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Euro style indy board game. As a founder, invest wisely, treat your employees well and gain the most users.
Euro style indy board game. As a founder, invest wisely, treat your employees well and gain the most users.
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Recent updates

Dice Hate Me Review

Chris Kirkman from Dice Hate Me just published his review. If you have a BGG account, don't forget to thumb it up :-) His review is part of a mini series on Kickstarter games. 


And now for a Public Service Announcement....

I want to use this opportunity to rave a bit about Kickstarter. I love, love, love Kickstarter. Yes it allows all of you to fund my game (thank you!), but that's not why I love it (at least not only). I love surfing Kickstarter and finding the weirdest projects to fund. For administrative reasons, I use a personal account for funding projects. You can find the list of what I funded here:

You want weird? Check this dude out

Freaker: The guy is firework of craziness.... Watch some of the videos.

HexBright: An open source, programmable flashlight. Huh?

Still, many of them are  board games. Here are some of my current favorites that currently are in fund raising.

Kingdom of Solomon - I had to support this theme. Check out the controversy around idols. Fascinating.

Canterbury Tales - A pretty one and sounds like fun. I am a sucker for pretty board games.

Dark Horse - Wild Wild West. I expect this to be pretty. Chris did a review on this, too

Robo-Arena - not a board game, but looks like the kind of games I might play on my iPad (or Xoom).

You already have a Kickstarter account. Today is a good day to go support some other great art in the making.

Let me introduce our new CEOs and CTOs

Folks, after I scared you all with my meeple designs, here is the real plan... 

Below are the outlines of our two beautiful meeple models. They'll be about 19mm x 16mm x 8mm each. This hasn't been finalized with Panda yet, but I think it will work. What do you all think?

Update: 6/4/11: (after Greg's comment) Replaced black profiles with 3D artist rendering of a Lawyer and a Big Nerd.

  • Image 46046 original

Manufacturer Signed - Virtual Unboxing

It does look like everything happens at once, no? But most of these updates have been in the works for a long time. As an example, we have been going back and forth with manufacturers for months now. But today we signed the deal with Panda Game Manufacturing. Panda is a fine manufacturer of games like Alien Frontiers or Pandemic… Check out these close-ups of Alien Frontiers

In this update, I’ll discuss some of decisions we made on parts and manufacturing. We are closely following Alien Frontier's lead.

The box will come with a 1.5mm greyboard core, thicker than most games, but justified by the number of components of this game. It’s covered by laminated paper, which will protect the box for years, and has a great feel to it.

The board is the piece that gets the most handling after the box. It’s will be 20” square (508mm^2), four-fold and laminated on both sides. In the middle is a 2mm thick greyboard core. It’s a bit more expensive to laminate the back, but it will give your board extra protection if you live in a humid area, or the table is not completely dry.

The event cards will be casino quality and poker card size (63mmx88mm). We chose this wider format as that gives us the extra room for art and text, all the samples we have published are already in this format. There will 84 event cards, all with individual art.

The extension event cards will be made at the same time and the same way, ensuring perfect color match between extension event cards and base game event cards. Same holds for the 6 player reference cards and the shares of the extension.

Yesterday, I talked about the new colors for the employees and money. We (i.e. Gary) will also specify the colors of the die.

Now for a bigger change: The product chips and the product markers will be 2mm thick punch board. I agonized a long time over the trade-off between my beloved, colorful cylinders and punch out cardboard circles. The cylinders of the beta have two problems: First, there are many of them, and some reviewers pointed out that it’s a bit hard to follow the game. Second, they make the game very hard for folks with color vision deficiencies and under bad light, for everybody. 

The punch out product markers will be a bit bigger, a tiny bit harder to pick up, but because we can print on them, a lot easier to keep track off. Because we can print on them, and can print on the board, and colors and text will match, we can also get rid of at least a third of them. The details should come in a future update.

You will have to punch these elements out yourself as the pieces are too small for pre-punching. Personally I enjoy punching out pieces of a new game. Here is the question of the day:

Do you punch first and then trim with a paper cutter or trim first and then punch?

I also have a request to finish up today's message: 

We have come a long way: Thanks to your generous support we were funded right away and we could go full speed ahead. We now have art, we have reviews, we have background stories. We even lowered international shipping cost. Many people have checked out the game a month ago, and decided to wait and see what happens. I want to get them back! 

Please share your enthusiasm about the game with your friends, game clubs, and colleagues :-) You can just forward this e-mail, like us on Facebook, tweet about us, thumb us up on Board Game Geek, or all of the above. 

Fun with Colors and Extra Rewards

You can probably tell from the frequency of the updates that things are accelerating over here in Startup Fever land. 


The original colors of employees were based on available colors among my Lego blocks. But today it’s time to change the the dress code! Nerds are now green, and Suits are blue. You saw this coming, didn't you? The guy kicking the workers on the cover for the box gave it away long time ago. To increase confusion, money is now golden. Golden like the hills of California in the summer. At the end are the dudes in their new clothes. The black ones are the lawyers. I was also having fun with the shapes of the execs, these are not final.

I am also attaching pictures of how these colors look for certain types of color blindness (tritanope, propanope and deuteranope, according to Vischeck). My understanding is that there are many kinds of color blindness, it depends on material and lighting, and it’s really hard to predict. But it seems to me these colors should work. If they don’t work for you on the screen, please let me know. Product markers will be labelled, so there should be fewer issues. More about that in a future update.

The Beta Edition will also get the new colors. So I have to go fix the manual for the Beta Edition. And I thought I was done with that :-)

Extra Rewards

Here is an update to an earlier update: I am now looking at a “hiring pool”. It's popular, and easier to ship than a mug, the other favorite. In fact, it could fit right into the game box. Right now I am thinking of three small round tin boxes, labelled

  • Engineering Grad School - for nerds
  • Business School - for suits
  • Bank  - for money

This gets rid of some zip locks, and keeps the board and surroundings tidy. Let me know if you have thoughts.

Note: Pictures below are mine. Gary has nothing to do with them... 

  • Image 45507 original
  • Image 45508 original
  • Image 45509 original
  • Image 45510 original

Event Cards

I spent parts of the week-end revising the event card flavor text for the Retail Edition. Most cards are getting there, but I am sure the outcome is better if I tap once more into your collective experience of unexpected events.

Below you can peek under the hood of creating a board game and look at the the current list of 84 event cards for the base version and 12 additional one for the Kickstarter-only Venture Capitalist extension (final numbers subject to change).  

Warning: You will be exposed to a spreadsheet. Making games is work...

I am looking for suggestions on where to clarify, how to increase fun, or even proposals for new events. If you have a great idea for the artwork, feel free to suggest such, too. If you like a card a lot, please say so, and feel free to vote one you hate off the Island.

Each card is split into a title, flavor text and card effect. The title groups similar cards, and allows you to find the longer explanation in the manual. The card effect is either identical or very similar in each card group. The flavor text is what’s influencing the art work and it’s unique for every card. Here is where most of the creativity comes in.

Bold text already has concepts. Text in italics is subject to change, and first names in the flavor text are pretty random right now, and they may change.

PS: I will be asking the high level backers separately for their suggestions.

PPS: For your immediate enjoyment, I am attaching concepts for another 6 event cards. Like all art at this time, they are work in progress, and subject to change.

  • Image 45299 original
  • Image 45300 original
  • Image 45301 original
  • Image 45302 original
  • Image 45303 original
  • Image 45304 original