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Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
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Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

We had a nice discussion with the buyer on Friday. There were several things to note:

1. The buyer intends to make an announcement in March.

2. In preparation, we'll be reaching out to a couple individuals. The buyer would like to have community liaisons for the Myth property on their forums. We have a couple people in mind. These people will answer questions on their forums and communicate Myth community's needs/wishes/requests to the buyer.

3. We expect to pull the trigger on the printing portion of the remaining KS in two weeks. We hope to be looking at soft proofs over Chinese New Year. This would put the printed material done in April. 

4. We are working on getting an estimate on from the mini manufacturer now. 

I don't think I'll have another update before January, but who knows. Regardless, I'll have an update in Jan when the contract is signed and another when we have soft-proofs. The goal is to have a final date of delivery then as well. 


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    1. Nicholas Vitek

      Did I miss the announcement?

    2. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      Is it time for the announcement yet? ;)

    3. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      Happy New Year everyone! I hope we can have a bit of news this month, so we don't have to wait untill march for the official announcement :)

    4. Nikki Guiney on

      Wishing you all the happiest of holidays. May your quests be full of myrrh and conquests. (Read that in whatever context you want :-D )

      I genuinely care about you all, even those Of you that hate me :-)

      Hugs and kisses,

    5. Redmick

      Cheers @Infamous - but I choose not to go with that interpretation. Nice offer though if anyone wants to pick up the first KS. However, anyone who has gone 'all in' might want to wait and see if they get everything they paid for, albeit not as swiftly if you were to take up @Infamous' kind offer.

    6. Infamous B on

      400.00 and you an get the first KS with all of the additions, plus two boxes of this one, only dropped once. I will have it to you faster then these people will have this done. ( which will be never.) The news is B.S. this "Project" was a shill, and they didn't fulfill it. All this is kicking the can down the road for another year, and stringing people along.

    7. Nikki Guiney on

      It's so neat to see positivity after years of misguided "announcements"

    8. Philip L Milne on

      This sounds like great news :)

      I have to be the one to ask that question though. Where do the previously released items, such as those in the 'Over The Top' add on stand? Also being delivered in Summer, with the new stuff? I know you guys have a lot to deal with, but I never understood why that didn't come with wave 1 or 2 anyway, to be honest. If they're sent before, it'll get the game on my table and allow me to use the new bits probably as soon as they arrive :)
      I love this game.

    9. Jedra7609

      Almost impossible to beat is a good thing though, it means there is a challenge. In my experience the difficulty is variable. It depends on which heroes you use and how you set the tiles up (in adventure mode anyway). Play style influences the difficulty too as if you are forever triggering the darkness then things can get tricky - a lot of the tactics are in managing that.

      Myth is one of the most innovative games I have played of this genre, but at the end of the day, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it!

    10. Vegabond on

      I could care less at this point. I’d rather have my money back. Tried to play Myth and it was confusing and almost impossible to beat. Will likely never play any of the expansions I already have.

    11. Redmick

      Hey there assorted lovelies!

      It looks like things have shifted forward ever so slightly. Having a couple of community liaisons I think would be very useful. Much good was done for some time on both BGG and the Myth forums - and there are a few people resident on both that would do sterling work in this role. I am not wearing my heart on my sleeve here - but the more news we get, the more hopeful I get.

      Let's see if anything happens in January and March to reinforce that. The delivery of Dark Frontier might help a little.

    12. Nikki Guiney on

      @Marcus. Let's keep our fingers crossed the new owner produces the "Nikki Mini"

    13. Missing avatar

      Marcus Taylor on

      @Nikki Thanks Nikki. You're always pure class :) If I have one good memory to take away from this, it's you!

    14. Nikki Guiney on

      @Marcus. Thank you for the kind words. Despite not being a part of the company , I will always have a loyalty and sense of duty for you guys. This is the strongest and most passionate community I've seen, even with anger and doubt, you all have such an interest it's really something neat. I hope the best for this project for YOU GUYS.

    15. Missing avatar

      Marcus Taylor on

      @Nikki - you were always super-helpful to me, and you went beyond the call of duty to help us on several occasions. You were the one good thing about this horrible mess. The rest... not so much. I too hope you can be a starry-eyed fangirl for fuzzy slippers. As for the rest of it... well, it's just more empty promises really. I'll believe it when I see it.

    16. BoardGameGuy on

      I would be interested in what is going to happen to MERCS

    17. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      I am still unimpressed, sorry to say.

      A lot of "expect to", "intends to", "in preparation of", and "as long as". None of which is any real substantial or real progress. Nor is any of it even remotely binding, or set in stone that we will infact get the rest of our products.
      Its all just words at this point. More of the same ole,same ole... things are happening so just sit there quietly and be quiet. Blah... blah... give us a several more months.
      Sorry, for me, it will take far far more then just a couple of short, and very light on "real substance", updates to change my opinions of megaCON.

      Prove that real progress is being made... and then you will regain some of my trust. Until then, I could care less about your little "updates" that use lots of words, yet prove nothing at all.

    18. Nikki Guiney on

      @Jason. You're our resident curmudgeon. Don't fail us now!!

    19. Jason Miller

      I think that leaves me as the lone cynic?

      *puts on eyepatch, smokes pipe and stares out at the ocean*

      Then alone I must be.

    20. Nikki Guiney on

      @Marcus. Now I kinda want to be a star Eyed fan boy. Not for Myth, but like fuzzy slippers or something just to get the title.

    21. Earl McCammon on

      1. Wish it was sooner but considering what all's going on understood.

      2. Whoever it is hoping they can handle stress but at the same time hoping people can calm down and not tear into them while they're helping out and answering questions. Good to hear there will be an in between to work with the new buyer as well.

