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Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
Continue the path of the Hero and forge amazing new stories with the Myth Journeyman expansions.
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NDA News and Production Samples

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

We appreciate the patience most of you have shown. I can say more now, so I will.

We started this process almost a year ago. I sent emails out to those people in the industry that we respected, could afford our properties, and we would fit into as a studio. In the email, I explained we didn't want to be publishers any more:

We started MegaCon Games 8 years ago under the name MERCS Miniatures. There are three of us. In that time, we’ve had our share of successes and setbacks. We are reaching the completion of our active and last Kickstarters. We have plans for several more games, including expansions to existing properties, but we've decided we don’t want to be a game publisher any more. We're pretty far from what we truly wanted to do, which was design games. Publishing has made us smarter game designers, but there are things we don't have the bandwidth or the skill to do effectively: marketing, community, logistics.  

We are looking to become a design group for a larger game publisher and/or sell off some of our IPs. The pressure of performing all the jobs is too much. You know what is required to run a hobby game business. We cover all the jobs: warehousing, distribution, finance, marketing, logistics, customer support, art, game design, and game testing. We cannot continue as we are; we are dying a slow death.

There is more to the email, but it is focused on each of the potential publishers so I cannot share any more details. 

One of the reasons we can be so patient is we do not intend to ever publish another game again. So this option is the only option for fans of the Myth property. You would never see another Myth game if we didn't get this right. No Myth Master. No Myth Battles. No more modules. No Myth 2.0 box in retail. No rpg. No Myth Legendary. No Myth Adventurers toolkit. It would stop. So we can take some heat in the comments and a bad Facebook review or 10, because we understand this is the only way forward. If the deal fails, we are done.

We agree with you. We design cool games. We suck at the business part. The communication part. We see the changes in what a backer expects out of Kickstarter. We are not CMON. We do not have half the game produced before we even launch the KS campaign. We have to do 90% of the work required after the KS closes. As much as our games look like they come from a team of 20, they come from a team of 3.

So, I sent that email out and we had a lot of interest. I went out to GAMA in March and met with everyone. All of those meetings required an NDA. I can't talk about the who and what we spoke about. But, I left those meetings with real offers. 

Over the course of the next few months, we reduced the three or four real offers down to one. Since that time we've been working to get this thing taken care of. At times during the negotiation, it appeared as though it might fall apart. Even now we don't have a final, definitive yes. Both of us, we the seller and they the buyer, are waiting on a third party to give us the go ahead. We are waiting for a yes or a no. It could come this week or next.

In the meantime, we've continued to finalize all the elements of the Journeyman KS. Some of you have expressed resentment toward the Emergence Event and Dark Frontier KS, because they are being completed before the JM stuff. We can appreciate this perception. They were easier to finalize and get off our plates in terms of production and shipping.

For some perspective, the EE expansion is the equivalent of 1 JM module. In design. In production prep. In cost. It took 6-8 months to produce. Journeyman has 11 modules. It takes a lot of time to finalize and produce these elements.

While this was going on, we were in negotiation to sell Myth and become a design studio. We are still under an NDA, but there is a mutual understanding of trying soothe the JM backers because you see some of our other KSers finishing.

Some of the events that have happened are under NDA and may never be revealed. Other information you are looking for I simply don't have yet. I do not have a shipment date for the last wave. We aren't even finished with production. So much of what you all our asking I can't answer because of the NDA or because of we don't have that information yet. With all that said, I can address some questions:

-Replacements? We are not sending out any replacements until we have produced and paid for all the production and fulfillment shipping. Shipping replacements is expensive and we cannot afford to dip into the production money until we have paid all that is due.

Some might push back and say it should come out of our salary. First off, we don't make a salary. We take draws based off of profit. And we haven't had any form of payment from game publishing for 14 months now. We saw the writing on the wall coming last summer. It is one of the reasons we made so many changes to overhead. It also spurred the conversations about our future. 

Not only have we poured our heart and soul into our games, we have poured our own financial security and that of our families into this business. We are invested and the only way that investment will ever pay out is if we deliver the last wave of this KS to you and can sell the property. If we don't deliver the last wave, the property has little to no real value and as I said, we are done with publishing and KSers. 

-Pledge Manager? The pledge manager will open again so you can update shipping addresses, but it is a waste of time to open it up without a final production and shipping date. 

There is a lot more to say and address when the NDA goes away.

Production Samples

With all that said, we do have picture of some production samples. I've been holding on to a lot of update content so we have plenty of stuff to show if and when this deal finishes. These pictures are a bit old, but represent things you have never seen.

