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Nightingale is the first smart sleep system designed to mask common indoor and outdoor noises to help you sleep better every night.
Nightingale is the first smart home sleep system designed to mask common indoor and outdoor noises to help you sleep better every night. Pre-Order now on
Nightingale is the first smart home sleep system designed to mask common indoor and outdoor noises to help you sleep better every night. Pre-Order now on
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    1. Missing avatar

      David on

      It's been over a year and Nightingale only offers 5 nature sounds and no API releases to help develop your own sound mixes. "Lakeshore" is the only nice sound option. Nightingale is not worth the investment.

    2. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @James Hamilton. Thank you for your feedback. Glad to hear Nightingale helps your wife sleep. If you ever need assistance setting up Nightingale, please email us at or call us at 866-821-7333.

    3. Missing avatar

      James Hamilton on

      It was a little work to get the Nightingales setup on my network, but it has paid off and my wife eis sleeping better than she had previously

    4. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Laura Oliveria We are sorry to hear about your experience. Someone from tech support will reach out to you to help you out.

    5. Missing avatar

      Laura Oliveria on

      The product is useless to me because despite multiple troubleshooting attempts, they continuously disconnect or stop responding to the app. It worked for about two nights and then it stopped. I was using it only over Bluetooth because the wifi won't connect, despite it being the proper password, no matter what I do. If I can't get the wifi or the app to work, it doesn't matter how good the units are... they can't be used and the entire thing is junk. Very disappointed, particularly since I got two sets of these! :-(

    6. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Paul Nelson - Please try unplugging and re-plugging your Nightingale units.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Nelson

      It seems like the system has some trouble with daylight savings time. The schedule is still turning them on and off at the standard time, not daylight savings time. Right now the only workaround that seems to work is to change the on and off times an hour off from when they should be

    8. Missing avatar


      Oh interesting thanks I will check it out :)

    9. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Sahey Thank you for your support and idea. Motion sensing is not a current feature inside of Nightingale. However, if you visit our IFTTT channel, you can explore different recipes available to interact with smart home devices.

      There is an IFTTT recipe that works with Nest Cam for motion sensing

    10. Missing avatar


      I wish light is motion sensor :(

    11. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @John Moser. We will reach out to you personally via email to provide tech support

    12. John Moser on

      So, near as I can tell, since the Nightingale failed to set up Wifi the first time and I skipped it, Wifi is permanently disabled in the devices. The devices themselves, after being unplugged for a time and after wiping the app and starting over, no longer respond to the app. I think I destroyed the Nightingales with nothing more than the Nightingale Android app.

    13. John Moser on

      Why do both Nightingales emit a constant, high-pitched ringing noise and low rumble even when the sound is off? It cuts through the sound blankets and is incredibly annoying and disturbing. That noise is even worse than the city noise I'm trying to cover up.

    14. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Bryan Pace @Jay Damkoehler

      We are looking into your questions regarding "Nightingale Sound" app permissions and will get back to you with a full answer.

    15. Bryan Pace on

      I'm also wondering about the extra permissions. Please advise, thank you!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jay Damkoehler on

      Why does the 'Nightingale Sound' application appear to require access to the device phone number; browsing history and browsing bookmarks and more importantly why do you need location data? Who has access to this information; is personal information extracted by the application being transferred to and potentially monetized by Cambridge Sound? [and/ or Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co. LTD]?

    17. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on


      We are on schedule to send Nightingale units to Android users by the end of February.

    18. Missing avatar

      K on

      When will the Android compatible units be sent out?

    19. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Kenneth Banks. Thanks for letting us know you have an iphone. We will work on sending you your Nightingale units.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Banks on

      I have an iPhone. I have also received a shipping notice that a shipping invoice has been processed last month, yet there is no tracking information that it has been picked up and on its way?

    21. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Kenneth Banks. Do you have an iPhone? We only shipped to those who let us know they have an iPhone (must be iPhone 4S or higher). The Android app is not yet ready, so we can not ship to Android users yet. But it is on track to be ready so we can deliver to Android backers in February.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Banks on

      I read that units have been shipped and received, yet as an early backer mine has not arrived. How do I confirm if my unit has been shipped?

    23. Justin Young on

      I received mine a few days ago. I like the units overall, the white noise makes my wife happy. Sadly they can't drown out my snoring. So back to mouth guard. :(

    24. Missing avatar

      JT on

      @CSM, Thank you for the feedback and support. Much appreciated! Have used the devices only a few hours yesterday and today. I will certainly be in touch soon. One further thought... a binaural (Since there are two units) would be an interesting theory to test with this device.

      Wanted to quickly let you know the quality is very nice, and the build quite solid. I plan to use mine for my work as well as personal (Yoga) as they should be much appreciated when meditating in a less than quiet environment. Also appreciate that you made your projected timeline. Your group should be commended for making a great Kickstarter experience.

    25. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @JT @John If you send us your DSN number of each unit, we can push a firmware update to your units to help alleviate this noise. Your DSN number is a serial number on the back of your units, beginning with "AC". Please email

    26. Missing avatar

      JT on

      @John, Yes I can confirm that when the unit is plugged in and not engaging in sound there is a slight high pitched hum (From both units). It has not yet become overwhelming (And I can be quite finicky about high pitched hums). I only received mine about 1.5 hours ago and have yet to turn them off. I am not noticing it while they are engaged in sound blanketing. I'll get back to you again if I notice it later.

      @CSM Any comment on what that might be?

