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Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
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Deal is done

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

Everything is wrapping up today. We begin the transfer of assets to them this week. 

At the same time, the final production is moving forward. Printed elements will be done much quicker than the miniatures. The printed elements will be in the warehouses, ready to ship by the end of June. 

I'll have a minis timetable update when we get one. 



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    1. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      Any news on the minis from the manufacturer?

    2. Mike Callahan on

      I was able to log in to the PM and update the address,.... not sure if that is the same for everyone,.... I suppose I may not have locked things down earlier?

    3. Christian Gruening on

      Hope that we can update the shipping adress...cause I have moved in the mean time :/

    4. Michael Tighe on

      How small could the cards get? I see needing tweezers to pick up the tokens.

    5. MikeR

      @ Iconography
      LOL !! That would be amazing !! I'd be into a tiny Myth game. I have too many 30mm scale games as it is.

    6. Iconography on

      Maybe the buyer is Gamelyn Games and we’ll have Tiny Epic Myth in the future.

    7. Missing avatar

      Drew Taylor on

      As someone who was opting to have everything sent in a single shipment (aside from 2.0 update), I'm looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.

    8. marcoreds

      Nice to know everything is moving along!


    9. Endevor on

      That with a strong gma editor would be the best solution for me.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      I would think the contract would include the original team staying on 9n design, art and development roles to complete the Myth and maybe Mercs games. I hope so.

    11. Jedra7609

      I think Brian said in a previous update that the new owners will be responsible for life AFTER Journeyman and that MCG will be finishing off the Journeyman production and delivery.

    12. Earl McCammon on

      Good to hear still curious if we'll be able to add to our pledges under the new owner also about the status of Mercs as it was still fun but unsure of placing any orders until there's word what's going on with them. >_>

    13. Iconography on

      Thank goodness! Myth has new life again!

    14. Jared Bond

      And are the owners going to go ahead and print everything as-is??
      I was sort of thinking they'd be taking 12-18 months to re-look at the mechanics of the core game...the configuration of game elements/components, and such - Decisions that might overflow into the expansions...

    15. M.TERAN

      Great news indeed. I love this game and the next waves will be epic!

    16. Benjamin Walter

      Good news. Congrats. Looking forward to the german rules

    17. Chris Mibus

      Really good news thanks. I can fully understand why they dont want to name the company yet as I imagine as soon as they do they will be flooded with emails from people with complaints and requests etc etc. They want the original Myth guys to get things straight first with all the info they need to answer all of those questions otherwise then they will be tarnished with the same brush of not being organised and lack communication.

    18. Missing avatar

      Akelarre on

      And translation, when? In june?

    19. Steven Remington on

      I'm glad I only blacked for the new rules and received them on first printing. Completely avoided this whole clusterfrag situation. I wish the best to the new company and best of luck to all you guys and gals waiting on your stuff.

    20. Ben Turner

      Always happy to get an update. Even if it's terse and vague. Perhaps a reminder that we don't get the scooby-doo reveal of the new buyer until March would have been wise. But it's done now.

    21. S. on

      So happy :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      I know for some people this will be great news, but for many others....anything said by Megacon about said deal means NOTHING until the buyer comes forth and confirms it as legit.

    23. David

      If I could send myself a message to myself in the past, it would be "wait for Gloomhaven" right before I decided to back this catastrophe.

    24. Brian Oz

      Well, I have zero confidence in this mysterious buyer if this is how they are wanting this transition to be communicated. I really hope they can prove me wrong but so far they have shown only ineptness in how they are allowing this situation to be handled.

      Merck’s: You guys may no be good at running a business or polishing a game but you are great at coming up with concepts and the initial rule set. I realize this is a very backwards compliment but I wish you success in the future with designing games and partnering with someone who can polish and finish them. That gets me excited.

    25. Dean F. Wilson

      Great to hear. Looking forward to hearing who the buyer is and hopefully moving forward.

    26. Batei on

      Why so cryptic?

    27. Tim Chase on

      That's great news!! Congrats!

    28. Brian Torrens on

      Glad to hear things are still moving forward! Keep it up!