The final wave will look something like this.


There will be some elements that are different if you only got a few modules or didn't get the JM LE hard cover, but the vast majority of you will be getting something like this. The larger box houses all the stretch goals. The smaller box houses the add-on modules. I'll give you a look at the contents in a minute. The hard cover LE book is accurate in terms of size and type of treatments. The color is slightly different (the front is a bit too yellow). 

These are the final, approved samples. It has taken months of back and forth to get to these.

The LE book will have a de-emboss that looks like this.


The cover is made from a faux-leather with a replicated burned de-emboss.  The pages have gilding. Here is an image of the actual material color and what the de-emboss treatment looks like on that material.


We are very proud of this final book. It contains a lot of history and lore. All the rules in one place, restructured to be together, single-player rules, a single-player module, and bestiary. I'll talk more and show more from this after the deal is done.


The module box contains the 8 module all-in pack with space for miniatures. These boxes are very large and are made of sturdy materials. They will hold up well. These modules are amazing. There is an over-arching theme within them that takes the heroes from Novice to JM and sets up larger campaigns for the future. We are pretty proud of the stories told here. The game play is compelling and each has unique items and game play elements. By the end of these modules, you'll be on the cusp of a legendary hero and you'll feel like it. I'll talk more and show more from this after the deal is done. 



The SG box contains all the SGs including the 3 modules unlocked there. All SG minis will be housed in this box. There are so many goodies in this box. We are hoping, when you finally open up this box and see all that you have received, you'll forgive the delays required to make these elements the best. In Keith's own words, "If this is our swan song... what a song."



Finally, a sample of the colored FD. 


Hopefully you see these very real production elements and it gives you confidence. Dark Frontier pledge manager/pre-order ends tomorrow morning (you can still pre-order the game if you desire). It will be out of production and on a boat in August. Then there is only the giant complicated JM KS to finish. 

We are almost done. We are a bit worse for wear but approach the end of this KS with great anticipation. In the next few weeks, we'll know if we'll continue on this grand adventure or go our separate ways onto other things. It is our hope to keep bringing you exciting new Myth stuff through another publisher for a long time.   

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    1. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      At this point I'm all out of patience... I want news. And that news better not be: "We're sorry, you're not getting any more stuff from us".

    2. James on

      We don’t know anything of the sort. Re-read those accusations. The guy is clearly overstating what he “knows.”

    3. Dyne1319

      If anyone hasn't seen the comments section check it out, someone that has some insight into what going is basically saying they are screwing us to cover dark frontiers and the NDA was never a thing. Time to get a Class action together I think. If I'm not getting my stuff I will sure as hell burn the company and DF to the ground.

    4. Dyne1319

      So now that we all know that the NDA was bull shit from the get go and you are just waiting to deliver DF then fuck us. what do you have to say for your selves?

    5. Robert J Uccello Jr

      You could just copy/paste this and I'd be fairly impressed at this point: "Yes, we're still here. No, we don't have information we can share. Check back in a month". That's how low the bar has been set at this point. I would love to get the various add-ons that I paid for. I would love to see the extra content. At this point, I just want to know that you are still at least looking at this project.

    6. Melissa Bassett

      Can you please post something new; after 3 months I completely understand your team is small over worked and tired and just wants to put all this behind but there are a lot of people who put significant amounts of their spending money into this KS a long time ago and it’s completely unfair not to at least address the concerns where able. If you need money to help ship/sort the last of the products let us know or if you’re close to finding a partner to help finish this and are waiting till it’s done.- please at least share something.

    7. Isidoro Acosta on

      It has been almost 3 months since your last update.... I think It is time for some apologizing and maybe real data of how this is doing (If doing anything at all). Your games are really nice, I own Myth KS1 and Mercs Recon and had so much faith in you... Its a shame it was not deserved.

    8. Yoki Erdtman on

      I'm still trying to remain hopeful, but it's very difficult when the silence is so deafening. I wish you the best, and hope that Myth has a long, and successful future.

    9. Missing avatar

      mark krienke on

      I am so excited I am going to sheet my pants, its..... soooo...... far away from them actually trying. Check out the other kickstarters of theirs, and there seems to be some updates. They gave up and I wonder when we our going to have to do a class action lawsuit.

    10. Earl McCammon on

      Megacon Games any updates?

    11. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      So... "the next few weeks" have passed I hope, can you give us some good news? Really hope it all worked out and we will get Master and Legendary Myth games as well...

