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MERCS: Recon is a fully cooperative, stand-alone game set in the exciting MERCS world.
MERCS: Recon is a fully cooperative, stand-alone game set in the exciting MERCS world.
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What's the score babe?

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

The last walkthrough video is up.


There is one error and one omission. The error you probably would not have caught. When the Security Level is increased due to the collateral damage discs it should have been moved to 10, and then to the reinforcement track. I talk briefly about this, but it doesn’t harm the understanding of the video because I don’t proceed past the middle B&C.

The omission is a missing section of video. When we move to the B&C tile, the Breacher gets are free attack. This attack has clearly happened as the video opens up; the MERCS have already done 1 damage.

The Breach and Clear event has become more fleshed out since we started, due in large part to the feedback we read from our backers and the testing by our play-testers. It is already incredibly tense and the inclusion of the cover and melee mechanics add needed depth. My feelings on the B&C is that it still isn’t “final”.

I am going to shoot B&C videos for some of the other factions just so you can see how different and involved a B&C event can be.

Next up are the Conflict videos. There should be two of them. Then the KemVar faction video.

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    1. John Paul Messerly

      Security forces rappelling down the building and crashing through the windows is great. Any chance we could get some custom tiles that allow our teams to enter buildings that way.

      A corner office (conference room) tile with glass windows and glass shards spread across the floors, please. Half your team could enter through the elevator and the rest rappel down the side of the building. Having more choices about how you approach certain missions would be great... especially for the more stealthy teams.

    2. Mike Callahan on

      I too like the minor adjustments so far to the B&C. the movement and melee options i think are important to note,.... especially since there are many melee characters in the MERCS universe. I think it is also important to note that the mission packs are supposed to have different B&C tiles, and that those might be used to randomize a bit of the encounters throughout your gaming experience.

    3. euansmith

      If it is Kurt Russel, I don't think it can be "Snake" Plissken because I heard he was dead.

    4. Matthew Power

      Regarding the window thing, it wouldn't be something that could be represented on the tiles without drastically lowering the amount of options one has in designing an office; it would require those rooms to be part of the outside frame. What would make more sense would be to put windows on the frame that will come with the game, as they'd apply windows to the building regardless of arrangement.

      At some points where the OPFOR move through a space without a door, it is because they are moving amidst a cubicle farm, which have free movement in and around (just like in many offices). If there are other times this happens, could someone point them out to me? I'm not seeing it.

      Also, really glad to hear that the B&C is being expanded. It felt a little too simplistic at first, but it sounds like it's progressing quite well.

    5. Andrew on

      Not going to lie, I thought B&C seemed lame at first, as it was just a damage race where you tried to win with rolling as few black dice as possible. I also didn't like the video seemed to show that is was really easy to accidently lose the whole game.

      Adding new mechanics sounds awsome. I hope the B&C becomes really inovative, in a way that a whole game could not be. I felt a little shaky at the start of this campagin, but now I'm trying to figure out how to throw more money at you.

    6. Tucker T

      And David you Rock. So I guess unless Mercs hid two sets of clues to really throw us off we have figured outt he upcoming reveal, it's .... The alien from ET ohh wait no, it's Kurt Russell.

    7. Tucker T

      That is a good idea. I think I will have to make me one it would just need to stand about 3~5 inches off the board to allow for all the 3d doors and sculpted terrain pieces. This game looks like it will be quite the table hog. Especially once you start getting special employees involved and there are 30 minis to keep by the game waiting to see what gets drawn.

    8. Missing avatar

      Franklin on

      Anyone think that something like a plant stand could come in handy to put breach and clear tiles on.
      Something like this:

    9. Gem Abed on

      If it's a Russell, I hope it's the Jack Burton one.

    10. Missing avatar

      david on

      From Google -

      "In the grenade scene on top of the roof, Cash tells Tango that he knew he was crazy and that he heard he was a real "section 8". Section 8 is a government program that pays partial rent for low income families.

      Correction: Cash was referring to a military Section 8, which was once a discharge for the mentally unfit. (This is the type of discharge that Klinger was always trying to get in M*A*S*H.)"

    11. Tucker T

      Ok so both this update title and the Lopez one a few back are both lines Gabriel Cash says in the movie Tango and Cash. ( 1st one was familiar the second I linked thinks to the googles) Could it be that we are soon to get some Kurt Russell in this game? Perhaps another dynamic duo like the diehard & twenky Russell and Stallone?
      Any one seen that recently enough to remember a section 8 quote, I will be rewarching it tomorrow unless someone can save me the time by letting me know... Who am I kidding I will be watching it anyway.

    12. Kelvin Roche on

      Do they come through a random window, or through the closest one like in the vid?

    13. Tucker T

      It didn't show any walls either? Where would the windows have been? Not saying I didn't have the same thought. I wonder every time he rolls the die and moves a blip where there was obviously no door token...

    14. Rand Chua TL on

      Too bad the tile in the gameplay didn't shown any window for the OPFOR to get in the office.

    15. Tucker T

      Yet another line from Tango and Cash... I am going to have to rewatch and listen for section 8 to be mentioned.