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To study concepts of the future, an artist travels to the Arctic Circle aboard a tall ship to collaborate with emerging scientists.

My name is Jason Kofke. I am an artist that tries to makes sense of the present by examining the way we record or remember things of the past. Thus, I have become an expert at dead media: film photography, printmaking, bookmaking, typewriters, 8mm, UHF/VHF transmission, microfilm, projectors, drawing and writing. I use these outdated media to understand the events they record and, ultimately, how we comprehend events in the present.

I recently applied to be a member of the annual Arctic Circle voyage, and was one of a few selected to journey on an ice-class expedition sailing vessel. This October,  emerging artists, scientists, researchers and architects will sail around the high arctic.  Our ship will be an incubator for thought and experimentation. We will seek out areas of collaboration to engage in the central issues of our time.

We will visit the World Seed Bank in Svalbard and will share ideas and concepts throughout the various destinations. My goal in these collaborations is to study where our culture is going based on where we’ve been. I will make drawings and work for exhibitions based on what I witness and learn on the trip. And I will share this experience and knowledge through art and exhibitions.

In order to participate in the project this year, I will need to raise at least $4000.00 to cover the flights and program fees. (And maybe buy a warm jacket?) So I made my awards as good as I could for you. Go big! If you want multiple items, just select the appropriate award amount to cover both and I'll get in touch with you to see exactly what you want. Thanks for the support. This project will result in some amazing new work, friends, and ideas.


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    A poster (10x16") of one of my drawings and an Everything Will Be OK Sticker

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    A letter pressed post card printed on blank U.S. post cards circa 1930, a print of one of 4 different designs, and a personal thank you note from me to you. Sent from Svalbard, Norway just prior to the trip.

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  • Pledge $40 or more
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    One original Polaroid film exposure taken (and developed) while in the arctic. You'll also get an Everything Will Be OK Sticker. * Makes a good Christmas gift!

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    5 backers Limited (11 left of 16)

    An original drawing on letter or A4 sized, vintage grid paper. This drawing will be of some aspect of the ship, the arctic, the seed bank in Svalbard, or on one of the new research projects I witness on the adventure. You'll get a sticker too.

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    A larger drawing (tabloid or A3 size) on vintage graph paper. A detailed drawing of some aspect of the trip, probably of a new or old technology or a figure interacting with machines. And a couple of stickers.

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    You supply me some images, I make it art! Tell or show me your favorite things and I'll draw them in my style, interconnecting all the things that connect you with the world in one drawing (with or without color, of course) Use the design for whatever you want, frame it, make it a tee shirt, make it a tattoo, it's yours. And a few stickers.

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    One of all of the above awards, a bunch of Everything Will Be OK stickers, and a hand-bound (coptic binding) copy of everything I sketch, draw, photo, or write in my personal sketchbook during the journey. I'll use xerox transfers and Polaroid lifts to replicate the sketch book. You'll also receive a limited edition DVD that will be a copy of all the 8mm footage I shoot of the Arctic during the trip. You'll get to see everything!

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