    12. Missing avatar

      Jon B on

      Anyone else believe that NDA actually stands for Not Doing Anything. And a "few weeks" is again turning into several without a peep from MCG, meanwhile the DarkFrontier page is getting an update on average every 2 weeks. Strange how one of the Myth IP games has no problem releasing information about production and schedules but this one can't be discussed at all.

    13. Missing avatar

      anthony allen on

      I am wondering that also. I did the all in and over the top add ons I hope I will get them.

    14. Whitefire7

      Hope to hear news soon...I really enjoy the game, but really would like all the "all in" stuff I purchased (well and all the other "new stuff").....need some undead going on here :) .....hope the deal goes through and we see more myth....not odd off-shoots...but more actually Myth.

    15. Redmick

      Cheers @Ghool - let's hope we hear something soon!?

    16. Earl McCammon on

      I'm hoping you all are still able to complete this before the company looking at buying your ip gets it or is willing to pick up the reigns where you all left off and that it goes smooth for you guys. Sad to see it happen and unsure if you'd want to announce the company you'd be designing for after this since it'll trail to whoever you go to but you've done good work through the years even as a small company to me.

      I've gotten little games in of Mercs but have enjoyed Mercs Recon even if it looks like I might as well be making the replacement dice myself it's still a good game and the updated version of Mercs even if it threw some players off was still a solid update as to this day don't think it needed any erratas maybe an FAQ or two.

      With this Kickstarter think so much was dumped on modules all at once and could've just focused on doing maybe one a month or every other month if the backers wanted it as an option. Would've costed more on shipping but would've been to the backers faster and less on manufacturing all at once as well along with sales on the side once the backers have them.

      As stated hope it goes good and will be waiting on the next update.

    17. Infamous B on

      Hey, Great job on moving the goal posts!!!

      Now we get to wait a few more years as you sort your shit out, congratulations.

      Can we start talking about refunds, now?

    18. Ghool on

      @Redmick I just wish I could get an answer yes or no.
      If they can't fulfill, then say so. I can accept that. It's all the dodging and lack of any real or concrete information that's frustrating.
      Personally, I don't care either way - I just want a concrete yes or no. That's it.
      I can accept if they were a victim of their own success, and are no longer able to fulfill the rest of the KS. What I cannot accept is deafening silence, and a lack of any concrete information as to the status of the fulfillment of this KS.

      I would have gladly paid more for the 2.0 cards as well. They didn't have to give them to us at cost, and I would have paid more to have them all in one wave.

      I just want a concrete answer as I'm tired of hearing 'We'll have more news hopefully by next week.' It's been 4 months that I've been hearing that in every comment and update.

      Is it next week yet?

    19. Missing avatar

      Eric Colvin on

      Agreed that LE book looks great. Wish I had included that in my pledge.

    20. Missing avatar

      Smithers on

      I see this as excellent news and I hope it all works out for you. This will allow the three of you to focus on what you do best, namely create innovative new games. I can't wait to see what angle you take with the war game version of Myth and really hope it comes to fruition. Anyway, Myth has hit my table more times than any other single game these last few years. Perhaps with a little more polish and a few more refinements we will see this game reach its incredible potential...and I hope the buyer sees that potential.

    21. Andrew Duncan-Coulter on

      Add me to the list of people who regret not buying the LE book and wish to fix that error.

      Good luck, MCG, you've done a lot of good work.

    22. pandab0mb on

      Good to hear from you guys. Hope all goes well for everyone. Eill pray for your success. questions: was the baby a stretch goal I missed and will we all be getting one? =p

    23. Redmick

      Hey @Ghool - it pains me to read here and on BGG your dissatisfaction - you always struck me as one of the best over on the MCG forums with your very helpful painting tips - sadly all lost it seems.

      I always thought that the 2.0 cards that were NOT in the base game were always coming later on, in the 3rd / 4th wave, at least until the NDA hit. I was as bemused by this decision as many were - that the original KS stretch goals and monster cards were not simply included in wave 1 - maybe something to do with getting them at the same time as the 'Over the Top' pledge perhaps for those catching up - but having the cards w/o the figures may have been a great incentive for some to go all in when the PM reopened.

      However, all of this is pretty moot, as the whole IP is in the balance now anyway. I am going to stay positive, perhaps naively, but appreciate why some, including yourself, may be less than ready to congratulate MCG on breaking silence.

    24. Sulucion

      Im just hoping i receive something for my $300 spent.. .

    25. Tim Chase on

      Thank you for the update! I'm sorry to hear how difficult the journey has been. I really hope everything works out with this deal. Myth is and will continue to be my #1 favorite game. I'd love to see you continue to create Myth products for many years to come.

