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Pre-order the new Megachurch album in digital, CD, or limited edition (250) first pressing 12-inch vinyl.
Pre-order the new Megachurch album in digital, CD, or limited edition (250) first pressing 12-inch vinyl.
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5 Days to Go! Megachip sneak preview


At some point last week, while we were busy hunting down Bin Laden, you guys pushed the funding over our goal!  Unfortunately the news got Mikey so excited, he dropped the body right into the ocean.  Whoops!  He was dead weight anyways...

In celebration we are releasing a preview of "Exorcism" from the Megachip EP, which you'll find at the bottom of this update.  This EP contains every track from our first release played by a Nintendo Entertainment System.  Just like the last one, only backers will be able to download this preview.

By using a Nintendo cartridge modified with a midi cable, we were able to use the digital synthesizer contained in the console to recreate all the notes and beats played by basses and drums.  The Nintendo is limited to playing 2 synth tones, 1 drum part, and 1 sample simultaneously, which just happens to be the exact format of a Megachurch song.

This involved transcribing all the bass lines and drum beats into MIDI files.  MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a protocol that nerds use to play music on computers.

We did all the programming in Ableton Live, the same program we use to edit samples and trigger them at our live shows.  We also bit-crushed all of the preacher samples into 8-bit to really give the songs that unmistakeable vintage style.

Here's a picture of what one completed song looks like.  The top half shows everyone's parts arranged, and the bottom shows an example of one of Brian's bass parts in MIDI form.

After programming all the parts of the song into Ableton, the midi tracks were sent through the Nintendo and then recorded.  We then lovingly placed the bit-crushed samples into their designated places.

The Megachip EP is free for all of our backers exclusively.  Once the campaign ends, it will only be available as a separate purchase.

Thank you to all of our generous friends!  Without you none of this would be possible.

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