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MERCS: Recon is a fully cooperative, stand-alone game set in the exciting MERCS world.
MERCS: Recon is a fully cooperative, stand-alone game set in the exciting MERCS world.
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I heard you were a Section 8...

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

Mission Packs

We’ve answered enough questions about Mission Packs, that I’ll reiterate some of those answers in an update.

Each Mission Pack is meant to be used with either of the base games. The Mission Packs provide a different faction, more specialist employees, unique missions, and one or two special tiles. Many mission packs come with a special rules sheet that pertains to that mission pack. A little over half the missions in the packs are special connected events and have specific setups.

The goal of the mission packs is to provide players MegaCon choices and unique tiles to include in their overall Recon experience. Each Mission Pack provides MERCS that can also carry over to the TT game. Faction cards are NOT included in the mission packs.


I was going to wait and talk about the Hunter when we unlocked it... but backers have begun to request it so I can give a preview.

The Hunter is a hybrid ranged/melee Hero. He does NOT share the Archer's LOS special ability. His deck mechanic is pretty cool. He plays Ongoing "mark" cards. If the Hunter kills the mark the mini is placed on the card and he receives big attack bonuses to killing the same monster-types. He can double up his bonus with another mark card.

Regardless, when the Hunter marks a monster-type, other monster-types have bonuses to hurt him. The Hunter can dump the Ongoing card like the Apprentice. As he grows into Journeyman and beyond, he can mark more than one monster-type.

The Hunter was created as we designed the dual-wielding game mechanic last year (he dual wields).

EU, Inc.

Long-trenched in the underpinnings of power in old Europe, EU Inc is a strong MegaCon with a lot of money. Their strength is staying close and organizing the order of their activation. They have the best MERC when it comes to interacting with locations in the Analyst. They also have the best leadership combination which allows EU near the Leader or Sergeant to expend more command points.

To check out the EU faction video CLICK HERE.

I also wanted to show you some big shots of the EU in the base game. The only one not present is the Medic.

Shock Trooper
Shock Trooper
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    1. David Lee Seymour on

      "her" face still looks like a guy to me though.

    2. HMS Monkeyhaus

      I think the figures look great, I'd love to get some more detailed breakdowns of the minis included with the mission packs as well!

    3. Mike Callahan on

      I think Christian may mean the CCC Gunner?

    4. Steven Ford on

      She is fine. Please don't waste money redoing perfectly good sculpts.

    5. Tim Peasgood on

      Dunno, I don't see it. And what is wrong with the CCC Breacher? Other than being unpainted, of course..heh

    6. Christian Schlumpberger on

      Even though I would be happy to see more pictures, I think the angle actually shows her quite fine... A picture from the side might help, but I still think that her upper legs are too long and too thin...
      The fact that she is a woman does not mean that she has to look anorexic...
      This picture shows the problem quite clear if you compare it to the model:

      The CCC Breacher has the same issues... Please rethink those while you still can, this is what a campaign like this is for!

    7. Steven Ford on

      @Patrick: Thanks, I worked it out eventually. I thought they were saying they weren't included at all, but then I cottoned that they only meant not included just through buying the mission pack - you need to be at Opfor level too.

    8. Patrick McEachen on

      @Steven, at the 200 dollar pledge level the TT cards are included.

    9. Chris Doughman on

      (and by being unlocked they would be included with the $200 pledge)

    10. Chris Doughman on

      Certain TT cards are included at the $200 level. Check the pledge level image on the front page as the KS goes on and more will likely be unlocked.

    11. Steven Ford on

      Wait... the TT cards aren't included? The graphic on the front page for the Opfor pledge level shows that they are? This changes things considerably for me if this is the case.

    12. MERCS Miniatures 7-time creator on

      She is fine. Don't let the angle of the picture fool you. We'll take some 360 degree shots and you'll see... or better yet, come by Adepticon in Chicago this weekend and see for yourself. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      rabidaskal on

      Why doesn't tge sefadu mission pack have a name?

    14. Jake on

      The issue is the upper leg is WAY too long for the length of the lower leg. The sculptor could do with some anatomy classes.

    15. Freezy on

      She is. So I don't see the issue.

    16. Felipe Machado on

      I would guess that the leader is a girl... Am I wrong?

    17. Jacob G on

      For those wondering about the build on the leader, she is actually female :)

    18. Denis Maddalena

      Man, I'm glad I'm not the only one annoyed by the legs... somebody get that kid a sandwich. He looks like Lindsey Lohan circa 2010.

    19. Missing avatar

      Spartan Baby Inspector on

      Please, please, please redo the leaders legs.

    20. Felipe Machado on

      Very nice to see how different they look from CCC...
      If they're all so different from each other it'll be really hard no to buy them all... =P

    21. Missing avatar

      Vincent Noiseux

      Is there a possibility of adding the TT cards as extra purchases?

    22. Kelvin Roche on

      EU look very cool. Im keen to see how they work in the TT game.

    23. Freezy on

      I think the EU Inc Corporate ability should be called Support Fire. It would coney the effect more than the name Tight.

    24. Patrick McEachen on

      Cool, the EU sound like they will be fun to play.

    25. Joe

      Do we get male and female versions of the Hunter? I like how Myth accounts for both genders for each hero archetype and hope that continues.

    26. Dagda

      Wow, the EU sounds pretty cool to play and the Analyst looks just awesome.

    27. Krisjan Cooper on

      Ok, not gonna lie, I completely forgot about marking enemies (a la D&D) when there was the speculation thread on Lands of Myth. Sounds like an interesting mechanic and I hope we hit the $400K to see it in action!

    28. Christian Schlumpberger on

      Some really nice sculpts! I'm not too happy with the leader though, the upper parts of the legs seem to be a bit thin and a bit long too, especially the right one.