    26. Ghool on

      Dude, I'm not reading between the lines. I'm trying to figure out why it's taken almost 3 years to get a couple decks of cards I've paid for already.

      That's it. Just some cards.
      I have heard nothing regarding this in any update so far.
      This is what I paid for.
      If they can't seem to print some cards for the rest of 2.0, what makes you think the funds are there for anything else?
      If there was no financial trouble, then why am I still waiting for the least expensive part of this KS almost 3 years after the fact?

      Sorry, but I have my doubts about this ever getting fulfilled.
      All I'm asking for and trying to parse is why it's taken so damn long for some cards which are already laid out, designed, and filled with art. That's what I paid for, and have still yet to receive.

      So far, there has been ZERO information on whether or not the rest of 2.0 is going to be printed. Forgive me if 3 years later I'm a bit impatient.

    27. BoardGameGuy on

      @Ghool - stop reading between the lines and adding your own words. He never said they had to sell to be able to complete. Just if they don't complete, they can't sell. But both need to happen for their personal well being.

    28. BoardGameGuy on

      Great update. So what happens with MERCS? I really want to get into them but GW is pulling me to the dark side with their latest release.

    29. Ghool on

      "...the only way that investment will ever pay out is if we deliver the last wave of this KS to you and can sell the property. If we don't deliver the last wave, the property has little to no real value"

      "I'll talk more and show more from this after the deal is done. "

      If this isn't a contradiction in statements, I don't know what is.
      So, what we are to understand is that without selling the property, you're out of funds.
      But, if you don't deliver the rest of JM, the sale won't happen.
      If you don't have the funds without the sale, and the sale won't happen without the rest of the delivery, where does that leave us?

    30. Missing avatar

      todd elliott on

      @Wolfguard Read it again. They are saying that, financially, they and their families have a lot invested in the Myth IP and therefore want to sell it. They do not say that they are putting us before their own family (and that is an unreasonable expectation.) There is nothing in this update clarifying if we're going to get our stuff if the sale doesn't happen, so I'm hoping to get further clarification on that.

    31. Tott Donetta on

      There is quite a lot in this update that could and indeed should have been put out months ago, and i believe would have quelled a lot of the negativity that is currently around.
      keeping silent has only harmed your reputation. i have never doubted your desire to create, publish and deliver this game, but in the last few months i have worried about your ability to deliver, having said that. i now feel more positive about this ks.
      I hope everything goes as planed and very good luck with Myth in the future, i cant wait to see where it will go to.

    32. Wolfguard on

      @ Todd. That is what I am reading. In fact I am reading that they are putting us before their own family.

      @ MCG. This proves what I already knew before this Kickstarter started. "These guys would be amazing friends, personally." People might think you are steering them (backers) wrong but so far you never have in any Kickstarter. To be honest I don't know what to say or think other then, thank you for giving me an example of what The Way truly means. Props to you guys, blessings to you guys which I have faith there will be. Hope to talk to you guys at GenCon, if you and I am able to get there. I wanted an update and got so much more. Thanks again guys, HUGE FOLLOWER of you and your games.

    33. Ghool on

      It's amazing how an update of grim news, and nothing of substance can elicit such a positive response.
      About the rest of those 2.0 cards....where are they?
      I paid for them over 2 years ago, and I'm still waiting with no sign that they are actually being printed, nor sent.

      If finances are as good as this update seems to imply, why am I going on a 3 year wait for a couple decks of cards?

    34. Missing avatar

      todd elliott on

      So just for clarity, this update seems to imply that us backers receiving the rest of our rewards isn't contingent on the sale/deal going through, correct? MegaCon's plans and financials are still solid enough to complete the delivery of the rest of our rewards?

    35. Matthew Organ on

      Thanks for the update. I've been on board since the first Kickstarter, and I will miss the KS updates from you guys. That said, I'm glad you're going to do the work you love to do, rather than feeling trapped seeing your passion project become something unpleasant and odious. Good luck to you guys, and I will be watching the rest of this KS unfold with anticipation.

    36. Esper on

      This update relieves me a lot. I was afraid about you guys selling all the rights of Myth, but knowing that it's only the publishing side with you still being the brains and souls behind the game is actually pretty exciting. Because Myth has always felt like a very personal and unique game, one of those creations that only can exist in their true form as long as they are carried by their "parents" over their shoulders.

      This is all good news, both for you as game designers and us as players.

