MERCS: Recon

by MERCS Miniatures

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    1. Gem Abed on

      Great. I'm excited for these videos. I sincerely hope this game reaches all your planned stretch goals and then some. I'd really like to see it beat Myth's total. (Don't worry about some pledges backing out...a lot are like mosquitoes--they're attracted to new light sources. Though they're not always the best light sources.)

    2. Mathias Heilmann on

      Does hustle mean that you move 4 spaces for 3 CP, but can't do anything else afterwards? Can't you move 4 for 4 CP and still act?

    3. Mathias Heilmann on

      Ok, I looked it up in the beta-rules. It's exactly that.

    4. MERCS Miniatures 7-time creator on

      Right. 3 CP move 4 areas, nothing other actions.

    5. Felipe Machado on

      @MERCS: When you moved the Incinerator you got her to move 4 spaces (4 CP) and attack (3 CP, accordingly with the board shown in the video)... You're 1 CP short, right?