    29. Redmick

      I will say @D Kelly, that no matter how you feel, you cannot say you speak with the voice of the community, in much the same way I feel I don't, in terms of trust.

      In my view, at present MCG are getting things right. The sale of the IP, to hopefully a more efficient parent company, bodes well for the future of Myth, for those who still hold a torch for the game. I think that the timings are still unfortunate, and wish there had been a little more activity behind the scenes with this KS - but if the money had dried up ...

      Anyway, we are nearly in the clear. Roll on March and the revelation of the new owners - and at least in June we can look forward to modules, posh rule book, board sections, cards etc...

      I do feel for those getting into the game though, who have not got the miniatures yet - it is galling to have to wait until the latter stages of this year to get everything you need to enjoy JM. Let's hope the new owners have something interesting to tell us in a month's time or so.

    30. Patrick Henschel on

      I'm very happy to hear that! Good luck with the next production steps and keep going on!

    31. Missing avatar

      Alain Marti on

      ... Now can I have a refund, please

    32. Jared Bond

      Well, the updates keep going in the right direction! (Of course, it’s all just words at this point, so I’m only cautiously optimistic)

    33. Jonathan on

      I'm glad to hear things are progressing again. I love everything so far and really want the rest of my all-in mega bundle pledge. Those other factions would be great for our group.

    34. Matthew McMahon

      Honestly not sure why I’m disappointed that this “update” came out. At this point you would think I’d have learned to stop expecting straight answers with any details.

    35. Missing avatar

      Multifish on

      Yay. Been playing lots of Myth with my son recently and we're chomping at the bit for all the extra goodies.

    36. Joe

      Excellent news, thanks for all your work in seeing this through. Can you comment on if the deal is for all your IP or just Myth? I also have MERCS tabletop and Recon. That part of the deal too or are you hanging on to that one?

    37. Demian on

      How about the deal you made with us?

    38. D Kelly

      I’ll be honest, I don’t care anymore. I only backed this to get the revised materials for the core MYTH game, but never received it and had no response to any emails after the one listing the card number to facilitate working out what materials I was due.

      I’ve sold that copy of MYTH and all the extra content front the first Kickstarter, and am in the process of trying to get shot of MERCS: Recon due to the poor quality of the product I received. I’ve not even unpacked the replacement boards as I really don’t need the hassle.

      You had two really in testing franchises with a unique visual style that brought on board a huge number of backers, yet you have consistently squandered whatever goodwill and leeway you were given by failing to engage maturely or consistently and, frankly, going to the Kickstart well as often as you did whilst projects were outstanding did your brand no favours. I hope the new owners of your IP’s appreciate that they have a lot of work to do regaining the trust of the communit,

    39. Braxandur

      I'm happy, both for you guys, my fellow backers and off course myself :D

    40. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson

      "Terry Ash", not yet.

    41. Terry Ash on

      Did we ever get to know who “THEY” are?

    42. Lilin

      Nice to hear! Any chance of the pledge manager opening again given that it's been a long time since we were able to add/check on stuff?

    43. Missing avatar

      FH on

      Maybe I'm being a little skeptical but it seems like a very sparse update for something that has been months/years in the making. Especially when it doesn't even mention the name of the buyer....

    44. Brent Johnson on

      Yay! I can’t wait! I FINALLY got my friends into Myth so they’re excited for the new stuff too. Is it possible to pay the shipping of the rest of the 2.0 printed materials since they’ll be done before the minis? I’d love to get that quickly.

    45. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      I am SO relieved, and happy for you guys. I hope you can tell us more soon, and who the buyer is, but at least we know things are going to be fulfilled and continued! Gratz!

    46. Jedra7609

      Excellent news! Hopefully that’s a little weight off your shoulders.

      I’m looking forward to hearing more news as to what’s in store for Myth in the future.

      Thanks for letting us know.

    47. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      Nice "Update", I will believe it when I see it....

    48. Endevor on

      @Michael, they said in march in one of the last update.
      I think they need MCG to clear schedule, give us some proofs of production or design. Before that nobody will hear anything they say.

    49. Endevor on

      I am just happy for you my friends (and for us of course).

    50. Bradley S on

      I for one welcome our insect overlords.