      3. Hoping people will understand the hiccup Chinese New Year causes if they haven't done a Kickstarter around then before but at least you all have dealt with that before so isn't as bad. Good to hear on this one.

      4. Glad you're getting it set up for an estimate but hoping that maybe you'll still leave us the option to add to our pledges one last time before getting the final estimate.

      All that said hoping to hear where you all stand with Mercs and your other board games still. I've been waiting on a response so I know if I need to start buying what I want fast to collect the rest of the Mercs. With all this news lately I haven't placed an order since I didn't know the status of Megacon Games with the rest of their games.

      In any case thanks for the updates and appreciated on having some more information finally for a timeline.

    22. Jedra7609

      A community manager is the face of the company within the community. By definition they are not going to be 100% impartial as they will possibly be partial to information that is not for public consumption. But, that’s fine as long as they is an information flow between the company and the community. For it to work properly some things have to happen...

      1. The company need to be willing to pass information to the community manager which can be shared. This needs to be done in a timely manner.

      2. The company need to be willing to listen to the concerns passed on by the community manager and respond to them in a timely manner.

      3. The community need to understand that the community manager will not be partial to all information all of the time.

      4. The community manager needs to be reasonably impartial when it comes to resolving disputes within the community.

      Most successful companies have a good set of community managers and they can certainly help to deal with the information flow between the company and the community. The fact that they want to do it in this case and the fact that they want to engage is very encouraging!

    23. Missing avatar

      Marcus Taylor on

      If it's not MMIndy or Kolby, or anyone else that's impartial, then it's meaningless. The community shouldn't be represented by (at worst) some toadying apologist or (at best) a starry-eyed fanboy who won't be able to be fair and critical.

    24. nimmzwei on

      I'm down one MYTH-forum since MCG closed the doors on theirs... :-)

    25. Endevor on

      This kind of task won't be paid. I think it is not fair to ask Nikki to do that.
      Now i am focusing my energy on my french version, i still have 9 modules to translate (PDF only as stated during the KS) and i want to redo a final proofreading of all the printed material (7 add ons total, 1300 cards, the rulebook of the base game, it took me 2 hours in indesign 2 days ago to redo all the export...). I will see after that.
      The one that should be part of that is of course Nimmzwei. He produced more content for Myth than anyone else. He is working on his own DC but he may be interested by that.

    26. Hun on

      Great News!
      +1 for Nikki as Community Liaison
      +1 for Endeavor as Community Liaison

    27. Iconography on

      I would nominate MMIndy as a community representative as well. He has quite a level head in the face of conflict.

    28. Craig Leslie on

      Great news Mercs. Thanks for the update.

    29. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      SO glad it's all panning out for the better now. One day I'll get all that lovely JM stuff.
      Super! Happy holidays peeps!

    30. Nikki Guiney on

      Haha to all! Yes I did grow up in the 90's AND in kind of a hipster. (There is another one for ya, @Endeavor. Much love)

    31. Jedra7609

      This is great news. I am very pleased with how things are moving along. It is like a whole new world here!

    32. scarborough1 on

      >> Everything about this is kinda rad.
      @Nikki, only one change needed:
      Everything about this is *totally* rad. ;)

      >>I'd recommend endevor and nikki as our community liasons as well,
      >>definitely if its paid work! Great to hear things are going to happen as
      >>early as 2 weeks, good stuff! Wish we had an idea who the buyer was though?
      Seconded (Tripled? Quadrupled?), though I'm guessing they'll need more than two people.

    33. Aaron Kingham on

      I'd recommend endeavour and nikki as our community liasons as well, definitely if its paid work! Great to hear things are going to happen as early as 2 weeks, good stuff! Wish we had an idea who the buyer was though?

    34. Missing avatar


      Endevor would make a great community representative, too.

    35. Endevor on

      And i think they want to wait until MCG give more elements from production to avoid too many questions they can't answer since it seems MCG is taking care of the JM delivery/manufacturing.

    36. Brian Torrens on

      @Jonathan Ricks That would make sense. If you are going to announce you are taking over the Myth franchise, you would not just want to announce it. You would want to follow up with the future lineup of what old and new players alike can expect. Exciting!

    37. Blackdeath Miniatures

      In german we would say "Kindergarten". The buyer would say something in march? Are you kidding me? After the delivery of this KS I will never put any money in the myth licence. So good luck "new" owner, you will need it as I'm not the only one who's pissed off about this debacle.

    38. Endevor on

      I am a little older than that, but in the 90s my english teachers were more academics in France :)

    39. Jonathan Ricks

      I am really happy to see how things are going. Speculation time but if there's any delay from the signing of the contract to the time they wanted to make their announcement it might be because they actually want to prepare some things to show us all. I for one look forward to it. Also I'm very happy to see a timeline for journeyman

    40. Brendan McGuire on

      Sadly, I would have said "far out". Sigh.
      +1 for Nikki as Community Liaison as well.

    41. Jonathan Patterson on

      @Endevor Rad means you probably grew up in the 90's ;)

    42. Endevor on

      I learned a word today i did not knew what "rad" meant.

    43. Missing avatar

      Paul Kelly on

      Thanks for the update, it filled me with a slightly warm feeling as it comes across that you are in a much better personal headspace after the recent progress that has been acheived. Long may it continue.
      Enjoy the upcoming seasonal festivities and we will await further details in January after the deal is signed off.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jackson on

      I'd like to see any info about the translations, but I guess it's too much to ask for. Anyway I'm no optimistic at all about it because they've never said a word about translations.

    45. Nikki Guiney on

      Everything about this is kinda rad.

    46. Ben on

      Thank you for the update.

    47. Missing avatar

      Akelarre on

      Vaya culebrón.

    48. Brian Torrens on

      Yay! Keep forging ahead! Really glad to hear that we will receive the balance of the JM project!