    37. Brendan McGuire on

      Hey MERCS, if you are still reading, please take a moment to look through the names of the people in this update offering you their support. These folks are your true fan-base. They are the ones who remain silent and patient hoping for the best. They backed not only because you make great games; but also because they enjoy seeing people realize their dreams. They feel the joy of your successes, but also the pain of your setbacks. KS is full of backers like these people, but they tend to remain silent perhaps being drown out by the vocal minority. And while I will defend the right of that vocal crowd, I still want you to take a moment and look at the people below who backed with the primary reason to see your visions come to life. Hopefully this will make the negativism that some of us others give you less stressful. Cheers and good fortune for you and all of us in this uncertain future.

    38. Grim on

      I hope this turns out the way you imagine. I think Myth can have a bright future if you can focus on design and someone takes care of the business part. If done right I think it can be a very viable business model as a Myth is predestined to have regular expansions, new hero cards, new heroes, new monsters, items and quests etc. etc. I think this was always missing (and obviously impossible to do with such a small team). All the best from my side and I will surely support you in the future!

    39. John Buitelaar on

      Wonderfull update. I admire the ability to admit when you are not good at something and make steps to counteract that.
      While the last months may have had some tense moments, I have never had any real doubts that you still intended to deliver and, while the delays are quite a bit longer than I assumed they would be, it will be all good when you do.

    40. Sebastian Solkrona

      I love you guys and the work you do, its clear to me you dedicate a great deal of your life in this and that I respect. I thank you for your honest update and I really hope you get the deal you want - Id love to see you keep designing your great games and have someone else doing the "boring stuff" for you. A true artist should always follow his passion, seems to me you're doing that now, so it will be interesting to see where your passion will guide you next. Let's decide on a beautiful completion of the Myth pledges and a spectacular continuation of the Myth saga and IP.

    41. Ben Turner

      Certainly appreciate breaking radio silence on this, even though it looks like another year to go until Myth 2.0 is ready to play.

      Was considering jumping onto the DF kickstarter last minute, but seems that the Myth stretch goals were for backers only now (the late pledge option appears to be the same as the "addon" copy option - more expansions stuff, but no stretch goals / extras).

      Honesty much appreciated - hope this all works out as planned - there is so much amazing in Myth, but looks like this gear shift needs to happen to get things back on the road.

    42. Missing avatar

      David Murray on

      I was surprised when this update hit my inbox - I thought the project was dead, due to the extended time between updates. I have really enjoyed Myth and the two expansions and will look forward to the rest of my pledge.

      As for Myth, this is all good news. I hope things all work out for you all.

    43. Yoki Erdtman on

      Best of luck. I'm sincerely rooting for you, and the hopefully brilliant future of Myth.

    44. Endevor on

      Absolutely no translation add on were produced yet. I can only talk about the french ones, they are planned for the final delivery.

    45. Missing avatar

      Lordnecro on

      I have send in the last Year a couple of Mails to Mercs, about the 2.0 print material for the first Kickstarter. I had payd 2x the compled german Rules and Cards but i had never become a response to my Mails. No refund no 2.0 Stuff fo the first Kickstarter. I am verry pissed an i would never back a Mercs Game again!

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael J Burke on

      My whole issue with Mercs is that they have produced very little in well over 2 years for this KS. All I received was a product they had already produced in the past in the base game with some updated material. And even now they still feel like they are nowhere near fulfilling the KS. I appreciate the update but a rough timeline would be helpful. I wish them all the best but they really messed up with this and lost a lot of their supporters.

    47. Judy Krauss on

      Best wishes, Brian, Kenny, and Keith! :) I hope this all works out well for everyone. And that you will continue to create new stuff for Myth, which is my favorite game. :)

    48. Endevor on

      I want to say thanks to the community who is posting on this update, it would be easy to trashtalk them about what they did not right and even the ones that like them and their product knows there is a lot to fix, despite that there is a lot who are showing support, it must be nice for the MCG to read that.

    49. Jeff N

      I appreciate this update. And I hope this works out in a way that lets you continue to work on your games. You've built up some really interesting universes in both the Myth and MERCS properties. I hope they both continue. There is still fan interest in both. And I can't imagine how much more of each we'd be able to see with some of these other burdens were lifted and handled by a publisher.

    50. Missing avatar

      Melissa Ethridge on

      I wish you guys the best of luck! It has been a true pleasure to watch you grow and enjoy your games. I think you all have done an amazing job. Brian, Keith, and Kenny, you guys have my respect and love. I look forward to seeing everything you will design in the future.