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Video Games: The Movie is the first ever in depth feature length documentary about the video game industry & the culture it's created.
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A New Video Game Museum!

Posted by Jeremy Snead (Creator)

Hi VGTM Friends!

It's been a loooong time hasn't it? As you all know 'Video Games: The Movie' continues to stream exclusively on Netflix and DVDs are available on Amazon. I continue to be grateful to all of you for supporting me and helping a dream project come to life!

I wanted to shoot a quick update out today to let you all know about a fun new 'collection' of Outtakes from my hundreds of interviews for VGTM. We're calling it "Jeremy Snead's Videogame Museum" and it's available with this link:

We've edited these Outtakes together 'per console' to give them a sense of context. These videos are by no means ALL of the Outtakes from the 110+ interviews I shot but they're a fun collection. Here's a quick video from me explaining the purpose and structure of these Outtakes:

Jeremy intro:

We've been sharing each 'episode' via the VGTM Facebook, twitter and Instagram but that link above will take you to the full collection. Links below to all the social channels. Be sure to like and follow our pages to get all the fun updates!


Twitter @videogamesmovie

Instagram (All New!) (@videogamesmoviedoc)

That's all for now!

XXOO Jeremy

Retail DVDs and Blu-rays!

Posted by Jeremy Snead (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Bluray Update 2

Posted by Jeremy Snead (Creator)

Hi again everyone,

I wanted to message everyone again about the last update. I definitely don't want anyone to be shorted on promised rewards so we will most definitely be getting a bluray out to all our bluray and above backers.

As I'm sure it is apparent by now this has been a major learning experience for us but our number one goal is to make sure everyone gets what was promised. That is absolutely our responsibility. My wording of "if the distributor decides to release a bluray we will send those out to backers" was not ideal.

Stay tuned for timing on bluray Sendout and thank you all again for your patience and understanding.


Physical Rewards: Clarifications

Posted by Jeremy Snead (Creator)

Hello Backers!

A few updates on physical rewards.

As many of you may have seen in our rewards mail-out the DVDs are are pre-release screener versions (what theaters and journalists would receive) as opposed to a packaged retail version and there is no Blu-ray Disc included.

1. DVD RELEASE:  As we have detailed in several previous updates, the Retail DVD release of VGTM has been delayed multiple times by our distributor and is now being released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. The current release time-frame we have been told is "spring" of next year. This has been disappointing to all of us but we are trying to take it in stride and cooperate with our distributor. Ultimately they know the marketplace and retailers much better than we do so it is my hope that the DVD being pushed to 2015 will be a good thing and give VGTM new life and a new audience at retail.

Please know that our goal in getting rewards out to everyone is to make you happy and satisfy everyone's level of support. We did not want to wait until next year to send out rewards to you all so the compromise we had to accept was sending pre-release DVDs.

2. BLURAY:  Unfortunately in addition to the DVD being delayed to next year, we were also told that there will be no retail Blu-ray Disc (initially). The reason we were given for this is that very few independent documentary films have a bluray on their first retail packaged release, but if the first run DVD does well they will do a second run bluray-DVD combo pack. This was surprising news to all of us but ultimately we have no control over this and are trying to cooperate and support Anchor Bay's choice. When and if VGTM receives a Bluray release we will absolutely do all we can to get all our bluray level backers a disc. The good news is that the digital download version provided previously is true HD 1080p so you are seeing that version in HD quality. 

3. INTERNATIONAL: We mentioned this in our last update but if you have already included the $15 international shipping costs in your initial pledge, do not worry about sending $15 to our paypal. If you did not include this in your initial pledge please send $15 to Jeremy's paypal -

Again, we sincerely appreciate all of your support, understanding and flexibility as we have gone through this journey of learning all the ins and outs of independent film distribution. And it has definitely been a learning experience that has given us wisdom for the next project!



International Shipping: Clarification

Posted by Jeremy Snead (Creator)
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Hello VGTM backers!

If you are an international backer you may have received a message from us today about the additional postage to get your rewards to you.

**To clarify, if you already included the additional funds for international postage ($15) in your initial pledge (for example you backed at $40 but pledged $55) you do not need to pay additional. If you did receive a message from us and you have already included international postage, please disregard the last message. If you have not paid the $15 over your base pledge to cover international postage please send this to our paypal account at

Apologies for any confusion on this.

Thanks! Jeremy