    27. Missing avatar

      John on

      Does anyone else hear a subtle, but high pitch, squealing sound? It's very noticeable when the units aren't producing sound, but still there when they are on. I don't have any other electronics withing 6 feet of them.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jason Seward on

      Tip to other backers using iOS: I initially had a difficult time locating the iOS app until it occurred to me that every time I'd tried to search for it I'd been using my iPad. It wasn't showing up because the app is optimized for the iPhone, if you check the switch in the App Store to iPhone apps it appears.

      For anyone looking, it's here:


      To Cambridge: The support email address "" listed in the documentation AND on your website is invalid, which obviously makes you folks pretty hard to contact. This is sloppy and easily correctable. You should fix it.

    29. Missing avatar

      Rachel on

      Hi! Any chance that between the different connectivity options there will be support for Google Assistant/Home? We've switched over from Amazon Echo/Alexa because it's so much better. It connects to IFTTT, SmartThings and also allows third party apps via their API. It will work not only via the Google Home devices but also through the Google Assistant on phones, devices like the Nvidia Shield, the Allo chat app and most anything else that runs the Google Assistant. Even controlling it via IFTTT would be brilliant.

    30. Greg on

      Units arrived about a week ago. Setup went without a hitch. Works as intended. Great job
      Happy with the units. Thanks.

    31. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @John We've updated the documentation. Thank you

    32. Missing avatar

      John on

      Good to know about the support email. The documentation you sent out with the product and the site, lists both the support email of and well as advises one to visit the google play store to download the app.

      I encourage you to adjust your documentation and your website.

    33. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Paul Nelson

      Great suggestion. I'll let our product development team know

    34. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @John The "Nightingale Sound" app is only available on the iOS App Store. The Android app is in development. Sorry for the confusion.

      You can reach support at

    35. Missing avatar

      John on

      I've been identified as an iOS user, which I'm not and I cant find the android app anywhere. Does anyone have a link to it? I've emailed support the the emails bounce back as undeliverable.
      Remote Server returned '< #5.1.10 smtp;550 5.1.10 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipientNotFound; Recipient not found by SMTP address lookup>'
      Original message headers:
      Received: from ( by

    36. Missing avatar

      Paul Nelson

      One suggestion for the app. Right now under scheduling, you can only specify one time to turn on and turn off the sound. I (and I'm sure many other people) wake up at a different time on the weekend than I do during the week. It would be nice to be able to schedule the sound to turn off at one time M-F and a different time on Sat. and Sun.

    37. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Sho Lu Please message us the email you used to install the devices and that will help us look into it.

    38. Sho Lu on

      Hello, I've installed the devices and tried multiple times but have not received a confirmation email to finish setup. Is there something wrong with the app?

    39. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Chuck Coulson

      When placing Nightingale, the preferred location is on opposite walls. There is however, no absolute requirement to place NG directly across from each other. Nightingale is still effective as long as they’re placed on adjacent or opposite walls at least 5 feet apart and the user is located in between the units.

      A clear path above NG is likewise not critical, assuming there is at least 20 inches of clearance above, so as to avoid any unusual cavity or boundary effects. This is possible as the audio drivers fire out of the sidewalls of their enclosure and not directly up or forward. This maximizes the use of reflected sound and helps to energize the room with an even sound field. If you do need to place anything on the wall above the Nightingale, have it at least 20 inches above the Nightingale.

      Ceiling shape is not the most critical parameter, but if ceiling heights is greater than 9 feet, placement may need to be adjusted to still provide a consistent experience. If you are installing NG into a loft or mezzanine level, additional units may be useful as our 300 sf limit was assuming ceiling height no higher than 9 feet.

    40. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Chuck Coulson, @Rachel was current about placement of the Nightingale. It does not have to be exactly across from each other.

      We are checking with engineering to answer your question regarding having a clear path upwards from the outlet, and the ceiling height and shape. Great questions!

    41. Missing avatar

      Rachel on

      @Chuck Coulson, I'm not from Nightingale (just a fellow backer) but I remembered seeing a similar question a few weeks back. Another backer (Sahey, see below) said that they didn't have two outlets across the room but perhaps 90 degrees across from each other. Nightingale said they felt it should still work fine as long as they were not right next to each other. So, it sounds like it should be fine as long as it has some space between the different outlets but not necessary to have them exactly right across from each other. Hope that helps! Hopefully, Nightingale will also respond. You can see the response to the similar question by looking for the comment by "Sahey" below. :)

    42. Chuck Coulson on

      Your material indicates that the Nightingale works by having devices on opposites sides of the room. How important is is that the outlets are directly across from each other? How important is it to have a clear path upward from the outlet (nothing mounted to the wall above the outlet)? How important is ceiling height and shape?

    43. Missing avatar

      Rachel on


      Just wondering if there is any word about the progress of our Nightingales... we're almost to the end of the year and it would be helpful to know if the units have begun production. Looking forward to seeing you guys at CES in a few weeks! Exciting stuff. :)

    44. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Daniel Ross Dyott
      Nightingale sound blankets are at a lower frequency range than white noise machines, and thus is more acoustically pleasant for both babies and adults.

    45. Daniel Ross Dyott on

      Is one of the sound blankets "white noise" ? Or whatever noice typical sound machine makes for babies nurserys ?
      Thank you

    46. Greg on

      Thank You. Not to belabor the situation, but as Kickstarter states
      "Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate."
      I do not find Andy's comments to uphold those words.

    47. Cambridge Sound Management Creator on

      @Greg We will inquire with Kickstarter support for an explanation. We did not remove, or request to have your comment removed.

    48. Greg on

      My comment removed. But, a curse word laced attack on the project developers remain

    49. Greg on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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