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Euro style indy board game. As a founder, invest wisely, treat your employees well and gain the most users.

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Update 6/13/2011: Funding for this project will end in a few seconds. I want to shout a big THANK YOU!!!! to all the backers. You made this project possible. 

Startup Fever will be available for sale for $60 MSRP in the fall of 2011. For a limited time you can pre-order a copy for $50 ($10 off).

Please check the update tab or the Web site for the latest information.

Startup Fever

Startup Fever is a high-quality board game with beautiful artwork and well-crafted game pieces (a "Euro-style" game, like e.g. Settlers of Catan) The game is for 2-6 players and playable in 120 minutes. It is great for game night, spouse-friendly, and easy to pickup, but hard to master.

Startup Fever plays in the world of Web-startups, the world of Silicon Valley (or Silicon Forrest and Silicon Alley for my OR and NY friends). As the founder of a company, you have to hire a bunch of nerds to build your product. Of course, you also need some suits to sell your product. This being a startup, you pay your employees mostly in stock options.... As you gain more users, you make more money and can hire more workers. The tricky part is that the other founders will try to poach your workers away from your company. So you better take good care of them and pay them better!

The game has been designed and play-tested, and not just with high-tech/startup folks but also avid gamers and non-gamers.

Below is a photo of the Beta Edition. What's missing is professionally made art and design and manufacturing of more than a few copies. That's where you come in: We need your help to push this over the line.

What happens with your pledge

Parts of the Kickstarter proceeds will go to Gary Simpson, the artist on the project. Below are some of the new event cards, and you can find more and and a sneak preview of the new board on the arts page.

The remaining funds go towards the upfront cost of printing the game with a high quality game manufacturer - the folks who made Pandemic or Alien Frontiers. Their quality is superb.

If you support this project at the $60 level or above, you will not only get a discount and free shipping on the game, but you will get exclusive Kickstarter-only extensions that you won't be able to get anywhere else - not from me, not from BGG, and not at conventions. If you support at the $150 level, the $250 level or above, you'll get the Beta Edition, made in the US by Blue Panther LLC. This is the edition that you can see today in pictures and videos, and we won't make any more after this. Support at $250 or above and you can suggest additional events that will end up in the Retail Edition - and you get the credit.

A few words from the Designer, Louis Perrochon

I was inspired by a friend who invented his own board game, and many months ago, an idea struck me. Many late nights, lots of iterations, and many rounds of play-testing later, I believe I have a convincing game.

Startup Fever reflects my personal enthusiasm for board games with lots of high quality pieces but relatively simple rules. In such games the fun is in player interaction, and not in reading the rules. I also love beautiful art. Enjoying the look-and-feel of a board game is a critical component of a successful game night. Startup Fever requires ~250 wooden pieces in different colors, shapes and sizes, which is expensive to manufacture and assemble. It also comes with a large, quad-fold board and a sturdy box. I expect it to weigh about 3lbs, which means shipping will not be cheap. But what you get is a game that's a lot of fun, and will last through many rounds of playing.

Some words about the theme of the game. Startup Fever is what most of my friends, my co-workers, even my neighbors have been experiencing every day for many years now. While I love Science Fiction and Fantasy, and a SciFi game probably would sell better, I decided to stick with the game, rather than "re-theming" it into a more traditional board game theme. Testers have been loving the theme, and I am sure you will, too.

What's included (preliminary)

The Retail Edition of the game will feature the new art work and it will take a few months after the Kickstarter campaign ends to produce and ship. The game includes (preliminary):

  • 1 rules book
  • 1 board
  • 84 event cards
  • 6 quick reference cards
  • 24 product chips
  • 36 product markers
  • 100 money tokens
  • 50 nerds
  • 50 suits
  • 6 big nerds
  • 6 big suits

The Venture Capital Extension is made only for Kickstarters, and will not be commercially available. It includes (preliminary):

  • 6 lawyers
  • 18 company shares
  • additional event cards
  • rules addendum

Venture capital funding adds a lot of variety to the game as you can raise money and go aggressively after your competitors. The lawyers were a lot of fun during testing (and we tested with at least one lawyer). Both mechanisms were dropped to lower production cost. The Venture Capital Extension brings them back.

The Beta Edition features the art used in play-testing and is not and will not be commercially available. It is made on-demand in the US by Blue Panther LLC.They will be made right after funding succeeds and shipped months in advance of the retail game. The picture below shows details from the first copy of the Beta Edition. Notice the laser cut wooden product chips.

How Pledging Works

If you haven't pledged before, here are some tips. You can pledge any amount, you don't have to stick with the pledge levels on the right. The levels are just the minimum for the various gifts. After you pledge, Kickstarter will send you over to Amazon. Neither Kickstarter nor Meetpoint LLC will ever see your financial information. Your credit card will be charged only if the project is successful, and only at the end of the funding period. Once funded, we will follow up with you on the details of your rewards.

If you pledge at the $50 level or above you will receive one or more copies of the game. The games will be shipped to your home around October and will consist of a beautiful box, with a high quality 20"x20" game board, ~200 wooden markers, 84 event cards, 24 product chips, 6 reference cards, and the rules book (subject to finalizing the game).

How Shipping Works

US and Canadian backers will get free shipping and handling. If you request your game to be shipped to anywhere else, please add $20 on top of the pledge amount as described in more detail in the update on international shipping. Levels $200 and up include free worldwide shipping.

Where Can I Learn More about the Game?

You can find the rules book, the art, reviews and a lot more on

Why don't you smile?

I shot these videos hours past my bedtime...

Meetpoint LLC

The game is being published by Meetpoint LLC, a tiny company founded to create and publish entertainment, educational and related products. In fact it's so tiny that Startup Fever is Meetpoint's first product.

What about the graphic in the background?

You have a good eye. It's from xkcd. It's ok to use for non-commercial purposes. That's one reason why the commercial Retail Edition will feature completely new art.

Any other questions

Please contact me with any other questions, e.g. what to pledge to get more than two retail games, etc.

Update 4/12/2011: Please back this project beyond the goal. This will give us more flexibility on art and manufacturing and you get a discount on your pre-order, free shipping (US only), and, depending on level, Kickstarter-only extras. We'll come up with extra rewards for Kickstarter backers if we reach $20,265...

Update 6/1/2011: Extra rewards are being discussed in an update. 


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