, but the Game is in the printed materials.

      At this time the miniatures for this KS are far beyond the horizon. They will come at least one year at the printed materials come, if they do at all. I hope MCG gives me the option to get printed stuff when it arrives here stateside.

    26. Timo Lemburg

      Cool, thank you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Charles Carpenter on

      If you're not going to open the pledge manager for new purchases, please produce extra hardcovers for sale later?

    28. Stefan >> DEXYD << on

      where can I check to what adress you'll ship?

    29. Granite26 on

      Thanks for the update!

    30. Philip L Milne on

      Printed elements sounds like cards (2.0 monsters and heroes that weren't in the core set) and possibly the printed content from the modules?
      I can't see anything said about doing it, but I hope you're not planning to ship in two waves, because
      1 - It will be nicer to receive each module as a complete entity, rather than printed content, then minis
      2 - Shipping costs. One wave of everything is usually going to be cheaper than two waves, even if it's marginal.

      I second Jonathan's (and repeat my own) question about the additional purchases. I still feel things like the All In Pledge should have been delivered far earlier, as it was pre-existing product, and because of the costs of those - while I am super psyched for the free stretch goals - I'm a little more concerned about that stuff.

    31. Jedra7609

      Sounds like things are progressing. Good to hear. Thanks for the update.

    32. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      A lot of backers got some credit to use for the next shipping. That still applies, right?
      So anxious to hear who the buyer is and how it'll all proceed...

    33. Josh Worley

      @Jonathan: no minis in this wave, just paper/cards/cardboard.

    34. Jonathan on

      I'm glad to hear things are progressing. Will this shipment include the remainder of what is due including the figures form the all-in super pledge? I ordered it to get all of the other creature types and such and my group is really interested in that as much as anything.

    35. Almighty Cow on

      Anyone have a list of the "printed" materials that we're talking about? Is it specifically everything but the minis?

      Just curious what to be anticipating.

    36. MERCS Miniatures 7-time creator on

      We'll make sure you have an opportunity to use any credit you may have in the pledge manager. However, we won't be opening the PM for additional purchases.

    37. Lilin

      @Ben Dosher +1

    38. Andrew Duncan-Coulter on

      One last chance to add the book to our pledges?

    39. Travis on

      Okay, I see it was mentioned last update; thanks for the info.

    40. Ben Dosher on

      Do we have any information if the buyer will be taking care of the pledge manager? I still have credit that needs to be used.

    41. Travis on

      So it sounds like printed materials are being produced and shipped ASAP, but has anyone assured us that the minis will be produced?

      I don’t mind the wait as long as I know they are coming (and for what has already been paid). It seems like we are talking around the elephant in the room, which incidentally, is made of plastic!

    42. marcoreds


    43. marcoreds

      Grats guys, and thank you!

    44. Shawn Hubbard on

      Do the printed materials include any of the module reworks from KS1? I know it's officially part of this KS but it was talked about a while back. Only curious.

    45. Michael Tighe on

      What is the ship date? You said it like it was certain. I know these things can be fluid, but do you have a general idea?