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To study concepts of the future, an artist travels to the Arctic Circle aboard a tall ship to collaborate with emerging scientists.
To study concepts of the future, an artist travels to the Arctic Circle aboard a tall ship to collaborate with emerging scientists.
116 backers pledged $4,782 to help bring this project to life.

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Postcard update

So, I updated these with a couple of new designs. (more appropriate for coming from the arctic)

Shipping out in 10 days! Thanks for the help. I'll keep you posted of what it's like up there.


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Hey, Kofke, Where is my poster!?

...It's a little late. I had some issues ordering the envelopes large enough to send them. Delivery guys didn't know the gate code... envelopes returned, call Office Depot to try again... again returned... again called. Today I just sat by the gate until they arrived so I wouldn't have to wait another week to get these out!

So it's on its way to you! With a sticker and an official 'ETWBOK 2012' stamp on the back. Hey, if you got a poster and still haven't gotten your address to me... do it soon or I will hound you! For everyone else who supported, your awards will come a bit later - after the trip.

Finally, I am just about prepaired! Good snow boots, good base layers, good socks, collecting here and there as things are on discount or borrowing from friends. Huge thanks to Theresa for lending me the super warm jacket, and James in Gville for letting me borrow his Hassleblad camera for some amazing photo opportunities. And thanks to Mattie Whitehead for trusting me with the Polaroid pro

contact me should a few weeks go by and you still haven't received your poster. I'll be in touch soon as I depart in two months!


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Ready to start getting rewarded? The posters should be complete within the next couple of weeks, and out to you all, along with an Everything Will Be OK sticker. Thanks again for the support! I'll be in touch soon to get addresses. If you're overseas, no sweat, I'll get a poster to you regardless.



Sorry for the delay in getting this message out. The city Perm in Russia had me over there to paint in their town a bit. I just arrived back in the USA and am humbled and excited to see this next project funded. Thanks for investing in me. I really want you all to have some of my best, so I will be working hard in the next few months to get you good rewards and some great evidence of the journey. Forever greatfull, forever friends. I'll be in touch soon. Thanks again


Large drawing sample & THANKS!

One last post to you all before the project is up. And a HUGE THANKS. I am amazed at the support I've had from friends and family for this crazy adventure.

I just received one of my drawings back from a recent show, and I wanted to post it as an example of what to expect if you pledged for a drawing. Regardless of what reward you pledged, I want to make them good for you. I am sincerely thankful for your support. I'll be mailing awards out soon!


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